The Talos Principle 2

. Summary: In The Talos Principle, players assume the role of a sentient artificial intelligence placed within a simulation of humanity?s greatest ruins and linked together through an arcane cathedral. Players are tasked with solving a series of increasingly complex puzzles woven into a metaphysical In The Talos Principle, players assume the role of a sentient artificial intelligence placed within a simulation of humanity?s greatest ruins and linked together through an arcane cathedral. Players are tasked with solving a series of increasingly complex puzzles woven into a metaphysical parable about intelligence and meaning in an inevitably doomed world. One of the best games I've ever played. Unfortunately, everything is a spoiler, so I'm going to skip the awesome story, music and atmosphere One of the best games I've ever played. Unfortunately, everything is a spoiler, so I'm going to skip the awesome story, music and atmosphere and will concentrate on the technical state of the game on the PS4.

Star 1 & 2 STRLOC The two stars happen sequentially, so just follow these instructions. After solving the puzzle The Right Angle there will be a hidden second box on a pressure plate near the Sigil location. Pick up the box and bring it to the first area with the single beam blocker. I didn't see anyone talk about it, and even after googling, nobody seemed to have noticed this. If you bring the cube close enough to the energy wall, you can see the IAN watermark on it.

I've played both PC and PS4 version of the game for more than 100 hours. The good news is - the PS4 version is on par with details and resolution with the PC version, it also has a decent amount of AA and not the most terrible FOV as well. The bad news - the PS4's framerate needs improvement badly. I hope this get addressed. Other than that - I have no issues whatsoever. In summary, I'd like to say something which is more likely directed towards the developers instead of the game, but since I consider it very important in this day.

'If you're yet to experience one of the most intriguing puzzle games of its generation, then picking it up for your iPhone or iPad is pretty much a no-brainer.' 9/10 & Gold Award - Pocket Gamer'The Talos Principle is an excellent open-world puzzle adventure that is just jaw-dropping beautiful on your iOS device.' 9/10 - AppAdvice-As if awakening from a deep sleep, the player finds himself in a strange world of ancient ruins and advanced technology. Tasked by his creator with solving a series of increasingly complex puzzles, he must decide whether to have faith or to ask the difficult questions: Who am I? What is my purpose?With the innovative tap-and-swipe control system that immediately feels natural, an engaging story and challenging puzzles The Talos Principle is a full-fledged game with over 20 hours of content and entertainment, be it a short challenge for the brain or an entire afternoon filled with exploration and excitement. BadBrain13, A beautiful game that is frustrating at timesThis game is beautiful to play but also frustrating at times. I’m using the default controller settings (touch and swipe) but the deeper I get into the game the more frustrating the experience, especially when I need to move quickly.

Also, i don’t mind figuring stuff out on my own but there is little to no guidance on what to do or where to go next and, if you get stuck you’ll need to look for an iOS walkthrough for support. Lastly, it seems access to menu settings/options is only available at certain points in the game, like after completing a section, but not when you are working on obtaining an item. Maybe I’m missing something but it would be nice to have access to menu/settings/options at any point during game play to adjust sound, tweak controls, etc.Otherwise this is a fun and interesting experience that is enhanced by great visuals and intriguing premise. I installed the recent update and have no issues with graphics or gameplay on my iPhone 7+. I think the lack of guidance is intentional but would also appreciate a bit more in-game help or some next step hints as it sometimes feels like I’m not sure what I should be focusing on or what the current mission is. Developer Response,For the menu, please swipe from the left upper side of the screen and the menu controls will appear.

It is auto-hidden to increase the immersion by uncluttering the HUD.As for the lack of guidance - it's all part of the game's mystery. Please take your time to explore and discover things. Puzzles don't have to be solved in order, and if one seems impossible, it may be that you need to either take some time to think, or you haven't yet discovered something else. Look around, go solve some other puzzle. And revisit this one later.The point of your existence will become more and more clear as you go along.;).

Vzvshio, AMAZING game for a great price!I’m literally blown away but the sheer amount of content there is for this game, and that it’s available for anything under $30!! Most games like these I can finish in a day or two, but this one kept me (someone who is very ADHD) occupied through quarantine for like a week! There’s so many little easter eggs and hidden treats that make exploring every inch of the world absolutely worth it. On top of all that, I found the story remarkably relevant considering uh.the global pandemic, LOL. It was really nice to see the sheer love for humanity, even with all our past and current mistakes, in practically every inch of the story. So many stories that deal with the kind of situation this game presents would take the “humanity is inherently evil and destroying the world” path and I’ve heard enough of that ecofascist bull in the past weeks to last me a lifetime, so it was a treat to be able to open up this game and see a story that actually values life, individual lives, and just all the beautiful creativity of humanity. Thank you so much for helping making my quarantine a little less hellish!

Mrflip, Great game, frustrating controls at timesThis is a great game with just about one flaw: the touch area for selecting objects is too small, especially in the default tap-to-move mode. If it were only 50% larger in radius I’d give this game a 5+ rating. As it stands however, touching a sentinel robot just a few pixels off not only fails to target it, it.steps toward. the sentinel, ensuring your demise. Virtual gamepad mode helps address this, but is a bit clunky itself and it remains frustrating to poke poke poke the screen. Given that I have the whole rest of the screen for look gestures this seems a safe fix.Another easy interface change I’d like to see is that the jammer’s “drop” button remain even if a target is in sight.

Currently, to drop the scanner targeting nothing, you have to stop moving, look at the sky, and then hit drop. Together these flaws made Labyrinth in particular nearly impossible, even in virtual gamepad mode.Finally, when using the prism reflectors many targets fail to show up until you “nod” the view back and forth a few times. I often would get my guy in just the one right spot to reflect everything and then find that when I tried to pick the target I’d step out of position. Don’t understand why visible targets lose their buttons.(Spoiler alert for my last comment).For the final puzzle, exclude all codes with the number 8. It’s too easy to think that’s the level you’re on.

Mine started 88 and so I took no notice of the clues. CompatibilityRequires iOS 9.0 or later.

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Beautiful environments, spectacular effects, and a dynamic, engaging soundtrack bring the world to life. A horde of enemies is invading, and it's up to the player to stop them by strategically building fortification towers around their base. Defense grid the awakening lockdown 2017. As the levels progress, the enemies become tougher and more difficult to defeat.20 Unique Levels Defense Grid: The Awakening has 20 unique environments, each with a different placement of roads, tower build locations, and open areas to plan a strategy around.Numerous Tower Options and Upgrades There are 10 different tower types with 3 levels of capability each. Each game level is very replayable, and can be solved in many different ways, with increasing rewards for improved efficiency.Wide Variety of Enemies Over the course of the game, players battle 15 different enemy types that become increasingly stronger, and employ a variety of strategies in an attempt to bypass the player's defenses. The controls are intuitive and the gameplay is deep — the special attacks and properties of each tower work together to provide many ways to succeed.High Replayability There are approximately 8 hours of gameplay in the main storyline, and many hours of play in challenge modes that give players unique starting conditions and objectives.