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Hackmud is home to a thriving community of script-builders. Hackmud data check. Hackmud skip tutorial. Hackmud beginners. Locks are used by NPCs and players in order to protect their accounts. After a lock is successfully broken, the account is breached for a period of time, allowing the account to be manipulated using scripts which can transfer GC and steal information. The locks on t1 NPC accounts are relatively easy to figure out, and will not harm the user in any way. They will require a kernel hardline to be.

/cubit3[2-5]/g's hackmud repository

This is my online stratchpad and respository for sharing of hackmud scripts and information


utility users, ls.users on these to find out what scripts they offermatr1xbetadtrloreskriiptspreengoogl.search


EZ_21: open,release,unlockEZ_35: open,release,unlockdigit: 0-9EZ_40: open,release,unlockez_prime: prime < 100c001: (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, cyan, lime)color_digit: c002: c002_complement: c003: c003_triad_1: c003_triad_2: DATA_CHECK: l0cket: asks for a k3y value

(l0ckbox magnara CON_SPEC acct_nt glock)


  1. Need to know the total spent on transactions without memos between
  2. Need to know the total earned on transactions without memos between
  3. What was the net GC between
  4. Get me the amount of a large deposit near

Get me the amount of a large deposit near 190123.2142

CON_SPEC: tests you based on our classweaver: next three letters in the alphabetical sequencePossibilities:

  1. ±1
  2. ±2
  3. ±1±3±1con spec scriptor request: (for now) #fs.matr1x.cs

sn_w_glock: your acc balance must be this amount?????? 3006,38,443 1963 77? 7007?secret 7? NOT 3006 38 443 1963 77 7007special 38elite 1337hunter 3006monolithic 2001secure 443beast 666magician 1089meaning 42Not a monolithic balance.

l0ckbox: To unlock, please load the appropriate k3y:t1 keys: tc2, tvf, xwz, uph, sa2, 72u, cmp, i87, eoq, 6hh, 9p6, fr8, pmv, xwz, ell, xfn, sa2, 72u, uph, cmp, sa2, 6hh, xwz, eoq, y11 (from common to rare)t2 keys: hc3, 5c7, 4ji, nfi, vth, lq0, voo, nyi, 4ji, j1a, nyi, lq0, d9j, j1a, vth, vzd, cy7, d9j, voo, cy7, vzd, 8iz

magnara:this is an anagram lock, the opening message is incorrect anagram solution for:

user script to use: ast.magnara_solver dictionary.lookup

l0ckjaw, usac, l0g, shfflr

difficultyjr < jr < dd < wb < pr < ls

dd doubledeck

wlf wolfwvr weaverrvn ravenstg stagttl turtle


.public is the T1 area highsec area

how to find T2 locs:find usernames from the blog pagefind the nav commandlogin into the members only area and iterate through usernames until a username is found.into the members area input arguments username:',

:'order_qrs' (where is the nav command)Use dtr.qr to translate the QR codesinput arguments username:',:'cust_service',order_id:' where is an id from the dtr.qr translation and iterate through all order ids

T2 areas:.members_only.members.members_access.memberlogin

T3 corps:brute force the pin


return #db.something

  1. ok: success or not
  2. n: number of elements matching query
  3. nModified: number of elements modified


  1. generates plain npc locs from the autocomplete string in the 'settings' file,'(w+)S+?(w+).+?(?=,)$1.$2n

  2. matches all npc locations and allows you to replace with nothing, removing them from autocomplete selectively,.(aba?ndo?ne?d derelict un?known anonymous anon unidentified)w{2,5}w{6}.{6}w+S{8}

  3. matches every line WITHOUT ddttl in it^(?!.ddttl).n

  4. tag stripping regex<[^>]+>

  1. create_user
  2. copy macros
  3. trust.sentience{f1rST:'H41f',S3c0nd:'h@/_F'}
  4. sys.migrate{confirm:true}
  5. update cubit32.xfer to accept new user
  6. /xfer 1e6
  7. sys.init{confirm:true}

Contents t1 LocksThe locks on t1 NPC accounts are relatively easy to figure out, and will not harm the user in any way. They will require a kernel hardline to be initiated (outside the vLAN), and they may contain multiple locks on the same account.EZ21The EZ21 lock is one of the very first locks the player will encounter. It requires the ez21 key and it will accept 'open', 'release', or 'unlock' as the value to break the lock.EZ35The EZ35 lock is the second lock players will encounter while still in the vLAN.

To unlock, it requires two keys: ez35 and digit. Similar to the EZ21 lock, you will need to supply 'open', 'release', or 'unlock' for the first key. You will then need to provide a digit, which can range from 0 to 9 inclusive.EZ40EZ40 is the last in the EZ range, and one which is not explained in the vLAN. To break, you will need two keys: ez40 and ezprime. The first key, like the other EZ locks, requires 'open', 'release' or 'unlock', and the second key will be a random prime number from 0 to 100. Note that 0 and 1 are not considered prime numbers.

For convenience the list of prime numbers up to 100 is: 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23, 29, 31, 37, 41, 43, 47, 53, 59, 61, 67, 71, 73, 79, 83, 89, 97.c001The c001 a new lock players will encounter outside the vLAN. It requires the c001 key and colordigit key (Note the American English spelling).

The first key will accept one of 8 colors: 'red', 'purple', 'blue', 'cyan', 'green', 'lime', 'yellow' or 'orange'. The second key will require the number of letters in the color previously specified. For example if you had yellow, the colordigit key would be 6; if you had red it would be 3.c002The next in the c00 range, c002 is another lock new to players.

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It requires the c002 key and c002complement key. Again, the first key will accept one of 8 colors: 'red', 'purple', 'blue', 'cyan', 'green', 'lime', 'yellow' or 'orange'. The second key requires a color complementing the first. See table below.c003Finally, the last in the c00 range is the c003 lock. This time it requires the c003 key, c003triad1 key and c003triad2 key.

Once more the first key requires one of the following colors: 'red', 'purple', 'blue', 'cyan', 'green', 'lime', 'yellow' or 'orange'. The second and third keys will require colors in a triadic formation, respectively using the initial color. This can be calculated by adding 4 to the color index (the complement) and then +-1 for the triadic colors. The triadic combinations are as follows:C00X Combination TableBaseDigitcomplementTriad1Triad2red3greencyanlimepurple6limegreenyellowblue4yellowlimeorangecyan4orangeyellowredgreen5redorangepurplelime4purpleredblueyellow6bluepurplecyanorange6cyanbluegreenL0cketThe L0cket lock requires you to supply the correct 6-character password. The name 'k3y' is the only hint as to the possible passwords. This refers to the upgrades, k3yv1, which can be found by hacking other T1 systems.

Showing full information on the k3yv1 reveals a password. There are 16 passwords in total, and one of them will unlock the l0cket. These 7 following should work for almost any NPC lock.6hh8xwcmppiqsa23uwtvfkyquphlawvc2c7qxwz7ja.