Stone Protectors Action Figures

Stone Protectors 'Forged in Fire' British VHSWritten byRobert SkirPeter LawrenceMatthew MalachJ. Larry CarrollDavid Bennett-CarrenRichard T. MurphyChris HubbellSam GrahamGrant MorganDirected byDorie RichStarringJohn TenchRob MortonComposer(s)Steve ZuckermanCountry of originNo. Of episodes13ProductionExecutive producer(s)Stephanie GrazianoProducer(s)Michael HackRunning time30 MinutesProduction company(s)Graz Entertainment, inc.Sachs TV EntertainmentReleaseOriginal networkOriginal release1993 –1993Stone Protectors is a British/American/French multi-media entertainment property consisting primarily of an line. The series also had a tie-in video game released for the. It served as a late attempt to market the craze of the early 1990s to young boys. While not particularly successful, nor inspired by a prior medium, Stone Protectors generally followed in the same vein as contemporaries including, and the highly popular.

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Contents.Back-story A kingdom built of crystals came under attack by the reptilian troll-like Saurians whose leader, Zok, desired the powerful crystals protected by the Empress. Zok broke into the castle and reached for the crystals only to see them explode into pieces and fly to Earth.After being thrown out the back door of a club, an awful rock band known as the Rock Detectors found the five magical stones which gave them troll-like appearances and special skills (not the least of which is playing good music). This put them at odds with the music-hating Zok and his henchman Zink, collectively known as The Prodtectors. Cornelius, the group's leader, holds the green stone and became a with an assortment of appropriate weaponry (, and a pair of made of microphones). Tiny tanks online game. He is the band's lead singer, but also plays the.

Chester holds the red stone, became an expert at and received great strength. He plays the and. Clifford holds the blue stone and became a 'rock climber.' He is the band's. Angus holds the yellow stone and became a 'soldier' and an expert at turning mundane objects into weapons. He plays the.

Angus ostensibly built up the Protectors' bizarre attack vehicles from things like barbecues and lawnmowers. Maxwell holds the orange stone and became an 'accelerator' with in-line skates. He plays the guitar.Animated series A short-lived cartoon series based on the characters debuted in 1993. In it, Empress Opal of Mythrandir splits the legendary Great Crystal into six pieces to keep it out of Zok's hands. Zok manages to capture one piece, but the other five bond with the future Stone Protectors, spiriting them away to Mythrandir to help Opal upset Zok's schemes and spread a sentiment of peace and freedom with their music. The series lasted one season; 8 out of 13 episodes were released on VHS in 1994 by, the whole series was released on VHS in England.It is notable that while the advertisements for the action figures attempted to tie the Stone Protectors into the troll doll fad, the cartoon seemed eager to avoid the comparison. For instance, it replaced the line 'trolls on a roll' from the theme song in the commercials with 'Don't you know?'

The series has also been broadcast on the in England, in Brunei, in Malaysia, in South Africa, in Zimbabwe, in the United Arab Emirates and in New Zealand.Episodes 1. Forged in Fire (written by & )2. Stranded in Mythrandir (written by Peter Lawrence)3.

Levity (written by Matthew Malach)4. Return of Blackheart (written by J. Larry Carroll and David Bennett Carren)5. Weaponogs (written by Richard T. Fan or Foe (written by Chris Hubbell & Sam Graham)7.

Island Hopping (written by Martin Isenberg & Robert Skir)8. Digging In (written by Peter Lawrence)9.

Between Zok and the Deep Blue Sea (written by Grant Morgan)10. The Test (written by J. Larry Carroll & David Bennett Carren)11.

TBAAction figures The Stone Protectors action figures were produced by the Ace Novelty Toy Company. All of the figures were roughly 5' tall and featured cut joints at the neck, shoulders, and elbows as well as ball joints at the hips.

Their heads were a soft, rubbery material with tall, synthetic hair sticking straight out the top. In rotating the right arm of a Stone Protectors figure, a module would ignite inside its chest, creating a quick yet bright flash seen through the translucent chest emblem. A second series of sports-themed figures was also released.