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Pilot Helmets are collectibles found in the singleplayer campaign mode of Titanfall 2. They can be found in each mission, for a total of 46 helmets. They can be found in each mission, for a total of 46 helmets.

This article will show you how to collect every Pilot Helmet in Titanfall 2. For the first time in the Titanfall series players will have an opportunity to enjoy a single-player campaign, and of course that means a few collectibles to find!

These collectibles are Pilot Helmets, and you can find them scattered about Titanfall 2’s campaign. Use this article to find all Pilot Helmet locations in Titanfall 2.

The Pilot’s Gauntlet Pilot HelmetThe Pilot’s Gauntlet only has one Pilot Helmet, and it is not too difficult to find. Keep in mind, you are being timed while running the Gauntlet, so get a time you are happy with before slowing down to find this Pilot Helmet on your next run.The Pilot’s Gauntlet - Pilot Helmet 1 Near the last grunt will be a giant rock pillar that is a different color than the rocks the grunts are standing on. The Pilot’s Gauntlet Pilot Helmet will be on the smaller pillar in front of this giant pillar. The Wilds Pilot HelmetsYou will find two Pilot Helmets during The Wilds Campaign mission. After fighting a second group of prowlers, you will arrive at a wallrun section with a crashed drop pod on the other side.The Wilds - Pilot Helmet 2 You may be able to see the glowing blue Pilot Helmet to the right of the pod from here! Dispatch the prowlers, hit the wallrun and make your way to the drop pod to pick up the first Pilot Helmet in The Wilds.The Wilds - Pilot Helmet 3 The second Pilot Helmet in The Wilds is a bit more tricky to find and will require some platforming skills to reach. During the Second Crash site section of the mission, you will enter the MCS James MacAllan.

Fight your way through the ship. Once you reach the exit, look up and to your left to see the Pilot Helmet on a suspended platform of wreckage. To pick up this Pilot Helmet, wallrun on the wall to your right but break it off right before you get to the end. Double jump up to the platform instead of continuing on the second wall. Blood and Rust Pilot HelmetsThe Blood and Rust mission of Titanfall 2 features six Pilot Helmets! After fighting your way through the drainage channel, you will find yourself in a tunnel system that leads into a sewer.Blood and Rust - Pilot Helmet 4 Shortly after entering the sewer, look to your left to see the first Pilot Helmet inside of a caged off area. Move your titan to the opposite side of this cage, and hop off of your titan and onto the pipe running overhead.

From this pipe, you will see a second pipe that runs into the caged area, jump up and follow it to the helmet.Blood and Rust - Pilot Helmet 5 You can find Pilot Helmet 5 before entering the Control Room. The second Pilot Helmet is located on the first of two big vats next to the yellow paneled wall. It will be easier to platform without people shooting you, so clear out the grunts before attempting to grab this helmet. Wallrun on the yellow wall and double jump to the top of the vat to pick up this helmet.Blood and Rust - Pilot Helmet 6 After battling your way through the Control Room you will come upon Sludge Falls, a nasty dam of nuclear waste.

Play the mission until you enter the room with other Militia soldiers, you’ll spot this Pilot Helmet on the platform up high. There will be a pipe on your left upon first entry to the room, hop up here and walk towards the platform. Double jump from the pipe to the platform to grab the third Blood and Rust Pilot Helmet!Blood and Rust - Pilot Helmet 7 After fighting the Stalkers, you will have to enter a room with their charging nodes. This room is rather dark and gloomy, so it will be easy to spot the fluorescent blue Pilot Helmet in the far corner of the room.

Wallrun on the left wall and double jump at the end to reach the big pipe that holds the Pilot Helmet. The floor is covered in sludge that will damage you if you fall, so get out fast and take a breather before trying again.Blood and Rust - Pilot Helmet 8 Pilot Helmet 8 will require some Mirror’s Edge like wallruns, you can find it way up on a catwalk after opening the large door before the Corkscrew Room. Walk through the open door and jump up to the pipes on your left. Turn around and run along the wall with the big 13 on it, towards the big yellow pipes. From these pipes, wall run on the wall to your right to double jump to the catwalk.

