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Time Crisis Strike was released by Namco in January 2009 for iOS. It is a spin-off of Time Crisis 3, with a different story. Time Crisis Elite for J2ME (2009) A spin-off mobile game, Time Crisis Elite, was developed by Electronic Arts and published by Namco for Java-based mobile phones in 2009. The game divides the screen to sections, each.

See also:Project Titan features the same gameplay as the other games. It also retains the signature foot pedal. Players by default are in hiding position. They are shielded from taking fire, but they cannot fire back. In order to begin play, players must step on the pedal and begin firing.

Stepping off the pad also allows the player to reload the gun.This game introduces a new gameplay mechanic that allows the player to move to multiple fixed locations, which are activated by shooting yellow arrows while the player is hiding. This feature was later reused in the arcade version of.Plot Several months after the events in Sercia, V.S.S.E. Agent Richard Miller is informed by his superiors that Caruban president Xavier Serrano has been publicly assassinated by a man dressed like him. With no evidence to the contrary, V.S.S.E. Is prepared to extradite Miller to Caruba to stand trial in 48 hours. With only that much time to prove his innocence, Miller is alerted to the presence of an undercover agent codenamed Abacus who can help him obtain the information he needs.Meanwhile, Kantaris, the arms dealer Miller supposedly killed in a previous mission, discovers that her secretary Marisa Soleli is in fact Abacus.

Unable to determine the extent of what she knows, Kantaris has Abacus taken onboard her private yacht to be interrogated by her new security chief Zeus Bertrand. Miller parachutes aboard and makes his way down to the crew's quarters, where he kills an assassin posing as a chef in the kitchen. Locating Bertrand in the engine room, Miller takes him out and rescues Abacus, who reveals that a Caruban anti-government militant named Ricardo Blanco was the real killer.Escaping the yacht by chopper just as Kantaris destroys it with explosives, Miller gets Abacus to safety before hopping a flight to Caruba International Airport. There, he fights his way through Blanco's men until he gets picked up by Abacus's contact, who takes him to Blanco's mansion. Blanco and his surviving allies fight Miller in a pitched battle in the back, dying one by one until only Blanco stands.

Wounded, he tries to escape, but is immediately gunned down by Wild Dog, who survived his apparent death but lost his left arm, which he replaced with a gatling gun. A dying Blanco reveals Dog's hideout is in an abandoned nuclear research station on Rio Oro island.Infiltrating Rio Oro and defeating Dog's men, Richard destroys a weaponized drilling machine sent to kill him. He then discovers Serrano is alive and well, having been kept by Dog as a bargaining chip after his death was faked. The president reveals Dog and Kantaris are conspiring to mine his country's rich titanium resources so that they can build mechanized battlesuits, under the name 'Project Titan'. Serrano gives Miller the project blueprints before making his escape. Richard acquires a speedboat and makes his way to the excavation site.Engaging the surviving mercenaries in the ruins, Miller is eventually confronted by Dog, who leaves two Titans codenamed Deimos and Neimos to kill him.

Defeating them in a thrilling fight, Miller then takes on Dog himself, damaging his gun arm. A defiant Dog activates the majority of his Titan army before making his escape via helicopter. A few well-aimed shots from Miller disable the chopper, causing it to crash into the assembled Titans and destroy them.His name finally cleared, Miller declines an award from President Serrano in favor of tracking down Kantaris. He is last seen driving down a lone road as the sun sets in the background.Development Time Crisis: Project Titan was developed by Flying Tiger Entertainment, a third-party company in the United States, and was published by as a -only title (unlike other Time Crisis games that were released for the arcade first). The game took two years to develop. Namco opted to create a new game instead of porting over since the specifications of the arcade version and the PlayStation was so different. Reception ReceptionAggregate scoreAggregatorScore71/100Review scoresPublicationScore5.33/1030/407/106.4/108.5/107/10Eric Bratcher reviewed the PlayStation version of the game for, rating it two stars out of five, and stated that 'PlayStation finally answers Saturn's Virtua Cop 2 only it's five years too late and shooting blanks.'

Project Titan received 'average' reviews according to the website. A major complaint about the game was the poor graphics. Ryan Davis of called the visuals were 'badly outdated' and the animation 'downright bad'. Perry of opined the game looked 'old, dated, and bad' and that it did not look any better than original Time Crisis PlayStation port. In Japan, gave it a score of 30 out of 40.

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From Epic Games and ChAIR Entertainment comes Infinity Blade II, the sequel to the critically acclaimed, best-selling iOS game Infinity Blade. Infinity Blade II continues to raise the bar for triple-A mobile gaming. Infinity blade ii.

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(in Japanese). at.

There is just something cool about being able to blast away at people with a light gun. I'm not sure why there aren't more games supporting the plastic gun out there; luckily one of the few light gun games remaining is Time Crisis 3.

The basic control of this game is the same as the previous two Time Crisis games. You basically have to work your way through an island filled with bad guys, ducking and shooting at them until you're the only one left standing.

You can set up the buttons on your light gun to either make your character duck and cover when you press one or when you let go. Ducking is also how you reload your weapon. A new weapon select system allows you to pick a handgun, machine gun, shotgun or grenade launcher while you're ducked away. You also have the opportunity to use a sniper rifle in certain levels. Ammo is found for these weapons by shooting conveniently color-coded yellow bad guys.

This third installment in the Time Crisis franchise has you once more playing the role of a top secret agent out to stop a bad guy from blowing up an island nation. In this game, though, you can pick which agent to play.

The most notable upgrade for this latest light gunner, is the sweeping cinematic backdrop that becomes a interactive part of your playing experience. The game will have you walking across the deck of a sinking ship, crawling up dangling trains and hanging upside down into exploded rooms to fend off the bad guys.

Although this game seems to be a major upgrade from its predecessors, there still aren't any paradigm shifts so if you don't like light gun shooters because they seem too constraining then you probably won't like Time Crisis 3, but if you're a fan of the genre than this is a definite keeper.

Overall rating: 8