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MonsterTale - An Undertale AU 18. MonsterTale - An Undertale AU. Random Encounters. 1 MonsterTale - Undertale AU A Choice is Made. 20 Favourites MonsterTale - 2 Drama at the Family Reunion. 9 Favourites MonsterTale - 3 Of Souls, Fate, and Choices.

Contents.Voice talent. Ellie -. Meade -.

Deanu -. Zoe -. Ethan -. Priscilla -Controversy According to the game developers, there was pressure from publishers not to feature a young female lead.

Peter Ong, the co-founder of DreamRift and director of Monster Tale, told that 'this choice was actually somewhat controversial with some publishers. Our experience was that many publishers are looking to avert the risk of a main character that hasn't been proven to capture large audiences. As a result, there was some concern from publishers that Ellie should change to a male or a more mature/sexy female.' . Fletcher, JC (January 5, 2011). Retrieved May 26, 2016. Parish, Jeremy (June 12, 2012).

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Robert the doll, in his glass case at the Fort East Martello Museum.In 1904, four-year-old Robert Otto received a large doll that immediately became his constant companion. However, his family soon noticed that strange and disturbing things were happening regularly around the house—and according to their son, the doll was to blame.

Can a doll really be haunted?Resources:Timesuck with Dan Cummins - “BONUS 1 - Robert the Cursed Doll”Lore - episode 15, “Unboxed”to the Dark Tower by CinematicWavesTempting Fate by AudionautixBoat Floating by Puddle of InfinitySummer Heat by Tom SpanderMyths and Mysteries theme is Circles in the Sky by CinematicWavesAll songs used under the Creative Commons Liccense. Bell Island, off the coast of NewfoundlandBell Island is a small rocky piece of land off the coast of Newfoundland, with a population of about 3,000. Sticky ninja academy. Yet it’s known to conspiracy theorists around the globe because of a mysterious event that happened in 1978: a massive explosion in the sky that destroyed electrical devices and wires across the islandand it only get weirder from there.

Exploding TVs, men in black, secret government weapons tests, weather-altering technology, mind controleven aliens? OK, probably not aliens.Resources:History – Mystery Booms“This Great Laboratory”: The U.S. Naval Research LaboratoryConcorde - WikipediaSupersonic History: What Routes Did Concorde Fly?Nighttime Podcast Bell Island Boom The Bell Island Boom -SkeptoidThe Mystery Bell Island Boom April 2, 1978 - YouTube -DocumentaryThe Bell Island Boom: What Were the Men in Black Investigating in 1978? - YouTubeTHE INVISIBLE MACHINE - ELECTROMAGNETIC WARFARE - YouTubeBell Island (Newfoundland and Labrador) - WikipediaBall lightning - WikipediaMusic:Blue Sizzle - Madness Paranoia by Kevin MacLeodAnguish by Kevin MacLeodThe Big Guns by Silent PartnerCreepin by MK2Myths and Mysteries theme is Circles in the Sky by CinematicWavesAll songs used under the Creative Commons License. We're back after a long hiatus, with an episode about cursed Hollywood films; some that you've heard of, and some you may not know about.

We discuss them and ask whether or not we believe in them, as well as whether or not we're the victims of a #PodCurse. Did you know there's a movie script that allegedly kills everyone who reads it? Find out what it is on this episode of Myths and Mysteries.Resources:You Should Know About PodcastUnsolved Mysteries of the World PodcastMusic:Ryno's Theme by Kevin MacLeodNot As It Seems by Kevin MacLeodSomething Wicked by Kevin MacLeodFall by Ross BugdenNew York, 1924 by Ross BugdenMyths and Mysteries theme is Circles in the Sky by Cinematic Waves. All songs are used under the Creative Commons License. In late 1991 and early 1992, newspaper reporter Linda Godfrey wrote about a rash of reported werewolf sightings along a small stretch of road in Elkhorn, Wisconsin.

The story exploded nationwide, as tales of The Beast of Bray Road-a massive wolf that walked upright on its hind legs-captivated audiences across America. Linda soon discovered that sightings like these have occurred across the continent, and the globe, for a very long time. Encounters with Dogman-as the creature is often called-are terrifying, and although usually brief, they leave witnesses with a lifetime of questions.