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Wrath of the Dead Rabbit is an indie action-platformer developed by Arkedo Studio, the makers of Big Bang Mini and the Arkedo Series of Xbox Live Indie Games and PlayStation Network titles, and published by Sega.

. PlayStation 3. September 25, 2012. Xbox 360. September 26, 2012.

Microsoft Windows. October 3, 2012,Mode(s)Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit is an - for, through, and through. It was developed by French video game development company and published.

Was released September 25, 2012 for the PlayStation Network, September 26, 2012 for Xbox Live Arcade, and October 3, 2012 for the PC, with an rating of Teen.The game puts a player in control of Ash, the prince of, as he sets out across Hell on a self-imposed quest to restore his dignity by killing a number of monsters. He accomplishes this with the use of a large circular-saw blade jetpack that serves as both his primary weapon and his main mode of transportation. Wrath of the Dead Rabbit received mixed reviews upon its release. The game was praised for its visuals, but widely criticized for its control scheme. Contents.Plot Ash, a and the prince of, has inherited the role of ruler of Hell from his father.

After a photographer takes a picture of Ash playing with a in the bathtub, Ash sets out to kill the 100 monsters that have seen the photo, to restore his image. The world of Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit has several zones with different visual styles, including 'haunted, science labs, and spaceships full of '.

The player navigates these zones by traveling on a large buzz-saw-like circular blade that can cut through the environment, can fire a variety of, and is equipped with a. Ash is assisted in his quest by his, Nestor, a top hat-wearing. Gameplay Hell Yeah!

Wrath of the Dead Rabbit is a. A player controls Ash, who jumps around platforms on a series of seven levels separated by doors and attempts to kill 100 individually named monsters.

As the monsters are killed, more doors to new areas are unlocked. The combat uses controls, in which movement is controlled by one thumbstick or set of keys, and firing weapons is controlled by the other thumbstick or another set of keys. The player fights the monsters using a variety of projectile weapons, and can purchase additional weapons. Monsters can also be killed by cutting into them with the saw blade. To finish off any of the 100 monsters, the player must perform a quick mini-game, which unlocks a death animation unique to each monster. Failing the mini-game will result in damage to Ash and the monster will regain some life. Aside from the 100 named monsters, levels are also filled with traps and weaker, unnamed monsters that reappear each time the player re-enters that level.

Reception ReceptionAggregate scoresAggregatorScore(PS3) 71.27%(360) 68.77%(PC) 66.00%(360) 71/100(PS3) 68/100(PC) 62/100Review scoresPublicationScore8/104.0/104.9/107/108/1072/100Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit received mixed reviews upon its release. Gaming websites were sharply divided over the game. And (UK) both gave Hell Yeah! A relatively high score of 8 out of 10, while and gave the game the low scores of 4.9 and 4 out of 10, respectively.

The console versions of Hell Yeah! Were significantly better received than the PC version, with the game receiving a score of 71 for the Xbox 360 and a 62 for the PC. Critics praised the game's visuals, with Lawrence Sonntag of Inside Gaming Daily writing that 'every level is bizarre but expertly colored, vibrant, and filled with high-resolution assets', and that the monsters are 'what you might find in a second grader's notebook – doodles of ridiculous monsters, only brought to life with impressive talent and animated in HD'. Tom Bramwell of Eurogamer wrote that the game is 'absolutely gorgeous, a delicious feast of tasty animation drowning in buttery detail'The game's control scheme, on the other hand, received almost universal criticism. Greg Miller of IGN stated that 'The platforming is plagued by floaty controls and the inability to use the D-Pad.' , while Jim Sterling of called the controls 'unsavory'. Richard Cobbett of commented on the PC controls by saying 'You want an Xbox 360 controller for this one.

You could play it with a keyboard, but only in the same sense that technically you could fly if you flapped your arms hard enough.' Kevin Schaller of, however, called the controls 'responsive, though it takes a little getting used to'. References. Amini, Tina (September 25, 2012). Retrieved July 16, 2016. It's a Metroidvania style game—a 2D game with lots of exploration, killing, and item finding—but with a twist. ^ Sonntag, Lawrence (September 25, 2012).

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I had reservations with Hell Yeah! To begin with as it seemed to be yet another PSN game that placed style over substance, and while that is true to a degree there is a lot of fun in the simple gameplay and if you stick with it past 30 minutes you'll become mildly addicted. You play as Ash, a dead rabbit burning in hell who breaks out to get revenge on a bunch of monsters, or something, for some ridiculous reason involving scandalous photos of him being posted on the hell-ternet or something. It's rather hard to follow but anyone can appreciate the sheer imagination and creativity on display here. Your weapons are a bunch of guns and a giant wheel you can use to break through between platforms.

Brick breaker game

Both can be customized as well as Ash's head with a series of hats. The levels are the usual sort for such a game, featuring lava, casinos, space etc. But they are all colorful and various unlockable extras will keep you amused for the duration.

There are 12 trophies to unlock, though I suspect there might be some DLC made available in the future. If so, then Arkedo need to patch an annoying bug. The game froze up on me about 5 times, which required resetting the PS3. Otherwise, a fun, if far from classic video game with an occasionally fun soundtrack.

Graphics A- Sound B+ Gameplay B+ Lasting Appeal B.