Mighty Switch Force Collection

If you are like me, you may have missed Mighty Switch Force, the HD remaster and Mighty Switch Force 2. Unfortunately, despite all the positive feedback regarding the games, I never had a chance to play them.

Jul 25, 2019  Mighty Switch Force! Collection brings the four games of the Mighty Switch Force to the Switch in a collection that is more than worthy of praise and which will appeal to both long-time fans and newcomers alike. With the added feature of a multiplayer component within the first incursion. Jul 25, 2019  The Mighty Switch Force Collection includes four games from the Mighty Switch Force series. It includes Mighty Switch Force, Mighty Switch Force 2, Mighty Switch Force Hyper Drive Edition and Mighty Switch Force Academy.

Luckily, WayForward just released an all-in-one package for the Nintendo Switch.In Mighty Switch Force and the HD Remaster, players play as Patricia Wagon who comes equipped with a gun and siren. Her goal is to capture the “Hooligan Sisters” who are a group of criminals, recently escaped from prison. Patricia has unique ability; which allows blocks to be interchanged from the background to the foreground. Doing so can help Patricia knock off enemies, solve puzzles, or just serve as a platform to reach higher ground.In Mighty Switch Force 2, Patrica switches out her gun for a fire hose.

All of her previous abilities remain. This time around she is trying to save the “Hooligan Sisters” who have been reformed, just somehow caught it the blaze.

There is also a baby to be saved in each level, that serves as a bonus.Mighty Switch Force Academy is built for two-four people multiplayer action. The levels reminded me of the old Mario Bros. Players must work together to solve puzzles, defeat enemies and capture the “Hooligan Sisters.” The local multiplayer is a great addition to the game. It should be noted that if you don’t have a second player, you can still enjoy the game alone.It is important to keep in mind though that the Mighty Switch Force games are built with speedruns in mind. Each level has you trying to accomplish getting the lowest time known as “par.” There were times where solving the puzzle was not the issue but rather more pressing the right button at the right time. This lead to some rather frustrating times, trying to make the speed par.Each game Patrica is dodging enemies, other dangerous obstacles, such as spikes. After taking damage three times, you will have to restart the level; Each time you take damage, you restart the level at the last checkpoint crossed.

Another cool feature of the game; you can regain health by finding a floppy disk in each stage (which is earned through the vanquishing of enemies).The puzzles throughout all the games never felt too complicated. However, with each stage completed, the next stage would build upon the previous things learned.

This made the game feel very well balanced and not overly hard or irritating.As a fair balance of figuring out the puzzles, the game does have an arrow that will point you to the nearest “Hooligan Sister” that needs to be captured or rescued. This allows players to focus on solving the puzzle rather than focusing on where on the stage they need to be to find their objective.Players who have not experienced any of the titles, just one, or just want them all together in one place, should pick this up. Fans of puzzlers and platforming alike should certainly look into the Mighty Switch Force! Honestly, the price of $19.99 is an amazing value, considering the amount of content included.

Reviewed by playing an on July 24, 2019Mighty Switch Force! Collection is also available for and.It's been almost 8 years since WayForward's delightful Mighty Switch Force! Puzzle platformer series debuted and now, you can enjoy almost the entire series in one convenient and enjoyable package. Patricia Wagon may be one badass police officer but she still makes mistakesBefore reviewing the individual games, I'd like to discuss some general aspects about Mighty Switch Force! For starters, 3 of the games are included here plus a remake of the first game. However, this isn't the entire series as Mighty Switch Force! Hose It Down!

Is oddly missing. I would have loved to see Mighty Flip Champs!

And Mighty Milky Way included as well because those 2 games are basically the precursors to the Mighty Switch Force! Anyway, the games featured here are excellent and full of content to master.

One common trait that they all share is that many of the stages require a lot of trial and error in order to complete because you only have 3 lives and messing up is easy to do due to the rather sensitive mechanics. Once you run out of lives, you have to start the stage all over again so you can imagine how irritating some of the later levels get. With all that said, let's get to the games! Mighty Switch Force!First up, we have the game that started it all.

Mighty Switch Force! Released for 3DS back in 2011 and since then, it's been remade but I'll discuss that later. The basic gameplay involves running, jumping, and shooting as if you're playing a Mega Man game but 1 gimmick sets it apart which is the fact that you can tap a button to make certain blocks materialize while others become transparent and traversable. As the campaign goes on, this mechanic is expanded upon as more elaborate scenarios are presented to you and things become incredibly challenging to figure out. The goal of each stage is to recapture 5 escaped convicts known as the Hooligan Sisters. You can also beat stages in under their par times if you want to 100% complete the campaign.

It's rewarding stuff indeed. Hey, you're supposed to rescue her, not get her soaking wet! Mighty Switch Force! 2Next, the sequel to Mighty Switch Force! Has Patricia Wagon take the role of a firefighter as opposed to a police officer. In this game, you have a fire hose instead of a gun and you'll have to put out fires as you traverse the intricately designed stages.

Other than that, the formula remains from the first game except this time; you're rescuing the Hooligan Sisters from an out of control inferno. There is also a new collectible in the form of an Ugly Secret Baby that you can find and kick in each stage. Overall, it's a well done sequel. Mighty Switch Force! Hyper Drive EditionOkay, this is a weird one.

Mighty Switch Force! Hyper Drive Edition is merely an HD remaster of the first game so the fact that it's included separately is a bit silly. I wish that it was lumped together with the first one and you had the option to swap graphical styles. On top of better visuals, Mighty Switch Force! Hyper Drive Edition also contains hyper versions of each stage.

I think now would be a good time to mention how charming this series is. From the cute art style to the cheerful voice work and catchy music, what's not to love? Mighty Switch Force! AcademyFinally, we have a game that never released on consoles before.

Mighty Switch Force! Academy is a multiplayer focused experience where you can either cooperate or compete with up to 4 players. The large single-screen stages wrap so you can fall out of the bottom then end out on top or exit on the left and show up on the right, etc. The versus mode is quite interesting as you can only switch blocks whenever you have a Hooligan Sister in your possession and she gets taken away whenever you wrap around the screen.

If you drop to the second line you will earn two gold stars and below the final line one gold star. Inventory panel – Along the top left of the game screen is a running total of your materials gathered and available for use as well as your score next to the flag icon. Northern tales 5 walkthrough. Game timer – If you choose “Normal” or “Multiclick” modes you will play with a game timer. If you can complete the challenge before the timer hits the first line you will earn a three star expert rating. This time is located at the top left of the game screen.

Therefore, it's an exciting test of precision, careful planning, and platforming skills that adds up to one crazy formula for multiplayer mayhem. That being said, the camera is very far away so make sure you have a big enough TV to play it effectively before jumping in.

Be prepared to squint while playing Mighty Switch Force! AcademyIt may not be entirely comprehensive yet Mighty Switch Force! Collection contains 3 excellent puzzle platformers that any fan of the genre will love. Mastering all of the content here is a rewarding task that's sure to span many hours of puzzle platforming fun. Maciejewski (crazyaejay): Thanks for reading my review of Mighty Switch Force! Feel free to ask any questions about the game or provide feedback and I'll gladly reply.pmcollectorboy: I love everything Wayforward does, but Academy looks like the only one that's a miss for me. Hopefully their lesser known stuff like the Thor game or the Aliens game might make their way to Steam or Switch.A.J.

Maciejewski (crazyaejay): Agreed! Although Academy is a lot of fun in multiplayer. I'd also like to see Batman: The Brave and the Bold and Contra 4 on modern consoles. That would be awesome.