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Administrator and monsters, you cannot possibly imagine. Lobotomy Corp is a Monster Management Rogue-Lite Simulation game. Our game was inspired.

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Contents SummaryLobotomy Corporation is a Korean indie monster management game created by PROJECT MOON. It features the eponymous corporation, an energy producing company which extracts energy from a variety of monsters called 'Abnormalities'.

The player plays a new manager, who works at one of the many facilities of the company. Their job is to manage several departments of employees working towards the containment and energy extraction of several Abnormalities.Power of the VerseThe verse is decently powerful, with even some of the weakest monsters being Large Building level, and with the strongest of them reaching City Block level. However, the verse really shines with its hax, with most of the cast possessing mind manipulation to various degrees, including resistance to it and the ability to ignore said resistance. It also features death manipulation, reality warping and other hax on this level.ExplanationsThe verse treats damage into separate categories. RED, WHITE, BLACK, and PALE. RED damage is any damage that can harm an Employee whether by punching, striking, shooting, using magical attacks, flames, and even viral infections.

WHITE damage typically handles attacks aimed at the mind and even soul manipulation. BLACK is a combination of the previous two and also has a tendency to ignore conventional resistances to the previous.

StatusSubmissionType:YearOriginProject MoonTags,AboutLobotomy Corporation is an indie video game made by Korean developer Project Moon. In the game, players control a corporation which houses monsters, similar to that found in the series and the film The Cabin In the Woods. In the game, players must attend to monsters while keeping employees from getting maimed or turned, and preventing the monsters from escaping, which gets more difficult as the game progresses. HistoryLobotomy Corporation was developed and published by Project Moon.

They released the first teaser for the game on February 26th, 2016 (shown below, left). That winter, it went into Early Access. The first proper trailer was released December 26th, 2017 (shown below, right).Project Moon released the game on for Windows on April 9th, 2018. The game is described as a 'rogue-lite' and 'management sim' comparable to Fallout Shelter. In the game, departments within the corporation will feature characters called Sephiras, who are mid-level managers of various departments and check in on player progress. Dialogue with the characters has been described as comparable to a visual novel. ReceptionThe game was a large critical success, having a score of 'Very Positive' on Steam over 3,700 fan ratings.

Rock Paper Shotgun praised the game's mechanics but was critical of what they described as an awful English translation. Both Rock Paper Shotgun and Steemit have said of the game that it seems simple yet becomes increasingly complex as the game progresses. Online PresenceThe game lacks a strong presence on social media, with only a few small communities, including a page with over 730 likes and a subreddit with 730 subscribers. However, it has inspired a great deal of.

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There are over 820 pieces on under the 'Lobotomy Corporation' tag as well as a sizable art community on (fan art examples shown below). There is also a fan wiki for the game.Search Interest.