Pocket Planes Aeroeagle

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Aeroeagle SeriesMore infoLevel Unlocked16Class2Capacity (P/C)6Capacity (M)3 P, 3 CRange (miles)2,000Speed (mph)220Weight (tons)6.0The Aeroeagle is a medium-sized jet plane unlocked at level 16 that has 6 cargo/passenger slots. The aircraft is probably the most efficient jet in the game due to its high capacity, low speed (compared to a ), and transatlantic capabilities. With the carbon fiber fully upgraded it can make a profit of 10,825 coins on a single flight from Tokyo to Honolulu in just 2 hours. Buy an Aeroeagle instead of a Pearjet because of its higher capacity, better range, and cheaper price, turning into better profit.It is based on the Dassault Falcon 900C and Falcon 50.Costs: 13 per partTo Build: 13 to build = 52 totalTo Buy: 78To Upgrade: 13 per upgrade (total of 9 upgrades available)Upgrades TypeBaseLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5Level 6Level 7Level 8Level 9Range(miles)2,0002,1002,2002,3002,4002,5002,600Speed(mph)53Weight(tons) all fuel upgrades, it can make New York-London. With only 5% fuel upgrade, it can make Boston-Madrid. This is probably the best class 2 trans- atlantic route.

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Every level yields 1 airport and 3 bux. Somewhere in the teen levels you start getting planes every other level.After the Birchcraft is the Pearjet, then followed by the Aeroeagle. I don't know if the helicopters are a higher level unlock or unique to the 'flight crew' challenges. (the casablanca challenge offered up Huey parts for example)I'm level 18 atm, so much beyond that i'm unsure. Haven't found any parts i don't already have unlocked by buying the class 3 airports (red) or class 2 (blue) either, they just save you a few bux if your going to make a plane.