Tempest Meaning

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Backronym A portmanteau of “back” and “acronym”, describing a word that was retrospectively turned into an acronym. The prototypic medical backronym is that of the Apgar rating system named after Virginia Apgar; 10 years after her seminal publication, the mnemonic backronym APGAR was created in the US and been widely adopted in countries where English is spoken. It stands for Appearance, Pulse, Grimace, Activity, and Respiration.Want to thank TFD for its existence?, add a link to this page, or visit.Link to this page.

My InterpretationThere is a comment from Chino about how the theme of the album was going to be about the 'end of the world' craze, all the doomsday wingnuts talk about happening in December.A 'Tempest' is a violent disturbance - so - if you think about it, I think what Chino is writing about is 'go ahead and take me, we've been caught in a standstill (stasis) for so long, take me apart'. Wait for the glory (it actually happening) as you stare into the sky beneath, suggesting you're either blown into outerspace or in heaven, looking down.wikipedia of the 2012 phenomenon has some references that kinda tie it all together.or at least you can draw conclusions from it.The 'ancient arrival' could be the Maya.

'Cut to the end' is saying 'let's see it, enough already, cut to the chase'.The beginning of Tempest reminds me of Pink Floyd's Run Like Hell. I don't think your wrong, in fact 'dead' on, but I think you have to dig deeper.I never noticed Deaftones before this, but this song really speaks to me. In my opinion this is about life and death, except look at the bigger picture. Think life and death in the cycle of re-incarnation and multiple lives, ie 'circles'.

The 'end' is actually enlightenment and being in 'stasis' is the repeating cycle of re-incarnation. Being 'taken apart from the inside' and 'getting rid of stories in your mind' I interpret as the process of enlightenment. For example ridding oneself of attachments and removing the karma (negative energy) that keeps us bound to this existence and dimension. I would suggest he is referring to Buddhist principals here or something similar.


'The Glory' is enlightenment and returning to your original form of existence, which is not here. The lyrics 'cut to the end' suggest to be a longing for this process to be complete. My InterpretationI too like to think it's about the Ancient Astronaut theory.

I don't subscribe to it, but it is absolutely fun to think about. I'd love to think there's more to us than what's here on Earth. That said, I don't enjoy the God idea as much as originating from creatures who are virtually as clueless or as orphaned as us. I intend no offense to anyone, of course.I interpret the narrator as being tired of not knowing, and expecting that our 'alma species' or divergent kind is coming back for us either to answer all of our questions, or to destroy us.

Either way, he/she just wants the anticipation to end. My InterpretationHonestly, I thought the song was about cunninglingus. Taking out the stories, that's the impression she got from watching porn, but Chino is trying to explain what it's really like. She's laying on her back and all she can do is stare at the ceiling as he'tastes it' 'Spins in circles' And 'spits in it'. Again, only my interpretation, wouldn't be surprised though as even with Bored, it was a coin toss between Chino's past drug life or masturbation.


That's my piece on it. My InterpretationThe beginning of the song suggests whomever they are singing about is someone who is trapped by incorrect thinking caused by what people have done to them in the past. Technically, we all are, but lets pretend it was really shitty stuff.The rest looks like the battle we go through dealing with what we think is the truth, what really is and what an arduous, hellishly emotional process that is. Tempest represents the state of agitation the mind can reach yet at the same time trapped in a physical stasis.Or it is about a blow job:-).