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The only creature on earth whose natural habitat is a zoo is the zookeeper. It’s not just a profession; it’s a way of living.

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A life where you keep animals above anything else, where keeping them safe and growing them healthy is the only motive. Wonder Zoo Mod APK, another nature-oriented game from Gameloft. This game is targeted for all the naturalists and biophilic people who love living and understanding the woods. The game focuses the players to care for the animals in their own built zoo. One can also travel back in time to explore the prehistoric wilderness.

Rated at 4.4 on Google PlayStore, the game has already crossed 10 million installs in no time. Crazy to know more? Read the next section to understand why Wonder Zoo Mod APK was an instant hit in a blink of an eye. Table of Contents.GameplayOut in the wild, a team of zookeepers works to protect the animals. But one day their friend Jack betrayed them and kidnapped all their animals to sell them. Now it is up to you to help the team explore the wild to rescue the animals from the poacher.

Your tasks will be visiting far off lands and save injured animals from Jack. Over 50 different species are waiting for your help. Use coins(money) and peanuts to feed the starving animals and increase your chance of rescuing them. You can also take the severely injured and unhealthy animals in your wonderful zoo. Nurse the animals back to health and help them create happy families. Add new animals and habitats and attract visitors from around the world. This zoo attraction provides the player with unlimited money, gems, and Peanuts.

This acquired money goes into animal search and rescue, cost of breeding, and decorations. The players can also earn hearts by visiting neighbors/friends and helping in their zoos.Upgrade your zoo and give the animals a life they truly deserve. Witness 3D graphics that will bring animals, dinosaurs, and large environments to life.

You can also collect some of the mythic characters like the Phoenix and the Unicorn, bread them to expand their family, and lead a happy life for them. This all sounds like a fairy tale. Well, read in the section how Wonder Zoo fell short off some expectations and how Wonder Zoo mod APK was able to resolve those issues. Wonder Zoo Mod APK – Why is it required?In the reviews section of this game on Google Play, a lot of players have given a 1-star rating. These players were disappointed because of several reasons listed below. Watching video ads for getting coins doesn’t work a lot of times. Coins awarded for watching ads as long as 30 seconds are very few.

There is no free way to acquire peanuts. A lot of bugs and glitches appeared in the recent update. Hello neighbor online no download. Not able to upgrade buildings and habitats because of lack of money.

In-game advertisement covers the health and coins bar. No working mod version of Wonder Zoo available on the internet.A game is meant to be fun, but considering all these issues, Wonder Zoo is not. To overcome all these problems, Wonder Zoo Mod APK was introduced. Wonder Zoo mod APK is an upgraded version of the original game by Gameloft SE, which adds unlimited peanuts, money, and gems.

The mod enables players to improve the zoo infrastructure as well as helps them breed animals to increase their numbers. The best part about Wonder Zoo mod APK is that it also comes without any additional cost. Any player can download the apk file and install it directly on their device.Also try: FeaturesPeanuts and fruits is all you need to lure these lovely animals. But these resources come at a cost.

That is why Wonder Zoo mod apk users get unlimited coins, gems, and food so that the gameplay becomes a whole lot easier. Check the features below.

Money/CoinsOne of the primary features of the game, the money will be used to go on animal searches, breeding, and to buy decoration items for your zoo. The player can get money by completing in-game missions or by purchasing them from the store.

If purchasing doesn’t sound like you, you can download Wonder Zoo Mod APK and get unlimited money/coins for free. GemsGems cannot be considered as one of the currencies but still, hold primary importance in the game. Gems can be used to enable instant upgrades, especially when upgrades are going to take a lot of time once you have played an ample amount of Wonder Zoo.

There’s no prominent source to acquire gems other than purchasing them from the in-game store. Alternatively, you can also get unlimited gems with the mod of Wonder Zoo Animal Rescue for free. PeanutsPeanut is the paid in-game currency that can be used to boost in-game progress, shop items, and more. Peanuts are used as a medium to purchase other food items for the animals. There’s no prominent source to obtain peanuts, and the only known way is by purchasing them from the store. However, if you are looking for a healthy headstart to your game, you can download Wonder Zoo’s Mod and get unlimited peanuts for free. Animals, Dinosaurs, DecorWonder Zoo Mod APK is open to infinite possibilities.

Not only in-game resources, but you will also get unlimited animals, dinosaurs, and decor items for free with the mod. ConclusionWonder Zoo Mod APK is not just a game but also a great initiative towards the animal conservancy. The society has little to no knowledge about animal trafficking and how they direly need to be saved. This game will not just let you kill your time but will also help you gain some knowledge about wildlife. Explore seven different environments, including the savannah, jungle, paddock, and polar. Breed dinosaurs and other animals to save them from extinction and extend their families. Decorate your zoo surroundings with trees, gift shops, wishing wells, and restaurants to give animals a life they always reserved?

If you are crazy about animals, it’s your chance to save them and become the best zookeeper.Unlimited Unlimited. Justin gates is an Android and iOS developer with 9+ years of experience in the field. Currently, he works as an Android Developer and Content Manager at, organizing and overseeing the content and mod apks published on the website. Justin was formerly associated with MiniMilitia.org and for 2 years, building, integrating, testing, and supporting Android application development for mobile and tablet devices. His other areas of interest are Search Engine Optimization and performing research to determine audience needs and interests.Query him on or for direct interaction.

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Play a zoo management game on your Android with Wonder Zoo.Wonder Zoo is a which lets you try to rescue endangered animals in the wild and take care of them in your Zoo.A former colleague of yours have stolen your animals in the zoo, and they also have been poaching animals from the wild. It is your duty to stop them and rescue the animals then give them a dwelling that they can grow safe and be protected from the poachers. You will have to perform lots of missions to accomplish these. Lastly, take care of the animals on the zoo and make preparations to receive more animals, decorate your zoo, manage it well and attract more visitors at your zoo to make more money to take care of the animals.Download the Wonder Zoo - Animal rescue!

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