Papa Pear Saga Level 1039

Carambolas and chain reactions:Papa Pear Saga has the spirit of its predecessors: animated and colorful graphics, lots of chaos and fun in abundance. The more than 100 levels available to Papa Pear Saga ensure that you spend hours in front of your mobile screen playing non-stop and that a simple a priori idea becomes a fun experience.What is Papa Pear Saga? In each level you have a certain number of balls, or Papa Pears, that you have to throw so that it bounces against the elements that appear on the screen, giving you more points if chain reactions are created. In addition, the objectives in Papa Pear Saga can change, adding new options like putting the balls in a specific hole or eliminating certain elements. Simple and fun:Papa Pear Saga complies with what is required of a mobile game: that it is easy to play, that it is fun and that it never ends (100 levels give a lot).An idea as simple as throwing balls and see how they bounce and you get points by filling the scoring tube can be funny, but in this case, it works very well. In addition, the aids and the variety of characters that appear in Papa Pear Saga are an addition to a very pleasant experience. Danger, hooks:Although I have resisted playing Candy Crash Saga, I have fallen into the Papa Pear Saga networks. Luckily, you do not depend so much on micropayments, so you can have fun up to a certain level without using your credit card.On the other hand, you can compare your points with those of your friends through Facebook, which adds an element of competition to the game, which in itself is very fun. How to get free boosters to overcome the levels?One of the most useful option of papa pear saga is its boosters, enhancers that will make you get more score, that your Papa Pears are doubled or that they are more powerful, among other improvements.The quick way to get the boosters is to pay for them, but today we are going to tell you how to get boosters for free. In addition, we will give you some papa pear saga strategies to get the most out of them. Addictive. Funny and funny graphics.

Papa Pear Saga Level 1031 NO BOOSTERS (14/15 papas), download mp3 youtube, nhac mp3 youtube. THE PAPA PEAR SAGA GUIDE CHEAT Collection of Papa Pear Saga Cheat Level 100 Pages. Home; User Agreement and Disclaimer; Saturday, January 31, 2015. Papa Pear Saga Level 118. Posted by Unknown at 5:42 PM 1 comment: Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest.

More than 100 levels available. Easy to play. Bonuses and constant combos. Ranking of pointsPapa pear saga boosters: Multiplier pin:Effect: This pin multiplies by x2 the score you are getting in the game. If you get another pin in the same game multiply x3 and so on.How to get it for free: Unlocked from Level 2. A Multiplier pin is generated every time you eliminate all the pins of a type in a game; for example, if you delete all the carrots or all the acorns from a screen.Ideal for  All those levels in which a certain score is required to advance. That is, in almost everyone. Double Pin:Effect: By using this booster, the Papa Pear that is active at that moment is duplicated. This means more rebounds, more chances of getting points and successfully finishing the levelHow to get it for free: Unlocked from Level 7. A Double Pin is generated each time a Papa Pear bounces 5 times on the edge of the same cube.Ideal for  Levels, where you have to eliminate many pins because this way you’ll get it before and wasting fewer Papa Pear, run.

Super marksmanship (“Super Aim”):Effect: When you activate it, it will make your Papa Pear runs more accurate, as it shows its trajectory in more detail.How to get it for free: Unlocked from level 9. Harvest moon 3ds the lost valley walkthrough. There is no fixed way, one of these boosters will be generated in some levels.Ideal for  Levels with many obstacles in which it is difficult to hit the shot and in which you have a specific goal, such as putting the fruits in the cubes or waking them up. Big pin (“Big Pin”):Effect: Active Papa Pear is transformed into a much larger version, so it bounces with more objects at once and generates more damage.How to get it for free: Unlocked from level 11. You will get one each time a Papa Pear bounces 50 times before finishing his journey.Ideal for  Levels in which you must remove many objects to smooth the path of some fruit or access cubes. Papa of fire (“Papa Fire”):Effect: When you activate it, the next Papa Pear you cast will be on fire, which will make it get faster and destroy objects more easily.How to get it for free: Unlocked from level 12. You will get one each time a Papa Pear rushes into a closed cube and then falls in front.Ideal for  Destroy many objects in a short time.

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Illuminating Pin (“Light Up”):Effect: Wake one of the cubes that are not colored. The cube that is uncovered will be totally random.How to get it for free: Unlocked from level 15. You will get one when a Papa Pear bounces 7 times in a cube that is already illuminated.Ideal for  Levels in which the condition to win is to illuminate all the cubes. In fact, it will only be active at those levels. Granada (“Pomegranate”):Effect: Place it around a pin and it will explode this and all those around it.How to get it for free: Unlocked from level 17. There is no fixed way, one of these boosters will be generated on some levels.Ideal for  Levels in which it is difficult for you to access certain objects or you need to destroy a specific pin.