Terra Battle Guide

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Nov 11, 2017  Hi guys, back with another quick Terra Battle 2 guide, this time it's for farming your Skill Boosts and Union! Hopefully you find it useful and thanks for watching. Union tier list: https://docs. Noctis meets Terra Battle and Terra Wars' Terra in this new FF15 quest - here's how to access it, plus the new Tomb Raider and DJ Nobunaga cross-over content. Final Fantasy XV Guide: All.

Terra Battle Chaos Quick Guide by RaijiniliRewards (or, “Why should I fight Chaos?”)Chaos is a series of co-op battles. Pitfall the lost expedition coolrom. The primary reward is Chaos, an eidolon, and Chaos’s upgrade items.

Eidolons are summoned in co-op battles for damage and effects.(I will refer to the battles as Chaos 1, Chaos 2, Chaos 3, and refer to the summon level as Chaos I, Chaos II, Chaos III.)The first eidolon you should try to get is Chaos II (the upgraded Chaos). When summoned, Chaos II (not its real name) prevents enemies from acting for the next turn.

This can be ignored for Chaos 1​3. Lightning damage: Samatha, Alika, Tiamat, Vajra4. Heal All (about 2 to 4): Kuscah, Sorman, Rikken, Kana, R’zonand, Zeera5. Other support and damage.For Kana/Bonna, you want the Locomotion skill, and the Paralysis Ward skill.

For Kana, equip Restorative Counter and HP+20% for maximum survivability.You don’t want, with the following priority:-3. (for Chaos 3) Fire and Ice. Chaos 3 resists these more than he does physical damage.-2. Chaos 2 resists it by a lot, and Chaos 3 is completely immune.-1. Jaguna.For team order: Put your Lightning melee attackers first, then the Lightning mages, then the rest.Enemy attacksChaos will launch “Portents”, indicating where he’ll attack next.

Pay attention to which portent he announces.– “Dark Portent”: Dark damage. It is much stronger in Chaos 3.– “Bloody Portent”: Physical damage.– “Silencing Portent”: Units in area will be unable to cast heal and status cure spells for two (three?) turns.At about 2/3HP (Chaos 3) and 1/3HP (Chaos 2 and 3), Chaos will launch Perdition, a heavy Dark attack that also paralyzes.The Eyes minion will paralyze units around it (area 1).How to playFirst:Chaos 2/3 can be double-pincered on the first turn. See, for example,.Portents:Hopefully, your team brought capsules. Instead of running away from Dark Portent, you can chain capsules and capsule-creators to keep up the anti-darkness resistance.