Sorcery 3 No Beacons


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Before asking about how to do something here (this does not pertain to the game itself).Practice good 'Moderators may remove posts at their discretion. Regarding the fact that the Baklands was already in ruins when you first arrived - even if you don't use the beacons, they will eventually destroy the lands anyway. If you played Sorcery! 4 you will learn that the beacons drain the life from the lands to make the Archmage near-immortal. All in all its propaganda by the Archmage to shift the blame onto you.Besides the twist ending is basically time travel plot. The dialogue with the resurrected Bria stated that the Archmage killed her while she was in service.

Oh and also, the dialogue had hinted in a Bria who died young since she was still vain and asked about where her hair is now (She had rotted away into a skeleton after all).In contradiction, the elderly Bria clearly stated that she had looked into the future and saw something the Archmage didn't like, which turned him to the path of evil. Killzone mercenary real life. And she was still alive and no longer in service with the Archmage.The Archmage freakout at the sight of Bria's return in Sorcery!

4 was not because of the age change if any, but because he had clearly killed her centuries ago and yet he still saw her alive. The beacons of past light bring the past to the present wherever you shine them. That's why everything is so lush and verdant where the beacons shine. The thing you don't find out until the end of the game is that they replace the the places you bring from the past with their matching places from the future. So, if you shine a beacon in Tinpang, it will be brought back from the past when it was in its prime, and the wasteland it now is will be brought TO the past. And so on and so forth with all of the beacons.