Bit Heroes Equipment

When starting to play Bit heroes,You generally want to equip gear with good Power (The Sword) and Agility (The Three yellow Lines).

BobodomFamiliars NeededFound InFound InBlargnarBlubberZ2D2Z2D4RagnarR1NosdomdomNosdoodooZ3D1Z3D4BrommZ2D3Z2D4YoboYetiZ2D1Z2D4Here is the table regarding all of the things required to finish Bobodom.I know that the Schematic it self can drop in any of these dungeons technically, the question being, is it better to farm a D3 because of the increased item-find%? Or is a D4 better because of the increased amount of enemies capable of dropping the schematic?Hopefully someone knows the most efficient way to farm this, I want to get the most out of my energy potions.

Menu Comment Promotional image for the new mobile game 'Bit Heroes.' Facebook/BitHeroesGameReleased on May 11, 'Bit Heroes' lets players collect a group heroes as they go through different dungeons.

Their main objective is to convince their enemies to join their side. Thousands of weapons, armors, and other items can be discovered while completing missions.

The long dark indir. You are a single player who must explore vast territories, avoid skirmishes with wild animals and constantly look for a place to keep warm. But this was not always the case, which the destroyed power lines and several cans of canned food in your camping backpack involuntarily remind.The game is constantly evolving, so it provides a full-fledged story mode, divided into 5 episodes, where only 2 are currently available, but they can be completed in no less than 15 hours.

Aside from single-player quests, users can also go online and join player-versus-player matches, raids, and exciting weekly events.Four different are currently accessible — each of which having more than 50 randomly selected levels that can be explored. Since there are a lot of unique items in the game, players are expected to get an upgrade every time they explore the dungeons.Here are some tips and tricks to help new players (and those who are stuck at certain levels) progress through the game.1. Only use potions when needed.Each character can only use one potion so it is best to using them until it is really needed. Using potions early in the mission will leave characters high and dry when they finally get to the boss battle. Keeping a healer on the team can significantly help characters survive longer instead of depending on potions.2.

Always consider the best move.Every team member is allowed to have three moves. Players might be tempted to choose the move that costs the most, but it is better to think about it first. Players are advised to go with the one that will benefit their team the most.3. Tanks should be at the front.Characters at the front take most of the damage during attacks. Tanks have the highest level of health among all characters, and putting them in front makes the team less likely to be defeated by opponents.4.

Set the auto pilot feature.If all else fails, players have the option to use the feature, which basically plays the game on its own. This is good for those who have other things to do but still wants to keep making progress in the game.' Bit Heroes' is available for Android and iOS devices. Players can also access the game through.