Vampire Knight Yuki

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Yuki's crisis and terror as the realisation of what she is and what happened a decade ago sinks in.

A three-way love triangle is extremely common in supernatural stories. It often involves two non-human guys fighting over a human girl. In the case of the hit and series, vampires Kaname Kuran and Zero Kiryu both aim to win the heart of Yuuki Cross.RELATED:In the middle of protecting the Day School and dealing with villainous vampires in the Night School, our heroine must decide between Zero or Kaname. She develops romantic feelings for both heartthrobs, but she can only choose one as her boyfriend. Does she choose Kaname, the charming pureblood vampire, or Zero, the brooding vampire hunter? Who should she have chosen? Fans of the series still debate which guy was better for Yuuki, so here is our take on the matter. Dash quest legendary items. Zero and Yuuki have developed a strong partnership as the defenders of the Day Class.

They have not only bonded as teammates, but as friends, and then to lovers. The best romances begin when the couple are friends, that way they have a solid foundation to build their romance.RELATED:Kaname has known Yuuki longer, but for another reason - they're related. The whole Yuuki and Kaname as brother and sister plotline still confuses us. Yuuki had once been a pureblood vampire, but their mother made her human to protect her.

So yes, although Yuuki is reawakened as a vampire later on, Kaname is her older brother. This means Kaname and Yuuki have an incestuous relationship. It’s mutual love, but it’s downright bizarre. It is mostly disregarded and changed around as the circumstances change, from Yuuki as human to her awakening.

Still, for the audience, it's hard to ignore. 8 Personality - Kaname. Zero's tsundere and belligerent nature prevents him from making friends, so Yuuki is the only one close to him. Yuuki has a bubbly and bright personality, so she can overlook his rudeness. Also, because Zero is more shy, he has difficulty expressing his feelings towards her.However, when he expresses his frustration, it can be perceived as bullying, which leads Yuuki to believe he didn't like her. Kaname is more calm and diplomatic, and Yuuki has always held a high respect for him. She continues to call him 'Kaname-senpai,' even when he insists to just call him Kaname.


While he can sometimes come across as stoic, Kaname is warm and gentle around Yuuki, and able to communicate his feelings better than Zero can. Yuuki seems much more comfortable around Zero than Kaname. She gets flustered around Kaname, whereas with Zero, she feels like she can be herself. Yuki seems more sad with Kaname then with Zero, especially after coming to live with him.Comparatively, Zero seems happier when he is with Yuuki.

As children, Yuki was able to calm him down when he had nightmares. He tried to distance himself to protect her, knowing she was scared of him as a vampire. He is more comfortable around Yuuki than anyone else, almost to a fault. 6 Status - Kaname. This reason is probably the most significant in respect to vampires.

Kaname states vampires can only satisfy their thirst by drinking blood from their true love. Yuuki responds that his blood will never satisfy her because part of her still loves Zero.RELATED:When Zero drinks from Yuuki one last time, he essentially admits that Yuuki is his true love by confessing he only ever wanted her blood. The love between Yuki and Zero was clearly mutual throughout the series, whereas it becomes more one-sided with Yuuki and Kaname.

4 Trusting Each Other - Zero. Yuki can trust Zero more than she can trust Kaname. Rose online new servers.

Zero never really lies to Yuuki. He only hid the fact that he was an ex-vampire. While Kaname didn’t technically lie either, he kept a much more important secret. Since the beginning of the series, Yuki longed for answers about her past and her family, and Kaman withheld that information from her for years.Zero is also the one to tell Yuuki the truth about Kaname, in which he was responsible for the slaughter of her family. He puts her full trust in Yuuki as well, as she helps control his bloodlust. Although Yuuki seems to trust both vampires, and she knows when she is being tricked with hallucinations and illusions.

According to us, Zero was the better choice for Yuuki. They have better chemistry and a stronger sense of love for each other. They share the mutual thirst as well, which is a clear indicator of genuine love.

But surprisingly, the actual ending doesn't make a choice, and almost chooses both, in a way. The canon ending involves Yuki ending up with Zero, and then with Kaname. It also differs depending on whether you're talking about the anime or the manga. In chapter 93 of the manga, Zero is murdered, although by who is unknown.

In the anime, however, the last we see of Zero is when Yuki and Kaname enter the Kuran mansion. In both, Kaname dies as a result of his sacrifice for the vampire hunters.When Yuki remembers her time with Zero, she says he ultimately made her happy.

She visits his grave, but he has turned to dust, which indicates he was not a pureblood vampire. She then visits Kaname's body and awakens him as a human. By doing this, Yuuki gives him the chance to experience happiness as a human. Although she sacrifices her own life in the process, giving him her heart and the children to look after. She leaves a message for Kaname, which says she wishes his thirst will finally be quenched once and for all.NEXT.

The cover of the first DVD compilation released by; the characters featured are (left), (center), and (right)The episodes of the adaptation is based on the series of the same name written. They are directed by, and produced. The plot of the episodes follows, a student at the Cross Academy, where she acts as a guardian of the 'Day Class' along with vampire hunter from the secret vampires of the 'Night Class' led by.The first season premiered on in Japan on April 7, 2008, and ran for thirteen episodes until the season's conclusion on June 30, 2008.

The episodes were aired at later dates on,. The second season, named Vampire Knight Guilty, premiered on the same station on October 6, 2008 and ran until its conclusion on December 29, 2008.

As of December 2008, five DVD compilations of the first season have been released by and between July 23, 2008 and November 26, 2008. The first DVD compilation for the second season was released by Aniplex on January 28, 2009, and the second compilation was released on February 25, 2009.The series is licensed by, who is streaming episodes of their Viz Anime website and broadcasting dubbed episodes on their online network,.Four pieces of are used for the episodes: two opening themes and two closing themes. The opening theme for the first season is 'Futatsu no Kodō to Akai Tsumi' ( ふたつの鼓動と赤い罪) by On/Off, and the closing theme is 'Still Doll'. The opening theme of the second season is 'Rinne Rondo' ( 輪廻-ロンド-) by On/Off, and the ending theme is 'Suna no Oshiro' ( 砂のお城) by Kanon Wakeshima. The original soundtrack for the series was released on June 25, 2008.