You won't be able to clear the railing, so you’ll have to mantle up.Blood and Rust - Pilot Helmet 9 The Corkscrew Room holds Pilot Helmet 9, by the big ugly waterfall of sludge. You will see a Marvin working on a platform that leads to your exit. Take your wallrun a little hot and overshoot the Marvin platform, you will be able to reach the helmet. Into the Abyss Pilot HelmetsTitanfall 2’s Into the Abyss mission features 9 Pilot Helmets.Into the Abyss - Pilot Helmet 10 There will be a small cave on your right while making your way through the Lagoon. Hop out of BT and make your way inside to pick up the first Into the Abyss Pilot Helmet.Into the Abyss - Pilot Helmet 11 While listening to Blisk and Ash talk about Kane, you will see a cavern on your left.

You will have to exit BT to double jump on pipes that lead out to the cavern. Once inside, follow along the rocks to reach the helmet.Into the Abyss - Pilot Helmet 12 Before you enter the narrow hallway with moving panels, there will be a Pilot helmet near the top of the white and yellow wall surrounded by rocks. The rock formation actually allows you to stand on certain parts, so jump on the ones that look like platforms. Once high enough, double jump up to the pair of pipes coming out of the white and yellow wall. From here, jump onto the pipe running alongside the wall, and follow it around the bend to pick up the Pilot Helmet.Into the Abyss - Pilot Helmet 13 You can find Pilot Helmet 13 in the Loading Dock section of Into the Abyss. Head to the left edge of the landing pad to find a rock wall with platforms, then jump your way down towards the waterfall. This Pilot Helmet is actually directly underneath the landing pad.

The rocks will show you the path to the helmet, then keep following them to get back up.Into the Abyss - Pilot Helmet 14 Jump down into the glowing red duct during the Pipework section of Into the Abyss. Immediately after landing, look to your right to see Pilot Helmet 14. Wallrun on the shiny metal surface and jump onto the ledge at the end.Into the Abyss - Pilot Helmet 15 This Pilot Helmet is located before the Roof Assembly, where the mechanical arm rotates the giant platform.

You will see to arms building stairs on the upper floor of the structure, head here to spot the Pilot Helmet on top of the pipes. Underneath the pipes is a crate that says Werneck, jump on here to wall run up to the pipes that hold the Pilot Helmet.Into the Abyss - Pilot Helmet 16 You’ll find the seventh Pilot Helmet on a ledge near the waterfall, shortly after the world goes sideways on you. Nothing fancy here, jump down onto the catwalk from the big orange robotic arm you should be on for the mission. Wallrun on the rock formation that goes behind the waterfall to reach the Pilot Helmet.Into the Abyss - Pilot Helmet 17 Jump onto the Prowler container on your way to the glowing simulation dome. You will see a giant “Column 83” written on one of the columns. One container will be alone in the distance, you can wallrun to it then jump to the Pilot Helmet.Into the Abyss - Pilot Helmet 18 This Pilot Helmet is easy to find.

Once BT suggests you leave the facility, a waypoint will appear over him. Before you enter the dome to meet up with BT, look to your right. The final Pilot Helmet of Into the Abyss will be resting nicely on a ledge outside of the dome. Effect and CauseThe Effect and Cause campaign mission of Titanfall 2 is rather large, and contains eight pilot helmets.Effect and Cause - Pilot Helmet 19 The first Pilot Helmet of Effect and Cause is floating in the middle of the street before you scan the bodies while searching for Major Anderson. Wallrun on the glass median, then double jump to the building on the side of the street to pick up the helmet.Effect and Cause - Pilot Helmet 20 Head to the Reactor Facility and look up to the street light out front, you’ll see the Pilot Helmet on top. Jump up on the blocky part of the Reactor Facility, from there you will be able to reach the Pilot Helmet.Effect and Cause - Pilot Helmet 21 The third Pilot Helmet in Effect and Cause is easy to get, you literally have to get it!

