Shadow Kings Dark Age

Thwart attacks from the dark empire and create a legendary kingdom. Play Shadow Kings: Dark Ages free online!

Join forces with dwarves and elves to push back the forces of evil Turn your humble town into a mighty fortress Sign up with an alliance and fight for world domination together These are troubled times indeed. The forces of evil have breached the boundaries between worlds and poured into the once beautiful realm. Join forces with dwarves and elves to push back these creatures of darkness. Collect resources and use them to turn your humble town into a mighty fortress and recruit a massive army. Band with other players by signing up with an alliance and fight for world domination together! Sounds exciting? Well, take up the mantle of a city lord and establish your own city in Shadow Kings: Dark Ages today!

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To start, you should definitely lay the economic foundations of your city. After all, you cannot be the lord of a city if you don’t have a city (due to lack of resources and funds) in the first place! There are 4 major resources that you’ll need to pay attention to; they are: wood, stone, food and coins. You can obtain wood, stone and food from woodcutters, stone quarries and farms you’ve built in your city respectively. For coins, you can collect them from the many houses you’ve built for your citizens to live in, in the form of taxes. To boost your resource production, you can upgrade your various resource-producing buildings.


However, do take note that you can only build or upgrade 1 building at a time and you aren’t allowed to queue up construction jobs either. If you have the real or premium cash to spare, you can purchase additional building slots so you can develop your city a lot faster. Your city’s productivity (which refers to the speed at which you produce resources and recruit various units) can also be increased by boosting the happiness level of your people.

Happiness can in turn be increased by placing beautiful decorations around your city as well as improving your city’s fortifications. Be wary of events that will decrease your citizens’ happiness level, such as successful invasions, and building more houses, and do try to steer clear of them! And now, for the militaristic side of things, you’ll first need to set up your barracks. Once done, you’ll gain access to the military tab whereby you can enlist trained soldiers into your army. Similar to some MMO strategy games, your troops in Shadow Kings: Dark Ages can be separated into 2 groups, namely attackers and defenders.

Naturally, attackers are only good for offensive purposes while defenders are only suitable for defensive maneuvers. The game offers 5 types of units per group that you can unlock as you level up, and you can recruit up to 2 different types of units at a time (unlike the 1 construction slot that you’ve given).

Interestingly, you can supplement your army with helpful tools that are crafted at the military workshop. These tools are similarly separated into attack and defend tools, so be sure to use them correctly depending on the situation. These tools provide special bonuses that are important factors in determining the outcome of a battle to your army. Don’t forget about joining an alliance as well, as it is an important feature which allows you to receive (or, when you’re stronger, provide) the much needed military and economic support to grow your empire.

All in all, Shadow Kings: Dark Ages is a fun-to-play MMORTS game whereby you’re fighting for the good side against the forces of evil. Establish a great and wealthy nation. Train up a formidable army consisting of units from 3 different factions (men, elves and dwarfs) and send them out to reclaim the land from the darkness. Be the ultimate city lord in Shadow Kings: Dark Ages today!

There is a new game from the publisher Goodgame, that provides many successful titles such as or.In this new strategy game we will transfer to a fantasy world where you join wild dwarves and elves against the forces of evil. Dark force is supported by orcs, goblins and trolls.You will begin gradually, first it is necessary to build a village that can sustain its people and to collect taxes from them. For those you'll be able to build a huge army that can conquer new territory and get respect for your village.In addition, you will also be able to play with your friends by forming an alliance. The team will be more powerful, which means big trouble for the enemies.So show who is the most powerful in this country.