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The Great Giana Sisters Review by: - 6.1/10 Great Giana Sisters Review Overall - 6.1 Throughout history, there have been many great games, such as Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Kirby, and many more. Of course, developers eventually play these games, and sometimes make their own version of the game. Duludubi Star, Kid Kool, Hydlide, Block Factory, and this game for Commodore 64, Great Giana Sisters. Tell me, what does this sound like? A synonym for Super, a five letter name, and a word relating to two siblings of the same gender. Yeah, it's a Super Mario Bros.

Here you can find all you need to know about The Great Giana Sisters. Download Giana Sisters 30th Anniversary Extended Preview by The Seven-A-Three. An orchestration of the main theme from The Great Giana Sisters by Chris Hulsbeck. This is an older piece of mine that I brought up to date with recent sample libraries. Used: Spitfire Loegria & P.

Graphics - 4 The graphics aren't very good. Sure, it's the Commodore 64, but there's a version of this on Amiga that has far superior graphics. Eden eternal game. The owls look like Goombas, Giana's hair looks really messy, and the colors are overall boring and not interesting to look at.

At least things like the bushes look nice. It doesn't even change when you go underground, which makes it look depressing and bright at the same time. This would be a nice time to point out I can't decipher what any of the enemies look like besides the owls. I see this eyeball creature, a two-mouthed caterpillar, shells with eyes, and a wasp. Overall, they could of made the graphics better. Sound - 8 The music for this game is one of the best Commodore 64 soundtracks I've ever heard. I played a hack of this two years ago, and when playing this game I remembered it perfectly.

Everyone always praises the title screen music, but personally, I like the main level theme the best. There's not too much too say besides I'm disappointed that there's no song exlucsive to underground levels. Addictiveness - 7 For some reason, this game is strangely addicting, and when I first found the game, I played it quite a bit. It's not comparable to Super Mario Bros, but it just seems like the game fascinates you to the point of hypnosis, and then you just find yourself playing it every day for a while.

The boxart makes you either go through nostalgia, or get you mad enough to point out every fault of this game. I don't even know I played this as much as I did, it's just. It's addicting. Story - BLANK To my knowledge, this game does not have a story, but the goal of the game is to find a giant crystal, and wake yourself up. Depth - 6 The game has 33 levels, but the levels sometimes copy Super Mario Bros directly, the levels seem uninspired, and the game's ending, some simple text telling Giana to wake up, isn't worth the trouble it takes to beat this game. However, unlike Mario, the game has several modes of transportation other than Warp Pipes, such as doors, elevators, and holes in the ground.

The Great Giana Sisters Download

Brich Blocks also now contain rocks, on top of being empty, and coins. Speaking of coins, we're collecting diamonds now, and, taking example from Mario again, you can get an extra life from 100 diamonds. Now, I'm not saying all games that do that are rip-offs of Mario, but with this game, it might be with mentioning. Difficulty - 5 The game isn't extremely hard, but a decent challenge can be found here.

Part of the challenge is pressing up to jump. How annoying could it get? Why not Alt, Ctrl, or some other button that could of worked much better?

The game can have tricky jumps, and the later levels (such as Stage 31, where you have falling platforms everywhere) make the difficulty much higher, and, once again, it's not exactly worth it for the ending. Conclusion Although the game is a complete rip-off of Super Mario Bros, it can still be a fun and reasonably challenging platformer. If you can deal with the odd controls, and bear the semi-bad graphics, and think of it from it's excellent soundtrack, you have an alright game in the Commodore 64 library, and Mario fans may want too see exactly what Time Warp Productions has done with Nintendo's great platforming series. Graphics 4 Sound 8 Addictive 7 Depth 6 Difficulty 5.