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    Android 4.0.3

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Interstellar Pilot for Windows 10. Visit Site External Download Site. The Download Now link directs you to the Windows Store, where you can continue the download process. You must have.

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  • Interstellar Pilot - a simulator of flights on the spacecraft through the vast expanses of the galaxy. The user will be able to take control of one of the spaceships, capable to surf the cosmos. The main activities here are mining resources and battle with lots of enemies. In the first case, the player will be to extract useful materials on space objects and sell them, and the second converge in exciting shootouts with robbers. On the obtained money it will be possible to improve the ship.


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Jdbcjdjd, Lots of options. Lots of fun-Not a paid review- I was skeptical for the game being free at first but then when I started playing it I really fell in love with it.


Gives you many options like being good or bad, player factions and npc factions. Many different types of ships. Just a few suggestions: 1) Resize everything because sometimes the civilian scout ships are half the size as my capital ship, it would blow my mind seeing a full sized capital ship. Not to mention the stations are almost the size of the scout ships. 2) warp speed because I would die to see a capital fly in mid battle and change the tide of the battle. 3)sound design could be a little bit better like different engine sounds each sounding heavier and meatier.

4)npc’s can join your faction and vise versa i.e recruitment and stuff. Other then that the game is really fun and addicting! Harmony Bass, Literally my Favorite Game! But.This is, as you probably guessed by the title.However.There is one issue that I am repeatedly confronted with. It's not very big or obvious. But it has to do with some numbers. All of the numbers actually.The thing is that none of the numbers have any kind of actual measurement about them.

It's just 'Distance' or 'D:' for short. So when I'm trying to find out how far away I am all I see is that I have, let's say, 48 to go.

(In the game as it stands this looks like 'D: 48') There's no way to tell how far away I am or how fast I'm actually going because there is no measurement at all.This is also the case with weapon descriptions. I can’t tell how much damage one kind of weapon does versus another. The laser and projectile weapons both have different damage measurements, the lasers have this “efficiency” which is almost always marked at 1.00 so I don’t really know how it compares to any of the other weapons.(To anyone reading this, if you are looking for a game that will occupy ALL of your spare time then this is the game. It's brilliantly designed. The controls are easy to use.

And the graphics (skyboxes and ship designs) are amazing. I highly recommend this game to any space enthusiast or bored teenager.). Davey Critic, Love it!Review update: I still love this game. But sandbox mode is glitchy though. I started a war with a few of the trading associations. But even after resolving the war with my enemy, when I load from my last save I am automatically still at war with them.

So now every time I start from my last save I have to repeat a war that I have already ended.Please keep expanding the game. It has an ideal feel for mobile gaming. It gives you that 'Star Trek Online' free roam feel. If the developers keep investing into this game it has the potential to surpass popular space mmorpg's like Vendetta Online.

So please incorporate a multiplayer format soon along with new ships and locations. Maybe even bring a crew to the game stage?

Looking forward to new developments here.