Star Wars Chess Game

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Just like that, a philosophical puzzler The Talos Principle was born. Over the course of five years, The Talos Principle has landed on all relevant platforms but one – Nintendo Switch. To celebrate the fifth anniversary of Talos, we’re changing that, and you can now enjoy The Talos Principle on-the-go. We never actually announced the release of The Talos Principle 2. The closest we got to that was our CTO mentioning that it's in the works, that's it. No dates, years or release windows were ever mentioned. While we are working on it to some extent, all our focus is currently on Serious Sam 4. The talos principle 2. The Talos Principle was initially released on the PC in 2014, an expansion was made available in July of 2015. The game was awarded a 9/10 in GameSpot's review. 'The Talos Principle is an absolute. There was nothing to learn about it. The project is in a planning phase and has been entierly on hold due to VR projects and Sam 4. We plan on focusing on Talos 2 after releasing Sam 4, but work on it might start even before that, naturally.


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To squeeze in everything, the games compress some lengthy sequences shown in the films, such as the scenes of Luke's upbringing on Tatooine. Conversely, some of the characters trivialized in the movies are enlarged in the games: Super Star Wars' Cantina Fight boss appeared only briefly in Star Wars as a holographic chess piece. Star Wars Chess is here! Digitized Soundblaster Blasters and the unforgettable Star Wars themes abound. Digitized voices are also a pleasing addition, if not exactly the voices you remember. At first, I thought this would just be “Battle Chess enters the Star Wars universe”. I wasn’t far off the mark.