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Introduced new public memory segments feature. Now you can mark some of your memory segments as public, and other players will have read-only access to them using API. Added RawMemory.foreignSegment property. Added RawMemory.setActiveForeignSegment method. Added RawMemory.setPublicSegments method. Added RawMemory.setDefaultPublicSegment method. Added console warnings to deprecated methods Structure.transfer, Structure.transferEnergy, PathFinder.use, and FINDDROPPEDENERGY constant.

These methods will be removed from the API in one of the next updates.These changes are supported in private server v2.7.0. Going to another technical interview and want to show your Screeps skills as a proof? Uses Screeps as a key part of their recruitment process.

Anna Baumeister explains how Screeps is useful for their business:We started using Screeps as a means of technical evaluation end of last year. Since then, our business has been thriving and our use of Screeps as a test has become more visible.In order to understand why we chose your game as a key part of our recruitment process, it’s important to understand a little bit about fleetster. We are a small startup in Munich, Germany, working with the latest JS tech - Node, Ember, React, React-native, TypeScript etc. Our business is lean and our process is agile which means specifications are changing all the time.Screeps is useful because it throws candidates into an unknown environment where the number of “right” solutions are very numerous. They have to get their bearings and make a pl an of action whilst dealing with unexpected outside interference (other players). We hope you won’t mind our presence in the main game world, but we find the huge scope of the main world helps to further intimidate candidates.

The Screeps team is looking for a talented Angular developer to work on the game code base. We have a huge number of development plans, and if you want to be a part of their implementation, we’re waiting for your resume by one of the following links. Simulation mode. In this mode your script runs not on the server, but locally on your machine, so that you can pause and debug it.

We need people who can take on complex challenges head on and realize that most often the solutions are simple and accessible.— Anna Baumeister, Management Assistant at fleetster. Energycost = resourcesamount.

(1 - Math.exp(-range / 30)). Introduced new StructureTerminal.cooldown feature. It is triggered on both StructureTerminal.send and methods and is equal to 10 ticks regardless of the transaction size and range. Methods will return ERRTIRED code if the cooldown is active. New TERMINALCOOLDOWN constant is added. Removed non-intuitive behavior of auto-attacking objects on Creep.move.

This fixes an exploit of doing attack and heal simultaneously which is prohibited. Runtime virtual machine now uses breakOnSigint feature. CPU limit reached error messages have three types now:.

Script execution timed out - when the soft timeout is fired. Script execution has been interrupted - when SIGINT signal received.

Script execution has been interrupted with a hard reset - when SIGKILL signal received (runtime process restart).These differences are mostly for informational purposes and don’t affect anything currently. Changed boost effects of UO, UHO2, XUHO2 according to the documentation.These changes are supported in private server v2.6.0. The Screeps Team is looking for an enthusiast who is willing to make our community a better place. Your responsibilities will be: working with the players community representing the Screeps Team and with the Screeps Team representing the players community.This is a remote paid part-time job position on the hourly basis (using time tracking software).We want you to join us if:. You are an experienced Screeps player and active community member. You have excellent communication skills (in English). You have good organizational and information structuring skills.

You are able to read a lot of discussions, extract the essence from them and explain in 3 sentences. You have past experience working as a moderator or community manager in some other project.

You are more interested in making Screeps a better game rather than making money.If this describes you, please email your resume to. Don’t forget to specify your Screeps nickname and experience, and your desired hourly rate.

Great news: we've launched a new documentation site!Quality documentation and API reference are crucial for the success of any program platform, and Screeps can well be considered a program platform. That's why we spent so much time to thoroughly document all available game objects and methods which was not very convenient on top of Zendesk Help Center. Now we are excited to announce the launch of our new documentation site that you can start using right now!Here is the link:Besides revamped looks and improved desktop and mobile navigation, the new site boasts another feature: it is fully open-source and GitHub-based. This means you can always offer a fix or suggestion.And that's not all! We understand that Screeps is a game with a steep learning curve, and good documentation helps make it flatter.

If you want to help us document the game well, we are ready to thank you in return. Introduced new kind of world map zones: Respawn Areas. Respawn Areas are highlighted with blue color on the world map.

They are isolated from the rest of the world with a wall. The wall has a timer similar to Novice Areas. Any player can place the first spawn in this area, but nobody can come here from the outside world while the timer is up. The only restriction in Respawn Area is nukes usage - a nuke cannot be launched from or to a room in a Respawn Area. Players with GCL 4 or higher are no longer able to start playing in Novice Areas. They have to either respawn in a regular room or in a room within a Respawn Area that will keep them safe for a while and allow to claim as many rooms as their GCL allows. Memory segmentsIntroduced new memory segments feature:.

You can have up to 10 MB of additional memory by activating asynchronous memory segments. Each memory segment is a string with an ID from 0 to 99. Maximum segment data length is 100 KB. Segments are asynchronous, you should request them using. The data will be available on the next tick. You cannot have more than 10 segments active at the same time.

Active segments are available in object and are saved automatically. Activating and saving segments have no added CPU cost.Example. We introduced an exciting new major feature - RoomVisual API. Now you can draw simple shapes (lines, circles, rectangles, polygons, text labels) right at the game field in any room to debug your code and/or display arbitrary info. For example, you can visualize your creep path (using the new visualizePathStyle move option), plan your future structures placement, display debugging text messages including Unicode emoji, and many more. These visuals are visible only to you, and all API calls have no added CPU cost.

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Screeps Documentation

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