Soul Seeker R Tier List

Soul Seeker R is an RPG with large doses of action, in which players can control a group of heroes, with which they can enter the Armes Continent to face hundreds of monsters. Our goal: to make the world a safer place.Players can directly control their character using the virtual ‘stick’ of movement, located on the left side of the screen. On the right side we will find the action buttons, which will allow us to attack, as well as ‘invoke’ our partners to help us for a short period of time. Now, we can also automate the movement and attacks of our protagonist with the press of a button. The duration of each of the Soul Seeker R levels is between one and two minutes, depending on the strength of our group of heroes.

Before starting each level, we can also customize our group. We can both change their position, trying to get the most out of their abilities, such as equipping them with new weapons and armor, or leveling them up.Soul Seeker R is a spectacular ‘action RPG’ in every way, which has an accessible game system and very well adapted to touch devices, and an excellent graphic section. An outstanding title, which continues in the wake of the previous installments of the franchise.More from Us.

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