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Sasuke Uchiha was having a pretty shit day.

It all started.. When his older brother killed his entire family, in all honesty, but from his position, buried to the neck and incapable of moving after trying to pass his genin test, he had to admit that this day was in his top 5 worst.

Well.. Maybe top 10, there were those times when fangirls snuck into his clan compound.. And that one time where his shampoo dyed his hair green.. But I digress.

Back to his current thoughts, it was being a pretty shit day, and it all started..

-10AM, Training ground 7-


Sakura's screech sounded throughout the clearing, scaring off birds, deafening dogs and waking the dead. Our Whiny bitch.. I mean.. Avenger.. Winced at the absolute violation of his eardrums.

Meanwhile, the cause of said screech, a certain blue-eyed, blond-haired shinobi simply shrugged at the pinkette, seemingly unnaffected by her word-like sounds 'Sakura, has Kakashi-sensei made his presence known already?'

'Well, no, but..'

'Then I'm not late. Honestly he had us waiting for like, 3 hours yesterday, and you still came early?'

Sakura bristled before gearing up for another screech, causing Sasuke to wince and internally prepare himself for the sonic explosion, only to have it averted by Naruto pulling a cereal bar from his pocket, plopping himself down on the shade of a tree, opening his book and non-chalantly alternating between eating and reading.

Sakura and Sasuke simply goggled at his blatant disregard of their Sensei's instructions, and once again, as Sakura was gearing up for a scream, Naruto cut her off.

'He's not our Sensei yet, he only becomes our sensei if we pass the test, which means that he can't really give us orders yet. Plus, the no breakfast thing was a suggestion, at most an advice, it was not worded as an order. I mean, what kind of idiot tackles an unknown task in possibly enemy territory without properly feeding himself?'

Sakura blinked owlishly while Sasuke inwardly cursed at not noticing those things first, while at the same time asking himself when Naru- the Dobe 'Whew, I almost recognized him there' gained some measure of brains.

Averting any other question, Naruto tossed a cereal bar at each of his would-be teammates 'Eat up, we can't beat the test unless we're all at full strength, I'd wager.'

Sasuke eyed the offered food thoughtfuly, and before Sakura could scream at Naruto for disobeying or disregarding instructions he opened and bit into it. Sakura, ever the fangirl, decided that since Sasuke did it, she'd do it as well.

'Sasuke-kun looks good even while eating a cereal bar! Squeeeeeee!'

'Well Naruto looks pretty damn delectable as wel-.. Did you just say.. think.. whatever.. 'squeee' ?' was inner Sakura's response to the pinkette's surface thoughts.

After the honestly not at all healthy one person mental conversation, team 7 simply lounged around, with Naruto reading his book and powering through cereal bars like there's no tomorrow, Sasuke eyeing Naruto speculatively and Sakura's gaze shifting from heart-eyed on Sasuke to curious on Naruto.

Naruto simply pretended not to notice.

'Look at those cheeky brats' Kakashi thought 'Thinking that they don't need to follow a Jonin's advice. Well, it was fake advice, but it's the thought that counts!'

The cycloptic ninja was watching his would-be team from a tree, concealing his presence and watched the entire interaction between his team members 'Naruto's Academy results don't reflect his real intelligence at all.. And is that a book on Fuuinjutsu (sealing arts) ? This is gonna be so troublesome..'

-Nara clan grounds-

A simultaneous mass of sneezes erupted from all Nara males all throughout the village, before a chorus of mumbled 'troublesomes' reverberated through the walls. A certain Nara Shikamaru felt the urge to say 'Troublesome blondes' for no reason, but it'd be too troublesome to do so.

-Back to training ground 7-



Once again, Sasuke winced at Sakura's screech. The reason of it this time? Their Jounin sensei arrived 2 hours and 30 minutes late to their test.

Out of the corner of his eyes, he saw Naruto remove a pair of earplugs as he gingerly stood up to face Kakashi 'Motherfucker! He wears earplugs so he doesn't have to suffer from her screeches!.. I wish I had thought of that first.'

