Spectrobes Origins Cheats


About Genre Action Rating Rated '7 'Summary In Spectrobes: Origins, players will use the unique Wii controls to explore vast worlds, excavate three-dimensional fossils and unravel an engaging story while discovering the key to preventing a galactic threat. Aug 20, 2009  Spectrobes Origins (Wii) ¤ Card Input System ¤ 3 - Duration: 8:12. Spectrobes webisodes, Episode 8: School of Hard Knocks - Duration: 2:29. Disney Games 77,307 views.

After completing the fourth planet (Menahut) you obtain the card input machine. Select Constellations (for Spectrobes) and enter the 9 digit sequence on the far left next to the desired Spectrobe. After that, click on the stars in the order described next to the code. 1 is the star furthest to the left, 2 is the next furthest to the left and so on. If there are 2 stars with the same horizontal position, A is the higher, and B is the lower. CT-01 through CT-05 are secret Spectrobes (those only obtainable through cards). CT-06 through CT-18 are evolved Spectrobes (with alternate textures), and CT-19 through CT-21 are child Spectrobes (3 different textures of Komainu).

Listen I still don't get why all of you are stuck on Jado and the fire ruins boss, but I'll help you with that problem with these tips:K, first you'll need at least lv.50-60 water type spectrobes when beeting the last boss krawl (The fire dude), I forget its week points but be aware that it WILL slam its body on you several times, including climbing on the wall and throwing huge fire balls at you.Now when your facing Jado you'll need to have lv. 60-70 spectrobes (doesn't matter what type) and his week spots are his face, shoulders, and butt (HAHAHAHAHA) But the only attack you'll wanna look out for is his shadow attack. What it is is he turns invisable and attacks you, so run around till hes visable again.Hope this helped, if you have any questions just pm me:). This is a tip I found out thats really smart to use when your in a tough battle:)Ok its really easy to use, first you have to have Spectrobes in your party that ALREADY know their special attack (all of them). Champions online power sets.

Then lets say your chalenging the third boss which alot of you are stuck on, (but not me) anyway it takes awhile but if your pacent enough you'll be able to make this attack work:DSo what you have to do is get a spectrobe that your using DURING the battle, and make charge its special attack gage full, but DON'T use it yet! Next take that spectrobe and switch him out with another spectrobe, now repeat the process of charging and switching till all your spectrobes charge attacks are full. Now here's the fun part, finally use all of their charge attacks by using one's then switching until all of their charge attacks are used.

Thats a really easy way to get your self out of tough battles:). After defeating the mega krawl guarding the Spectrobe Master's cave and collecting the evolve mineral, enter the caves. Hackmud data_check.

You will find a Zen fossil. It has the fire property so it is good for the next planet, dolgodo. Before speaking with the old guy in the village (forgot his name) go to your ship and awaken the Zen fossil. It will usually be lvl 13. Once it is awakened go to the old guy and talk to him. Then go back to the ship and go in to the incubator room the Zen spectrobe is in and feed it the evolve mineral.Hey presto, a lvl 13 fire spectrbe.This cheat only works on certain disks as not all of them have the same data so you might call this an EE.