While ziplining through the elevator shafts, you’ll see the Pilot Helmet ahead of you on the second zipline. Go ahead and jump on the line, you will pass right through the Pilot Helmet on the way to the next part of the level.Effect and Cause - Pilot Helmet 22 The fourth Pilot Helmet is located in the Amplification Casing Research, you may know it as the big flaming hallway. Since you have the ability to time shift at this point, you will need to focus on staying in the present. The present is the one with the flaming floor, so stay on the walls to pick up this Pilot Helmet.Effect and Cause - Pilot Helmet 23 Pilot Helmet 23 will require a bit of puzzle solving.

Head to the hallway after you speak with Major Anderson’s holograph near the under construction spheres. Behind the turrets is a glass cylinder with a Pilot Helmet inside. The glass enclosure is sealed in the past, but it is the only time period with the helmet. Shift time to the present to hop into the now broken cylinder, then switch time back to the past to grab the helmet. Switch back to the present to escape!Effect and Cause - Pilot Helmet 24 Pilot Helmet 24 of Effect and Cause is located in the storage chamber. When entering the chamber, look to your left to see the helmet.

Switch time to the past to find a platform that can reach the helmet. The platform holding the Pilot Helmet is not available in the past however, so jump towards the helmet and switch time to the present to land safely and scoop up Pilot Helmet 24.Effect and Cause - Pilot Helmet 25 Pilot Helmet 25 is located in the middle of the cryogenic storage wallrun puzzle. Once again, this Pilot Helmet can only be grabbed during a certain time period, the past, so keep that in mind while jumping and running through this puzzle.Effect and Cause - Pilot Helmet 26 The final Pilot Helmet of Effect and Cause will be a tricky one to grab, and can be found near the bridge that is activated by the glowing green console. You can spot the helmet on the window. Wallrun along the window while staying in the past to clear the platform that is on fire, then switch to the present to pick up Pilot Helmet 26. The Beacon Pilot HelmetsTitanfall 2’s The Beacon mission features the most Pilot Helmets in the game, clocking in at 11! Use our guide to find every Pilot Helmet in The Beacon.The Beacon - Pilot Helmet 27 Clear out all the enemies in Substation 3 then run along the big rotating circular platform to grab Pilot Helmet 27.

The platform can be tricky to stay on, so make sure you compensate for its rotations while picking up the helmet.The Beacon - Pilot Helmet 28 Head to the second silo and look up for this Pilot Helmet, tucked away in a nook near the top. Use the Arc Tool to activate the turbine at the bottom of the silo, and you will float up to the Pilot Helmet.The Beacon - Pilot Helmet 29 & 30 BT will scan for a targeting module once you arrive at the Beacon (the actual beacon, not the beginning of the mission). BT will want to throw you over the gap, but pick up the Pilot Helmet on the center platform first. You can reach it by jumping to the nearby column, then to the platform.Look to you your left from Pilot Helmet 29 to see 30 on a rooftop nearby.

Wallrun from column to column then double jump over to the roof to pick up Pilot Helmet 30.The Beacon - Pilot Helmet 31 Let BT throw you over to the targeting module in the Construction Zone. Use your Arc Tool to open a room located downstairs from where you landed after the throw. Inside the small room is Pilot Helmet 31.The Beacon - Pilot Helmet 32 This Pilot Helmet is located on the roof near the first crane. After wallrunning the platforms moved by the crane, you will enter a building with an exterior staircase. Enter the building and climb the crates inside, from the top of the crates you will be able to jump to the rooftop. Pilot Helmet 32 will be on the outer edge of the roof.The Beacon - Pilot Helmet 33 Head to crane number 3 for an easy Pilot Helmet.

Double jump over to the white roof from the greenish platform to reach this.The Beacon - Pilot Helmet 34 After climbing the stairs with the Marvins, you will see a locked door that needs to be opened with the Arc Tool. Before opening the door, look up and to the left, you will see a Pilot Helmet. Nothing fancy here, jump up to grab it.The Beacon - Pilot Helmet 35 Pilot Helmet 35 is located before the dish control room, on the rooftop. Head to the corner of the roof, above the 04, to find the Pilot Helmet.The Beacon - Pilot Helmet 36 Here is a freebie for those who don’t want to work for their Pilot Helmets.