'Well, I helped an old lady cross the road, but then I met up with a black cat so I had to take the long way around.'


'So..' Naruto broke in 'What is our test going to be, Kakashi-sensei?'

Kakashi answered by pulling a pair of bells from his back pouch and tying them to his side one with some ninja wire 'I have two bells. Your objective is going to be taking at least one bell from me. The one without a bell by noon will be sent back to the academy. By the way, if you want to take the bells you'll have to come at me with the intent to kill.'

Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura quickly sobered up at that, focusing intently on the bells by Kakashi's side, before looking at eachother. Kakashi allowed them to have their dramatic staredown with a pair of inanimate objects because.. reasons, before calling out 'GO!'

Sasuke and Sakura jumped into the greenery around the clearing, trying to suppress their presence as much as possible 'Sasuke is hiding well for someone fresh out of the academy, a few chunin would have trouble noticing him. Sakura isn't all that bad either, but for all her supposed intelligence she didn't think to cover her bright pink hair. And Naruto..'

Was standing right in front of him, stretching his legs in a crouch.

'Well, aren't you going to try to hide like your little teammates?'

'You said to go at you as if we were trying to kill you. If I tried to kill you from the shadows Konoha would be down an elite shinobi.'

Kakashi's eye twitched at that declaration 'Well aren'tyou cocky? Just because you beat Mizuki doesn't mean you're on pair with me.'

Naruto sighed before speaking up 'I regularly prank chunin, jounin and ANBU alike, sneak into the ANBU HQ and even invade the Hyuga clan complex in bright orange. Do you think you could detect me in actually stealth-adequate clothing?' Kakashi frowned thoughtfuly at that, deciding to not underestimate the boy.

'Plus' Naruto said, before a massive, somewhat bloodthirsty grin overtook his face 'It's not everyday you can face Copy Ninja Kakashi in combat.'

Kakashi's eyes widened and only instincts honed by years of active duty allowed him to block the kick thrown to his torso, his arms placed in a cross guard. He responded by taking hold of Naruto's outstretched ankle and slamming him into the ground hard, raising a cloud of dust 'He's fast. I wasn't expecting him to move like that. Plus, he managed to pull out a Kawarimi at the last second before the impact. To pull off a replacement at that speed with so little preparation.. Impressive.'

Kakashi's arm somewhat blurred before a flick of his wrist threw a Kunai straight behind him, the moving form of Naruto tilting his head to the side in order to avoid it before sliding into a low sweep which Kakashi jumped over. The copy ninja retaliated by snapping a kick towards his face which Naruto blocked with his left forearm, his right hand flicking a shuriken towards Kakashi's eye. Kakashi used a Kawarimi at the last moment, trading places with a log.

The two stood back up, looking eachother in the eye before dashing towards the other, engaging in a fierce exchange of punches and kicks.

'Naruto's speed and taijutsu are at least chunin level already.. What the heck were the academy records people smoking when they emitted his?'

Kakashi managed to deflect one of Naruto's punches, responding by landing a solid hook on his cheek, sending him backwards..

Only to vanish into a cloud of smoke.

'He even knows and can use the Kage Bunshin! Now I really want to know what the academy folk were smoking.'

Kakashi's foot effortlessly snapped backwards, hitting Naruto in the throat before he once again turned into a cloud of smoke. Suddenly, ten Naruto's emerged from the folliage around him, tossing shuriken at him from all angles 'He wasn't bluffing about his stealth skills..'

He was preparing to deflect the Shuriken flying towards him before he witnessed all the Naruto's going through a particular chain of handseals 'Shuriken Kage bunshin no jutsu.. That's bad!'

'Uzumaki Naruto Style: Shuriken Kage Bunshin Barrage!'

Each of the naruto's threw 10 shuriken, which they multiplied by 10 each, meaning that 1000 shuriken were en route to turn Kakashi into swiss cheese. The copy ninja went through a few handseals of his own before seemingly being interrupted as the rain of metal skewered him.. Only for a log to appear in his place.

