Phantasmagoria Of Flower View Final Boss

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♪ The mound where the flower is reflected Mystia #50@140Drinking raw water - breaking tummy ♪ Drinking a lake Mikura ♪ #50@140What is it? Cirno enters Boss title Cirno #50@170Did you mean: 騒がしいのがやって来た。 The noisy came here. Mystia #50@171Perhaps a fairy?My song is in order to call on humans!

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(Orignal tracks are gonna be higher on the list while the ones that ZUN copy and pasted from IN are lower).Lunatic Eyes Invisible Full Moon: Barely any changes noted so I won't count.Ghostly Band Phantom Ensemble: Barely any changes noted so I won't count.Mystic Oriental Dream Ancient Temple: The first version of the song I heard, still prefer PCB.Deaf to All But the Song Flower Mix: A much eviler take on this song. Isn't this supposed to be the bright colorful game?.Gensokyo Past and Present Flowe Land: Ok so I hate this song. Well, hate is a strong word but I just never thought it fit Yuuka.

Inanimate dream? Hell ya, that was perfect Yuuka.

At least ZUN was kind enough to give her a decent design.Mound of Life: Just a bland track with nothing much to contribute to the game.Flower of Soul Another Dream: Never listened to it enough to be considered a favorite. An understatement compared to last game.Leave Flowers in Fantasy: Something reasonable enough for me to play on the piano perhaps?

A quiet ending to a quiet game.The Mound Where the Flowers Reflect: A pretty piece but never grabbed my attention that much.Judgment in the Sixtieth Year Fate of Sixty Years: Used to love this arrangement but for some reason now I've lost interest in it. Almost to bland for a freaking final boss!.Poison Body Forsaken Doll: Used to hate this song but all the sudden I listen to it and like, it's amazing! Like the roles of 9 and 10 switched.Flowering Night: Sakuya needs new themes - 10.5 is better for Flowering Night but I can still hear. Not Night of Nights!.Oriental Dark Flight: A good theme just not fitting for Marisa's bright personality.Spring Lane Colorful Path: Same thing with Marisa. Only Youmu and Cirno's theme really fit properly.

Still, good music though!.Kaeidzuka Higan Retour: A pretty menu theme for a pretty game.Adventures of the Lovestruck Tomboy: Almost better than Cirno's EoSD theme, it represents the playful fairy in every way.Lord USA's Elemental Flag: Thought it was actually USA at first but it's some kind of God I think. The menu theme for a mobile fan game I own.Higan Retour Riverside View: Komachi's theme has always been a fun one to me! Like Meiling's themes, it doesn't' focus on her laziness but shows what she can do when she feels like it.Best Theme. Wind God Girl: A bit generic but my second favorite character is Aya Shameimaru and her theme was the third non-remix track I heard from Touhou.

My unpopular choice was Sixty Years for this one so let me have this Reddit.Shoot the Bullet! (Skipping the Wind God Girl arrangement since it's basically the same thing as PoFV's. Will add commentary at 25 upvotes or 15 comments).Wind Circulation Wind Tour.Tengu is Watching Black Eyes.Tengu's Notebook Mysterious Note.Retrospective KyotoBest Theme: Sleepless Night of the Eastern Country. 19: Lunatic Eyes Invisible Full Moon (It is actually just the same as IN, but worse as some of the backing instruments appear to be missing.)18: Phantom Band Phantom Ensemble (Very slightly lower in pitch than in PCB, but the ZUNpets are also a little more muted compared to the original and that is a crime.)17: The Mound Where the Flowers Reflect (Pounding, aggressive drums do not fit a couple girls having a conversation about some stupid flowers.

It also sometimes feels like the main instrument is almost out of time. It's an odd choice for just a conversation theme and I'm not all that much a fan.)16: Mound of Shigan (Even ZUN calls it out for just being an extremely short loop of music. Serviceable.)15: The Flowers Remain in Fantasy (PoFV has the largest number of forgettable songs out of the entire mainline series for me. It even sounds like the harpsichord plays a wrong note at one point. The whole game is filled with hits and misses.)14: Flower of Soul Another Dream.

(If you told me this was a character theme, I would believe you even today. A strange choice for the staff roll to be so upbeat, but it's an alright piece.)13: Flower Reflecting Mound Higan Retour (It has the makings of a fantastic title, but the primary instrument, the piano, being so plain and out of place just ruins it for me.)12: Eastern Ghostly Dream Ancient Temple (I love this song too much to put it lower. A different take on the PCB version, with more pronounced background instruments and different primary instruments. Just a different version of a track I love.)11: Deaf to All but the Song Flower Mix (Out of all of the repeat themes, this one got more than just some detail changes. It feels like a more complete piece with the addition of a key change section and I still enjoy the song despite the differences. I prefer the IN version, but this is still good.)10: Poison Doll Forsaken Doll (We have reached the cutoff for hits.

