The Hidden Job Market

Some refer to jobs that are not posted as the 'hidden job market.' These are opportunities that are not widely advertised on a company's. The hidden job market is a real thing, and informational interviews are a great way to break into it. Tread Lightly. One last piece of advice I have on informational interviews is this: Do not use informational interviews as an opportunity to outright ask for a job. Informational interviews are not job interviews.

The hidden job market is any place where jobs get filled without

being formally posted or advertised. Sometimes a job may be created

around the skill set of a person -- perhaps the person has met with

an employer and proposed a certain project, or perhaps the employer

has had an idea and sought out the potential employee through their

professional or personal networks. Sometimes a person may get

referred to a job before it is even posted. Employers may chose to

'put out the word' that a job has become available amongst their

staff, sometimes even offering a 'signing bonus' to the referrer if

their suitable applicant is hired. Often, a member of staff in a

company is aware that a position is becoming available (perhaps

they know that a colleague is pregnant or has decided to leave) and

will suggest to a job searcher to submit their resume before the

position has to be advertised. The data about how many jobs are Wings of destiny kabam.


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the Internet has become easier to use. What is clear is that the

hidden job market is less competitive and less rigid, and it

enables applicants to apply for positions for which they perhaps

may not have qualified, had the posting been formally