'I guess I'm gonna have to be a little serious' Kakashi's voice sounded out behind the original Naruto, causing the blond to instantly turn 180 degrees and jumping backwards to make distance, only to have to twist himself middair at the last second to avoid a punch to the back of the head by Kakashi. As soon as Naruto's feet touched the ground, another 10 clones emerged sealessly and smokelessly around him, taking the large amount of projectiles that kakashi had somehow sent from all around him, mimicking his barrage minus the numbers.

Naruto blurred again, appearing in front of Kakashi with a Kunai mid-slash only for Kakashi's own held blade to intercept his, sparks emerging at the clashing of metal. They traded blows, a few rips and tears appearing on Kakashi's clothes while a few gashes made themselves known on Naruto's arms and face. Naruto threw a few shuriken that Kakashi dodged, allowing them to fly into the treetops before re-engaging, locking their kunai together before Kakashi grasped Naruto's wrist and reared back his closed fist for a punch to the face only for the sound of whistling metal to come from behind him. He Kawarimi'd at the last second, the same pair of shuriken Naruto had previously thrown being the ones to impale the log.

'Managing to curve his thrown shuriken like that take some real skill. I am very impressed.' Were Kakashi's thoughts.

Naruto decided to impress him further, by going through another few handseals before calling out 'Wind style: Great Breakthrough!'

The wave of air hit Kakashi head-on, sending him flying through the air for a while before he righted himself and landed on his feet, retaliating by going through his own handseals 'Water Style: Water Bullets!'

The water projectiles were shot in a wide cone, peppering the environment around Naruto and shredding through treebark and blasting dirt away. Naruto Kawarimi'd with another of his hidden clones before his eyes lit up, and to Kakashi's surprise, jump into the greenery, erasing his presence.

The jounin narrowed his visible eye as he tried to keep track of the blond, but Naruto wasn't just blowing hot air about his hiding skills 'The dispersal of Kage bunshin, wind jutsu, the shuriken kage bunshins and constant kawarimi's filled the clearing with residual chakra. He's supressing his own chakra and at the same time covering himself in this cloud of residue. He is way too good for a fresh genin, I'll have to get answers from Hokage-sama.'

Kakashi's thought process was interrupted by a punch that he intercepted, before snapping out a quick kick at torso height to his attacker, throwing him against a tree. Feeling the hard blow connect cleanly, he looked back at his attacker only to see the form of Uchiha Sasuke struggling to get past his daze and the pain to stand and fight. He noticed Sasuke was obviously seething and impatient, why he didn't know.

-In the bushes, with Naruto-

Holy potatoes game. 'Nice, stage one of the plan was a success. Now that Sasuke saw how strong I am he'll try to push Kakashi as I did and get his ass handed to him, of that there's no doubt. All that's left is how to deal with Sakura..'

-Back to Kakashi-

Kakashi sighed inwardly. He was still apprehensive and running at a higher pace from his bout with Naruto, so he reflexively reacted at that strength without actually discerning his oponent. It was clear that despite being rookie of the year, Sasuke wasn't the best in his class. 'Still, he was moving at somewhat High-genin speeds, that's nothing to scoff at for his age and level.'

Then Kakashi did absolutely the worst thing he could at the moment. He opened his book, summarily disregarding Sasuke as a threat.

The Uchiha's hands twitched, his eyebrows suffering a set of seizures and you could almost see the froth at the corner of his mouth.

'He took the dobe seriously, but will fight me while reading a fucking book?'

Sasuke was kind of right for getting mad. Dick move Kakashi.


Sasuke decided then and there to give his best to Kakashi, throwing a cluster of shuriken only for the cyclops to jump over them. Sasuke's fingers twitched as he tugged on the wire attached to both the main shuriken and the secondary ones he threw in their shadows. The wire twisted itself around Kakashi, trapping him as Sasuke went through a slew of handseals 'Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Flames!'