Climb up the stairs on your way to the dish, you’ll see Pilot Helmet 36 right in front of you.The Beacon - Pilot Helmet 37 Pilot Helmet 37 is only slightly harder to spot than 36, you’ll find it underneath the dish. Look to your right to see the beam that holds this helmet. Trial by Fire Pilot HelmetsUnlike the previous two levels, Pilot Helmet collectors should be in and out of Trial by Fire with relative ease. Trial by Fire holds three Pilot Helmets, and will bring you that much closer to finding all 46 Pilot Helmets in Titanfall 2!Trial by Fire - Pilot Helmet 38 The first Pilot Helmet is located in the generator room of the fuel depot. As soon as you enter the room, look to your left to see the helmet on top of the red pipes. Hop off BT and onto the generator, then up to the pipes to grab the helmet.Trial by Fire - Pilot Helmet 39 After you fight Northstar, you will see a tiny door with a yellow hose coming out of it.

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Leave BT and enter this doorway on foot. Continue through this small space to find this Pilot Helmet. Now that you beat up Northstar, try using it in multiplayer!Trial by Fire - Pilot Helmet 40 For the final Pilot Helmet in Trial by Fire, head towards the Death Star looking fuel cells on your right. There will be a Pilot Helmet sitting on top of a red pipe coming out of the Death Star cell. The Ark Pilot HelmetsThe Ark mission in Titanfall 2 can be broken up into three parts; Pursuit, IMS Malta, and Draconis. All of the Pilot Helmets in The Ark mission can be found in the IMS Malta section, there are three.The Ark - Pilot Helmet 41 Once you enter the deck of the IMS Malta, go through the first window on your left.


You will see the Pilot Helmet down below on the exterior of the ship, it can be reached with a simple double jump. You might want to clear out the deck before attempting to grab this however, since there will be a lot of enemies that don’t want you around their ship.The Ark - Pilot Helmet 42 This Pilot Helmet is extremely tricky to pick up, because you only have a limited time to grab it. Once Briggs pulls up with her ship, there will be a Pilot Helmet behind her Titan. Wallrun and double jump to reach Briggs ship and grab the helmet, then let her ship move up a little so you can jump back to the Malta’s deck.The Ark - Pilot Helmet 43 While fighting through the hangar, your team will continue up a staircase leading out to the bridge. Instead of following them, head downstairs to the lowest catwalk in the hangar. Follow this catwalk until you run into the Pilot Helmet, it will be located near the IMC dropship. The Fold Weapon Pilot HelmetsHere we are, the final mission in Titanfall 2!

The Fold Weapon may have an awkward name for a mission, but it does have three Pilot Helmets. These are the final three Pilot Helmets in the game, so let’s get started and finish off all the Pilot Helmets in Titanfall 2!The Fold Weapon - Pilot Helmet 44 The first Pilot Helmet of The Fold Weapon is located on top of the black hoses that look vaguely like a suspension bridge. Once in the power grip area, jump on the blue and white wall that connects the black hoses. From the wall, get your gymnast on and balance beam your way up the black hose to grab the Pilot Helmet.The Fold Weapon - Pilot Helmet 45 This Pilot Helmet is located in the generator room, way up top. Head to the back corner to find a bunch of crates stacked against the wall.

From the top of these crates, wallrun to the left and jump up to the top of the red beam. Hard reset ipad without itunes. From the red beam, walk over and jump up to the red pipe that holds the Pilot Helmet.The Fold Weapon - Pilot Helmet 46 The final Pilot Helmet in Titanfall 2’s campaign is located in the targeting room, to your right.

Jump on the boxes that lay underneath the pipe with the Pilot Helmet. From the top of the boxes, double jump to the top of the pipe and grab your helmet.There you go, you collected all 46 Pilot Helmets in Titanfall 2! Remember to head back to our guide hub for everything else you need to know about Titanfall 2, including our breakdown of Ronin the sword Titan.

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