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Masterspace is a sandbox game with a very similar concept to that of Minecraft: that is, complete freedom in a destructible world that you can modify as you like. Nevertheless, where Minecraft has an 'epic-medieval' setting, Masterspace opts for pure science fiction.
The basic actions in Masterspace are very simple: use a pick or shovel to modify the terrain or do the same thing with stacks of dynamite to save time. Likewise, killing animals (or other life-forms) is as simple as putting your cursor on them and holding down the button.
Nevertheless, where you start to see that Masterspace offers something different is when you try to create devices with the resources you've obtained. You'll be able to construct everything from classic houses or work benches (though rather more futuristic versions of them) to teleports or spaceships.
The spaceships, in addition, are not simply for showing off. With them you can travel to other planets and colonize them. Once you've discovered several other planets you'll be able, for example, to connect them with marketplaces to obtain more resources.
Masterspace is a game that expands the original concept of Minecraft and adds a layer of outstanding science fiction. All this with very powerful graphics, courtesy of the Ogre Engine.

The game has a paid version that will let you use 'blueprints' to construct some artifacts.