The flames travelled down the wires, exploding once they reached their target. Sasuke's breathing returned to normal as he waited to see the result of his attack, only for Kakashi's voice to lazily sound beside him 'Nice move, kid.'

Sasuke jumped upwards, powering through handseals before he even turned around, twisting middair and focusing the remainder of his chakra on a single jutsu 'Fire style: Fire ball jutsu!'

A massive fireball emerged from his mouth, at least 10 meters in diameter, speeding towards Kakashi's form, before connecting with the ground with a large explosion which tossed him backwards. He managed to right himself mid-jump, breathing deeply as he had all but exhausted his chakra. He kept his eyes on the smoke, only to be surprised as he felt a pair of hands grabbing his ankles and dragging him into the ground, leaving him trapped up to his neck.

Which brings us back to the start.

'Kill Itachi, Kill Kakashi, Kill Naruto..'

Sasuke's thought process was disturbing, but nobody ever said he was mentally well-adjusted, right?

As Sasuke started his 10th mental list of people to kill, Naruto's voice made itself heard behind him 'Hey, Sasuke. How's it feel to become Kakashi's bitch?'

The sound of glass breaking coul almost literally beheard from within Sasuke's head as he worked himself into a blind fury. Something pulled him out of the earth, but he paid no attention to it, preferring to instead focus all of his resources on erasing Naruto permanently.

Naruto simply snickered inwardly 'Step 2, complete! Now all I need is a certain scarecrow..'

-30 seconds later-

The sounds of explosions could be heard as explosive tags detonated all around the clearing of training field 7. Sasuke was chasing after Naruto, tossing paper tag after paper tag at the blond via Kunai which somehow seemed to materialize into his hands whenever he needed them. Naruto simply kept jogging around the training field as he tried to piece out Kakashi's chakra. When two specific shadow clones dispelled, sending him some information, he knew that it was time.

Naruto suddenly made a sharp turn into a few bushes, Sasuke throwing a barrage of Tagged Kunai before a large fireball exploded from said bush, a pair of blurs emerging from it. The calm, if somewhat singed, form of Uzumaki Naruto, and the exasperated and confused form of Hatake Kakashi.

'So Sasuke went from trying to kill me to trying to kill Naruto.. When did that happen?'

His thoughts were interrupted when Naruto jumped behind Kakashi, trying to avoid the explosive tags. As Sasuke threw more than a few their way, Kakashi tried to get out of the way with Naruto, when he noticed that Naruto wasn't trying to hide behind him.

He was holding him in place.

A loud explosion reverberated throughout the clearing before Kakashi reapered after a successful Kawarimi, only to jump backwards away from a Kunai slash aimed at his throat courtesy of Naruto, to then have to throw himself to the ground and roll sideways to evade a group of Kunai and shuriken descending from a few trees 'That was Sakura, if I'm not mistaken..'

That short lapse of thought was enough for Naruto's presence to make itself known right in front of him, a massive grin on his face before he started glowing from certain body areas. Kakashi's eye widened as Naruto simply said 'Boom.' which was followed by a large explosion which once again forced Kakashi to kawarimi.

'By the sacred log, this fight is giving my Kawarimi skills a good workout!Guess I'll have to use that..'

As he reached for the lowered side of his headband, the alarm clock he had set for noon shot off, breaking Sasuke out of his murderous rage (somehow), and making Kakashi relax as he no longer had to fight that Trickster in the skin of a shinobi, Uzumaki Naruto.

'Well, you kids put up a good fight, but I guess it wasn't good enough' the white haired man said with a sigh 'After all, it is noon and none of you have any of the bells.'

Naruto grinned at Kakashi before speaking up 'Do you mean these bells, Sensei?' and producing the pair of bells from behind him.

Kakashi goggled at him before looking down to where the bells were, only to find a pair of tiny, similarly-weighted rocks hanging from the strings.

'How did you.. when did you.. Huh?'

Sasuke and Sakura were similarly confused, prompting the blond to explain.

