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With PlanetBase Cheats you can select any bot you want, and if they are damaged, you can heal them to maximum and get them maximum integrity. Go from a simple base with a few people, to a giant Planetbase with thousand of colonists. Planetbase is the latest hit on Steam. Here's a Beginner's guide showcasing tips and tricks on crew, needs, resource, base's basic and many other things.

Creating a new mod

Creating mods using the framework is fairly easy and straightforward. To start off, extend the 'ModBase' class and implement the abstract properties. Any class extending ModBase and placed in the PlanetbaseMods folder will be autoloaded on launch.

Providing functionality

There are two ways to have code called. Override the Init method, or the Update method. The init method is ran one time, extremely early in it game's life. The update method is called repeatedly throughout the game. It is independent of the game state, meaning that code placed in the Update loop will be ran even when the actual 'game' isn't playing (i.e. in menus) Be aware that blocking code here will block the entire game, potentially freezing it.

Features available to modders


Any files in [Modname]assetspng, [Modname]assetsobj, [Modname]assetsstrings will be loaded into the ModTextures, ModObjects, and the global string dictionary. They can be accessed with [list].find(x =>'<filename.extention>')). Strings files use the same format as the native game. See the workshop for an example, or Click here for an example.

ModBase variables

BasePath, ModPath, and ModName provide information on the path of the Planetbase folder, PlanetbaseMod folder, and the name of the mod.

Adding buttons to the title menu

To add a new button to the title menu, extend the TitleButton class. Override the HandleAction method to handle button clicks. Instantiating an instance of the TitleMenu class will auto-register it to be displayed. The name of the button is automatically translated. Click here for an example.

Adding new gamestates

To add a new gamestate (such as a new screen, similar to Mod List), extend the GameState class. To activate the state, call GameManager.getInstance().setNewState(new ()). onGui can be overridden to draw on the screen. Click here for an example

Debug log

The debug log, located in the Planetbase folder, contains extensive information on issues that arise while the game is running.

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Loaded mod list

All found mods are loaded into Modloader.ModList at the launch of the game. A list of mods matching a given type can be found with Modloader.GetModByType(Type).

Disable mod loading

Putting a ModLoaderIgnoreAttribute attribute on a class extending ModBase will cause it not to be loaded, even if it is public and not abstract. This is useful if your mod dynamically generates other mods at runtime (like the XML Modloader mod)

Object loading

OBJ and MTL files can be dynamically loaded into gameobjects at runtime. To load an obj (that isn't already in ModBase.ModObjects), call ObjLoader.LoadOBJFile(filename, texturelist). This will autoload the OBJ, generate a mesh, and load any related materials.

New buildings (ModuleTypes)

To create a new building, extend the BaseModuleType class (or the ModuleType class, not typically recommended). Provide a texture for the menu icon, and a list of gameobject in an array from small to large. OVerride the calculateCost method to set the required resources (metal, starch, etc.). To add the new building into the game, call TypeList<ModuleType, ModuleTypeList>.getInstance().add(new ()).

Utils class

The utils class is a static class for miscellaneous functions that (I think) will be useful to modders. It contains features ranging from exceptioni logging to texture loading. See the class for more details. Transport giant manual. Two methods of note are the GetObjectPropertyValues and the LogException methods, as they are extremely useful for debugging.

New technologies

New technologies are fairly easy to implement. Simply extend the Planetbase.Technology class, and then register it with TypeList<Tech, TechList>.getInstance().add(newTech). New technologies must be registered any moduletypes tied to them are registered.

Feature request

To request new features, please create a new issue on GitHub (this project).

Table of contents:

Notable mods:

  • XML Modloader - solidDoWant - Allows for dynamically generating, compiling, and executing mods at runtime, generated from XML files. Allows for rapid creating and testing of new mods, with a slightly reduced feature set. -

Contact info

To get in contact with me, create an issue, add me on Steam, or message me on Discord. I will be most responsive to Steam messages (as I get notifications as soon as they're sent).


  • solidDoWant - creator of the framework (me). All code, unless otherwise noted, was written by me.
  • XandrMoro - Helped me consistently over the last couple of years. Provided great feedback and lots of help when I've gotten stuck. Without him, I wouldn't have gotten this project even to it's current state.
  • Various - Some code, as noted, has been written or strongly based off of other people's code. Most notable is the object loader, which was mostly written by AARO4130 (!/content/49547)
  • Discord (Game Dev League) - Thanks to everybody in general, great community for both Unity and C# info. Special thanks to @Eszett, @CruS, @Daedalus, @Josfe, @Aphelion, and @pantsman523 for who's answers directly impacted my development.
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