A theme all about the aggression of someone forgotten by the rest of the world. I deploy my usual excuse of 'it slaps'.)9: White Flag of Usa Shrine (The only playable instance of Tewi ever, and she gets a theme befitting of her. Light and aloof, with maybe a little air of royalty in the later sections. (I'm basically talking out of my ass for every list I make don't worry) I also, again, remember this theme more thanks to.)8: Gensokyo, Past and Present Flower Land (I'm surprised people dislike this one so much. In its own right I find it to be a good theme for a frantic, but sophisticated fight. But is it a theme befitting Yuuka? Sleeping Terror and Faint Dream Inanimate Dream slam it and hit it with a couple Master Sparks for good measure.)7: Flowering Night (Ignoring COOL&CREATE's generous contribution to the world of meme culture, this theme is an easy replacement to Luna Dial.

The ZUN original may not be that high in my rankings, but it is a timeless (heh) song.)6: Oriental Dark Flight (Compared to other Marisa themes, it is a little more reserved. This piece, however, nails the western witch theme perfectly.

I adore the darker tone and the percussion. Something something slaps)5: Adventures of the Lovestruck Tomboy (The perfect Cirno theme, and easy pick out of the two. I may also be a little biased as this song was my initial Touhou exposure.

Years before I discovered the difference between yukkuri and sukusuku, this was my U.N. Owen Was Her?: a Touhou song you like without knowing who made it or where it came from. Took me a few years and a load of Toho Eurobeat to get into the series proper, but I remember the YouTube rip of this song being on my iPod for quite some time.)4: Higan Retour Riverside View (A grand showdown against the penultimate boss. This and the next song are the highlights of the PoFV instruments.)3: Eastern Judgement in the Sixtieth Year Fate of Sixty Years (The first in a line of extremely long (relatively) and grand final boss themes. Considering the nature of the incident, this theme has no right to be as distressing as it is; but considering that you are 1v1ing a judge of the dead it is deserved.

Simply fantastic.)2: Wind God Girl (I consider this theme to match the character it belongs to harder than any other song in the series. Bursting from the seams with energy and a sense of high-flying adventure, it is Aya incarnate. This will later be referenced in my bias towards the soundtrack for 9.5 so hold onto your butts.)1: Spring Lane Colorful Path (While many of Reimu's themes are full of energy and power befitting the Hakurei miko, this one, I feel, matches Reimu's personality and desires the most. Compared to her other themes, it has almost a feeling of reluctance to it. Another incident that must be solved by the Red White, so she must soldier on to fix it no matter how she feels. The constant percussion giving that sense of a march while the melody gives you the drive to continue forward.

Operation 7 softnyx. Click 'Yes' to confirm the uninstallation.How do I uninstall Operation 7 in Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000?. . Click on 'Operation 7', then click 'Remove/Uninstall.' Click 'Start'.

I could easily see this as a stage theme, but as a theme for Reimu, it's perfect and is my top pick out of all of her themes.)now to gush about 9.5 oh boy i can't wait to rant about this stupid 20 minute long soundtrack6: Tengu's Notebook Mysterious Note (To preface this list, I have to admit that I am hyper biased towards this game. I could listen to this ost for hours and I'm still infatuated after all these years. 9.5 was the second game I played and, despite getting annihilated, I soldiered through and played it all. This soundtrack holds a special place among everything Touhou has to offer and this title is the intro to it all. The reserved piano and the rain-like noise leading into the harpsichord, beautiful.)5: Retrospective Kyoto (While many would put this at their top, I find this the weakest appeal to my awful tastes. A speedy melody with instruments that are more reserved compared to the other Photo Themes, but it's still fantastic.)4: Tengu Is Watching Black Eyes (A perfect theme to accompany the ramping difficulty The percussion appeals to me greatly.

'slaps'.)3:Wind Circulation Wind Tour (Here we have the intro proper to Aya's adventure in getting shot to death. The frantic piano and ZUNpet combo along with whatever that synth is called just gets me pumped every time.)2: Wind God Girl (As stated above, this is a theme to blast while flying high in the sky. A theme that perfectly matches our (mostly) Pure and Honest Shameimaru.)1: Sleepless Night of the Eastern Country (Remember what I said about ZUNpets and pianos? This theme right here is tied with Eternal Transient Reign for my favorite song ZUN has ever made. ZUN's music has an ability to give energy, will, and a sense of drive that's almost magical (I'm talking out my ass again). Both themes mentioned have only one direction in mind: forward; a strive to beat the challenge before you and win. Then ZUN placed this track right before the end while slotting another track in front of it and ruining my analogy.

Then ZUN apologized by remixing this track in Magical Astronomy and making me want to blow my ears apart listening to it on high quality surround sound at full blast.)also wow writing out these lists is excellent for both typing praictice and attempting to organize my thoughts.