'Basically, the how was through strategy. The test was to take the bells from you by force, but there's no way you'd expect three fresh genin-to-be to forcibly take them. The simple fact that you used the bells as a divisive tactic wouldn't have tipped me off on it's own, as you could have your own judgement parameters, but when you mentioned 'the one without the bell returning to the academy' then I knew you were bullshitting us. The standard procedure for Konoha genin teams is to have three genin and one jounin, and in rare cases more teammates. Smaller teams are special and are crafted specifically by the hokage, not the result of standard mass-testing. I knew that straight-up trying to coordenate with Sasuke and Sakura would be basically impossible. Sasuke would simply ignore my suggestions, disregard mine and Sakura's roles in the plan and try to put himself as the main acting force as he believes himself to be the most capable, and the 'elite'. Sakura would basically eat her own shoes if Sasuke asked her to, so if Sasuke didn't go for it, which was as likely as orochimaru walking into the village and making up with the hokage with hugs, kisses and handshakes.

'So basically I decided to get your fired up, blood pumping and reflexes sharpened so your guard was up, and to make you look at me as a strong and capable individual in this exercise. Sasuke, being the delightfuly friendly person that he is, would instantly get mad that someone his own age was stronger than him, and try to show himself as being 'all that'. Running off of the adrenaline of facing my potentially deadly techniques, you'd kick around Sasuke's ass and dismiss him as a threat before disabling him, which would cause him to snap. After that..

-A few minutes earlier, Training field 7 bushes-

'So let me get this straight. Sasuke-kun is going to chase you around throwing possibly deadly attacks in order to distract Kakashi-sensei, only for you to maneuver him into a position where Sasuke-kun is going to try to take him out. If that fails, you will position him so that I can try my own shot at disabling him. Is that the plan?'

'Yes, that's basically it.'

'Are you sure Sasuke-kun said that he accepted this plan?'


Naruto whistled lowly 'Would you look at that, Sasuke is throwing deadly, exploding projectiles at me and putting up a fuss. Sounds a bit as if he accepted his role in a certain plan of mine..'

'Well.. If Sasuke-kun is doing it, then I'm going to join in too.' Marvel puzzle quest thanos.

-Back to Now-

'And that's how I manipulated my teammates into helping me fulfill the mission and complete the objective.'

Kakashi sighed at his charge's deviousness 'Mind telling me when you pulled off the switch?'

'When I went behind you with Sasuke chasing after me. The reason the kunai I gave him had explosive tags were to the noise of the explosions could cover up the sound of me taking the bells away from you. Then I simply Kawarimi'd with a Shadow clone and boom, insta bells. The rest was simply me trying to keep you from noticing the loss of the bells until the time limit. After all, while you said we had to take the bells, you did not say you wouldn't try to recover them.'

'And what if you were wrong? If getting the bells really meant passing the test, what would you have done?'

'Well, I'd give the bells to these two idiots. Since I already have an completed S-rank mission registered on my record, I can't be simply sent back to the academy by anyone other than the Hokage as I lacked a direct superior in the form of a squad leader or Jonin sensei. I'd give them the bells, and whether they made it or not, I'd still be a shinobi' He said with a careless shrug, causing the jaws of Sasuke and Sakura to hit the ground, and Kakashi's eyebrow to reach his hairline.

He absentmindedly kept going, speaking more to himself than anything else 'Honestly, after dealing with so much bullshit from the civillian council, if I didn't know the lawbooks then I'd be fucked.'

Kakashi's mood turned rather somber at that, while Sakura and Sasuke became confused. Without giving them any time to react, Naruto called out 'Well, I've places to be, and people to see. Bye!' And disappeared in a Sunshin.

Kakashi's last thoughts were centered around just how much of his real self was Naruto showing.

That's a chapter done! Naruto and Friends (?) have become full-fledged genin of Konoha, all because of Naruto's devious mind and penchant for unpredictable tactics. Where will the story take our heroes next? You'll have to find out in the next chapter!

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