My Alien Friend

This article does not any. Unsourced material may be challenged and.Find sources: – ( May 2009) I Was a Sixth Grade Alien!Also known asMy Best Friend Is an Alien!Created byDaphne BallonDeveloped byEllis IddonPhil MeagherStarringCountry of originCanadaOriginal language(s)EnglishNo. Of seasons2No. Of episodes44Production company(s)Winklemania ProductionsDistributorReleaseOriginal networkOriginal release13 July 1999 –10 January 2001I Was a Sixth Grade Alien!

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(known as My Best Friend is an Alien! In the UK, Nigeria, and Australia) is a British/Australian/Canadian / television show following the chronicles of Pleskit, a purple-skinned, blue-haired with an positioned on his head.

He tries to fit in and make some friends, but due to his strange appearance, he does not succeed very well. He does make one friend, Tim, who is interested in space and aliens. The two friends go through the together.

Comedy about two aliens that land in our back yard in their UFO, and then reside in our house. Did you always wish that you could help the injured alien? Well, you can't.those guys are jerks. You CAN however, save Glork. Glork replaces the alien from the vanilla game. After (if) you help him out he will join your quest. You'll need subtitles on to see what he is saying and even then you might not know what he is saying.

During the series, they solve many unusual problems, from a trans-universal portal game to a blue, crying pig creature from Pleskit's home planet. The show started on July 13, 1999, ended on January 10, 2001, and was produced by Winklemania Productions and ' children's unit, with the participation of the, the Canadian Film Or Video Production Services Tax Credit, and the. The series was based on 's book series of the same name. Contents.Episode listing Thirty-nine episodes were made in total.Season 1 (1999). 13 July 'They Called Him Pleskit!' . 18 July 'Aliens to Blow Up Earth!'

. 20 July 'Alien Dinner Massacre!' .

27 July 'They Saved Grandpa's Brain!' . 3 August 'They Shoot, They Splorked!'

. 10 August 'I Was Dealt a Dung Deal!'

. 17 August 'Sixth Grade Rebellion Mayhem!' . 24 August 'Pre-Teen Party from Outer Space!' . 31 August 'The Haunting of Blim Blomkins!'

. 7 September 'Alien Time Warp Madness!' . 14 September 'Alien Dustbuster Bedlam!' .

21 September 'My Bodyguard Is a Rat Fink!' . 28 September 'Woodlander Bodysnatcher Pandemonium!'

. 5 October 'Floormat from the Putrid Lagoon!'

My alien friend movie

. 11 October 'Invasion of the Substitute Teacher Superfiend!' .

13 October 'Alien Snogorama Snafu!' . 7 November 'Alien Appliance Outbreak!'

. 14 November 'Gro-Gro-Grown-Up Dementia!' . 16 November 'The Return of Captain Driscoll!' .

17 November 'School Dance Gone Wrong!' . 21 November 'Escape from Planet Earth!' . 9 March 2000 'Attack of the 1000 Foot Veeblax!'

Season 2 (2000-2001). 8 September 'There's an Alien in My Seat!' . 15 September 'I Am Larrabe Hicks!' .

22 September 'Hevi Hevi Beat Crazy!' .

29 September 'Once Upon a Robot!' . 6 October 'Alien Tracker Freak-a-Mania!' .

13 October 'Bride of Pleskit!' . 20 October 'The Revenge of Septic Willy!' . 27 October 'Alien Quiz Show!' .

3 November 'Escape from Zartopia!' (hereafter only shown on YTV in Canada). 15 November 'McNally the Menace!' . 22 November 'Dr. Pleskit and Mr. 29 November 'Super-Fiend Strikes Back!'

. 6 December 'Great Coville Galaxies!'

. 16 December 'A Very Buttsman Christmas'. 27 December 'Truth-O-Rama Crunchdown!'

. 3 January 2001 'His Girlfriend Is an Alien!' . 10 January 2001 'To See the Invisible Geek!' External links. at.


'My Alien Friend' is written with children ages 3 - 5 in mind. In this children's bedtime story, you'll know Thomas, who is an active little boy who just loves to play and play all day long when he is on holiday.After a busy day, Thomas decides to read a children picture book, when suddenly receives an unexpected visit. What follows are just more adventures and surprises, which help Thomas realize a very important lesson at the end.This book is part of a coming series 'Adventures of Thomas', which contains funny short stories for kids.Children's Picture Books: My Alien Friend: A Short Story for Playful Children (Paperback).