Hello Venice 2 Game Download


The water is rising andit's up to you to rescue the sinking buildings of Venice by restoringtheir lost treasures!From the floating fortressof your golden gondola launch costly coins, lovely lyres and ruby rings into thematching shapes moving overhead, but think fast because blocks, chutesand devious traps threaten to drag the city under.You'll need smarttiming and nifty trick shots to stay afloat, so bring your best puzzleskills. The mighty quest for epic loot play. There's a city to save in Venice, so grab your gondola and getready - Venice is a classic test of wits, will and skill!Free Version Download - 17 MB file.

Age of cavemen game 2017. Join Adda and Ciro on their big city adventure! Hello Venice 2: New York Adventure, hello-venice-2-new-york-adventure, now in english. Free Game Download!