Yakuza 0 Real Estate Guide

Feb 19, 2017  Yakuza 0 Guide to Making Billions of Yen No cheat or Exploit Needed Hello everyone. In this quick guide I will help you make your Yakuza 0 dreams come true. Rival star horse racing game. Chapter 5: After you start the Real Estate Royale, you can find the Mafia Boss outside the Sugita Building. He wishes to join the team as a security staff member. Was this guide helpful? Yakuza 0 Wiki Guide; Things Yakuza 0 Doesn't Tell You; Walkthrough; Walkthrough; Chapter 1: Bound by Oath; Chapter 2: The Real Estate Broker in the Shadows.

Warning: Full spoilers for the chapter below.Sagawa tells you Shimano is betraying the Tojo Clan. After cutting a deal with the Omi alliance, he guaranteed himself the head seat of the Tojo Clan in exchange for the empty lot.Go to the Champion District After this, head to the Champion District. When you arrive, go to the back left corner of the area. Talk to the man here. Then, exit the same way you entered. Some Shimano Family Thugs ambush you.

Defeat them to continue. Just then, some Shimano Family Veterans arrive. They say Shimano himself would like to meet with you. Sagawa and you sit down for a drink with Shimano.

You learn that he orchestrated all the events leading up to this. He knew Majima would not kill Makimura. He did this so Makoto would trust Majima. Then, he knew he could exploit her, having her sign over the ownership of the empty lot. Now, you no longer need to kill Makimura. You simply need to bring her to Shimano to sign over the lot.

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PropertyCost1Pachinko New Eden¥18,400,0002Pachinko Marufuku¥18,400,0003Kamuro Health Plaza¥12,400,0004Sukiyaki Muranaka¥14,000,0005Nyoki-Nyoki Academy¥10,800,0006Health Wild Apple¥16,400,0007Harashima Design¥13,200,0008YurizakeStarting Property9Poppo Tenkaichi St.10Sushi GinLeisure King Story Rewards:. Leisure King (Manager). Gakuta Takeshita (Security Staff). Blocks for Brawler style30% Ownership Once you acquire 30% of the shares in the area, the Leisure King brings some lackeys to jump you at the headquarters. Then, they threaten to give you more trouble if you continue to take over their territory.60% Ownership Once you acquire 60% of the shares in the area, the Leisure King leaves a message with Marina, telling you to meet him at a karaoke bar.

Yakuza 0 Real Estate Guide

You must meet with him before you can conduct any more business.