Smashing Four

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By entering this contest, you agree to a complete release of Facebook from any or all liability in connection with this contest. 👨‍🎨Artist's Pick #4 is here!This time we're getting back to the amazing hero designs we received from the two twin brothers & their dad 👨‍👦‍👦, which we showed you along with the letters they wrote to us for the Hero Design Contest!👇 👇 👇Hi Smashing Four fans! 👋My name is Mateo, I am a Graphic Designer for Smashing Four, and here’s my Artist's Pick!When I got that concept along with the letter from the actual twin brothers, I was immediately hooked on this idea. The Double Trouble are true brothers - reliable, always help each other, work together and have each other's backs! 💪Legit team players! That's why I decided to dedicate them a special 🛡️clan badge.I like that the original design shows them in a special combat pose, one standing on the other one's shoulders, grabbing both of their spears tight to intensify the attack ⚔️.

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I also find the colour palette and the face expressions of these little rascals smashing excellent! Even the spiky hair of one of the twins show that they are not to be messed with.The challenge for me was to maintain this idea in a limited space of the clan badge. That's why in my design they are arranged like in a ☯️ yin and yang symbol, divided to left & right.So I hope you will like the badge and Double trouble. I want to join your clan!

Enter the Arena and get ready to fight fierce 1v1 real-time battles against players from all around the world! Experience unique gameplay and an original take on pool physics with this card-collectible PvP multiplayer strategy game where every smash counts!Win 1v1 battles, gain trophies, collect rewards & cards to unlock your heroes' powerful abilities that will turn the arena upside down and smash your enemy to pieces.

Join a clan, meet other Smashers and support each other on your way to the top of the ranks. Rule the world of Smashing Four together!Prove your skill in 1v1 PvP!

Execute your strategy in different arenas! Catawba Claw, I keep coming backThis game is not flashy and not something I’d call exciting but after I stop playing for awhile I end coming back.

The simplicity of the game is its best feature as well as somewhat of a problem because you can be successful with not knowing anything at least in the short term. But if you learn what each unit does a level of skill starts to reveal itself. The characters are unique and fun and if you get past the simplistic appearance and the straight forward game play and involve yourself in the gameplay beyond the main arena the game will open up and become more than it appears at first. And while this is not at least to this point is a hugely followed game the developer is keen to go the extra steps to make the game work for all the players.

It took me a while and more than one deletion to understand the charm in this game and the main reason I would download it is the contact the seemed above and beyond what other games seem to do at least from what I see sure if you spend tons of cash you’ll here from the developers but I spent very little and the attention was still there. Each time I deleted it I had a twinge of guilt that i was letting someone down so whenever I could not find something new this game was sitting in my head and finally I understand this game and enjoy it very much.

IIITHUNDERIII, Wrong way!!!!!Addition.I understand the need for card adjustments, it is needed ina game so that it does not become stale by seeing the same cards over and over match after match. But in the case like the yeti where you took it from the bouncy boss it once was to a basically useless dps with lots of health it eliminated it from being a viable card to use at all. Why did you remove the ability to keep the damage until he end of his turn? It’s still there for the barbarian, you even removed it from the description of his power!? I grind this game, I don’t spend money so it makes me very glad I don’t because if I spent money on a lineup I like but you change the toons around to make my cards no good anymore I at least only lost time not my hard earned money.

How about if a card is too powerful maybe bring the other cards to that level rather than bringing he good cards down a peg? I was very close to spending money but things like this remind me why I don’t. You nerfed the zombie, and buffed the wraith? Wraith should not be able to wipe an entire team with one shot, no other toon can do that. And then you gave him more health and damage what was your thinking behind that? That buff only helps the few people who are lucky with orbs or spend LOTS of gold. Good job only helping out some people and screw the rest of us who have to face him.

Was 4 stars now 3. Developer Response,Hi, thanks for the ideas:)We are reviewing progress pace and rewards, changes will be made soon. We also perform regular balance updates, Wraith is being watched very closely. Ferasoh, Add more featuresIt is an incredible game.

I would like to see some good featrues in the coming updates such as viewing other players’ owned cards. Also, Balancing the opponent of the training. Sometimes, the opponent training is very higher level than me. The computer is smashing hardly with three smashes at least in a turn it kills the training because I need to practice the abilities of my heroes and their performance.

At least, make the true players in the training receive NO DAMAGE to get more time for practicing.Also, the orbs or chests that I get it takes a long time to wait to be opened and I want to play more games but I am afraid of missing rare orbs “chests” while waiting the other orbs to be ready for opening and receiving my rewards. Moreover, the rewards of a common orbs are very low, I know I should play more to get more rewards but when account and check the games that you played/won you will notice that is not worth to miss the chests to get gold.Finally, I like this game so much.

Thank you for making this game Jelly you are really smart at making games. Dragons talk, I WOULD LOVE TO SEE JELLYJelly this game is the best I watch every one of your videos and I would love to see more golf it ❤️golf❤️ but the game I like it and your funny and “I think your better then Josh I wish I could subscribe but my phone will not allow me to 😭 so I WISH on any of your videos you get over 100,000 👍🏻 AND NO 👎🏻 so please more videos and some more games like a jelly YouTuber game were you upgrade your room #jelly’s room and you create videos then each time you get a like Jelly gets a 👍🏻or something like that you know what I mean. Chase dann 35, Jelly Inc l:MUST READ!!!Hey jelly you have to update it it has some kinks here and there but everything else is perfect and this game is so addictive, fun, hard, and endless and this game is pretty popular right now but i really sad to say this but it will get old in about 5 months to a year, i know so sad😭 but when it does get old and everyone hates it then please make more fun games for us and i will 5 rate it every time!!!You make great vids and keep up the great work, your my favorite Youtuber!!! Jelly logo pictures. # SUBSCRIBE and Give A LIKE. Keep on making game I am forward to be playing the games you are making.:From your fan Cirilo LunaI love your game 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟.

It’s funny and addicted. It lets me want to play more. I hope that you guys make it more better than now and DON NOT lose the original game try just to make it more funnier and perfect. Thank you for your INCREDIBLE GAME.