Stupid Zombies 2 Forest Day 100

State of Zombies 2. Minecraft Zumbi Blocks 3D. Road of the Dead. Earn to Die With Super Wheel. Earn to Die 2 Exodus. Random Zombie Games. Attack of the Zombies. Days 2 Die The Other Side. Zombies Everywhere. Zombie Crusade. Zombie Warrior Man. Zombie Strike 2. Zombie Tractor. 3 star shot for Stupid Zombies 2, Circus level (day) 100. This will most likely be my last upload for this game. I get burned out on games pretty quickly but this one actually has kept my interest.

There's nothing like fighting against a bunch of stupid zombies that seem like they want to be killed.

This is a comical game that involves zombies that walk around like they are ready to die. One of the things that you'll notice about Stupid Zombies 2 is that the background images change along with the themes of each level. One theme that you'll find is Christmas. Everything transforms into a Christmas wonderland with trees, snow and red bows. There is also a scene with rain and the zombies trying to walk along ledges. There are even zombies that look like clowns.

Your character is a person who has a rather large gun that is used against the zombies. You can change the character a bit, customizing based on the gender and the clothing. While playing Stupid Zombies 2, you have the option of shooting the zombies directly to kill them, or you can shoot at a target that causes a chain reaction that will get rid of several zombies at one time. There are hundreds of levels to get through, many that are of the same design.

Pros The bomber royal tenenbaums movie.

  • Several fun levels
  • Customize your character
  • Fun themes with zombies dressed up


  • Some levels are repetitive
  • Ads pop up too much

Stupid Zombies is an arcade game along the lines of 'Angry Birds' in which you substitute the birds with a shotgun that you use to shoot all of the zombies on each level.The goal of each level of Stupid Zombies is to kill all of the enemies. In order to do so, you have to shoot your weapon so that you either hit the zombies directly or so that you can start a chain reaction that gets rid of all of the undead.You will have hundreds of different levels to put your skills to the test and where you will make bullets bounce off of dozens of different surfaces. In addition, you can use explosive barrels and other elements that make it so that your bullets can do away with lots of zombies at once.Stupid Zombies has simple, fun and addictive mechanics that are ideal for short games. It doesn't have the best graphics in Google Play, but it doesn't really need them, either.