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The sequel to the hit found-phone horror game, SIMULACRA. This time, with the help of police resources you have to solve the death of a young influencer by restoring and looking through her phone.

SIMULACRA 2Memory: 4 GBGraphics: GeForce 8800 GTOS: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64bit)Processor: Intel Core i3Storage: 16 GBCategory: SimulatorYear: Two thousand twentyGenres: Indie, SimulatorVersion: Last (Newest)Publisher: Kaigan GamesSIMULACRA 2 screenshots:Download SIMULACRA 2 pc torrent for free. SIMULACRA 2 – the second part of the famous horror simulator, which is ready to pamper you in a horrific series of events. You have to take on the role of professionals is an avid detective who, in whatever it was, ready to reveal one of the most frightening tasks of your life. You have three suspects and none of them wants to admit it, but applying your talent you will be able to manage even the most difficult task. Tests will be the lot of every kind of dangerous.

The victim has already taken your life, but to this day still sends video and messages. What mystery lies behind the crime and who is behind the mask killer? For these and many other questions you have to answer. In your hands the victim's phone and that he will help you come to the final story. Of the features of the game is that you are given a choice between the main characters, where you can take on the role of a brave journalist, or becoming a professional investigator. The plot is difficult and has a lot of branches, so will develop as you see fit, the important thing is to always be prepared for unexpected turns of events. On this page you can download the game SIMULACRA 2 torrent free on a PC.

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StoryThe game has a plot is like a horror movie As well as part 1 of the game Simulacra 2 also follows the trail of a woman via her mobile phone. You will become a famous detective in the police force. Your main task is to find the culprit who killed Maya.

Maya is a young girl and is mysteriously killed. The scene is full of suspicious but very vague evidence.Simulacra 2 also has no narrator, however, it still does a good job of conveying the content of the game. The absence of a narrator makes you have to figure out everything by yourself. This makes you feel this game is much more authentic.To find out what happened, players must do everything through their mobile phones. You have to use your phone to contact the people involved, snooping on her social networks and her friends, searching for evidence through videos. Besides, you must use it to record conversations, interviews, and notes necessary to solve the case. About WARDENWARDEN is the application available on your phone.

It allows you to save and record the necessary information. Moreover, this application also allows you to recover data that has been corrupted or access to other important accounts. This will enable you to discover the true culprit of the case.

Tap on the little hover in the unit you wish to influence to open up the details screen for that unit. Bounty train map. Tap on the little hover in the unit you wish to influence to open up the details screen for that unit. At that point utilize this key to influence that detail. At that point utilize this key to influence that detail. You may need to leave and returned to this detail screen to see it has changed.Numpad 8: Add Willpower – ensure you have utilized the Capture Unit choice at any rate ONCE.

You can use WARDEN to unlock secrets or information that others store on the internet. These can be important points to help you become a great detective and solve this difficult case. Horror turned into an obsessionDifferent from other horror games and become another detective, Simulacra 2 has a scary and scary color. If you are a fan of horror movies then this is the perfect game for you.

Unrealistic images do not make it impossible for you to know what is happening, but they bring a creepy feeling.Sometimes you will encounter strange videos with images of ghosts or someone. You need to determine whether they are real or fake to solve this case in the right direction. The main color of the game is pink, but the black that comes with it is what makes you scared. Blurry images and jittery videos are the focus of this game. And you have to watch lots of pictures and videos to analyze what’s going on.The scary thing in this game is that you have to look at those details to understand the story and complete the case. Because you have to constantly observe and focus on these gruesome images, it is very difficult for you to exit this game after you have turned off your phone.

Spooky soundWhat makes this game even more creepy is the mysterious and horror sounds. The sounds in Simulacra are always hustling and full of mystery.

You will feel like watching a horror movie during the game. The sound is quite authentic with the interview was filmed outside the street. Moreover, the videos full of haunting makes you creepy with a spooky sound. Free mod version for a true experienceWith great images and great experience, it’s no surprise this game charges to install on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

The experience of Simularca 2 is truly amazing. Players like living in the world of this game and solve everything on the simulation phone.Because of the complexity of the game and the excellent quality of the game, you have to pay a fee to be able to install Simulacra 2 on your mobile device. However, with the mod here, you do not need to spend any fee. Just enjoy the game for free! SummaryWith honest and high-quality images, well-invested scary horror videos, Simulacra 2 has brought great experiences for horror and scary lovers. Simulacra 2 has successfully built a scary and scary game.


Players will sometimes be obsessed with in-game images if they spend too much time on the game. The way that Simularca 2 brings is different from many horror games in the genre. Not only does it bring horrible scenes, but it also turns your phone into an in-game phone and you use it as if you were breaking a murder.

Please download the game via the link below.Besides, If you are a fan of horror games, you should try. Download Simulacra 2 2.4.1065.350 (MOD, Paid).