Guilty Gear 2 Overture Characters

Guilty Gear 2 Overture All Pause Menu Everything + All Character Select Caining Gaming. Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 - All Instant Kills.Destroyed. Including Baiken / Answer. He was even more antisocial back then. Introduced in Guilty Gear 2: Overture Sin Kiske SinRev by phantomblade88 When I get older, I will be.

Guilty Gearis one of the most underrated fighting game series you’ll ever find. Restaurant rush download. Despite its overall quality, both in gameplay and graphics, it will never reach the popularity of the big names. I guess it’s the over-the-top nature of the series.

I mean, just look at the name. At least most other fighting games have titles that mean or or or “Guilty Gear” is just nonsense on the surface, and even when you do figure out what it means, “mutant cyborg wants to kill all the other mutant cyborgs because he had a hand in their creation” is a bit of a mouthful.That’s not even counting the bizarre sequel names like Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus Rand Guilty Gear Xrd –REVELATOR–.Regardless, I absolutely love the collection of characters and the game’s ridiculous storyline. The story is, as best as I can describe, the aftermath of X-Men‘s Age of Apocalypsemixed with the war from Terminator. Years have passed, but through sinister plots and conspiracies, the world keeps creeping towards a second round of endless bloodshed.

The major players include everything from a scientist-turned-immortal-bounty-hunter, a righteous king, a guild of assassins, ninja politicians, sky pirates, a medical vigilante, an oversexed witch, a hapless time-traveler, and a soldier practically made of muscle. Read the latest Den of Geek Special Edition Magazine Here!As always, I’m ranking these based on style, storyline, and personal preference.Heaven or Hell?

LEOPALDON First appearance: Guilty Gear IsukaIt just had to be this guy. Isukawas when Arc System Works hit the Capcom level of, “Man, I don’t know, just throw us some money,” and Leopaldon was the boss character we got out of it. With what feels like a dozen total frames of animation, this eyesore is too weird to stand without any context, and he happens to show up in a game with no storyline.

The most we know is that it’s a guy befriending a Gear dog and that somehow means everyone has to fight what appears to be Sasquatch through the eyes of someone who ingested a ton of acid. ANJI MITO First appearance: Guilty Gear XGuilty Gear X and its upgrades introduced so many rich and exciting new character designs into the series And it also introduced Anji Mito.

Anji is just lame all around. His weapon sucks, he looks boring, and his defining character trait is “is Japanese.” And while, yes, being Japanese actually means something important within Guilty Gear’s plot, there are two characters who fall under that category and are more interesting and entertaining. FANNY First appearance: Guilty Gear PetitThere’s not much to Fanny due to appearing in an obscure, portable port of the series, but her basic design isn’t the worst idea.

She’s a female spinoff of Faust’s subplot. She was saved by Dr. Baldhead when she was younger and now searches the world for him, having no idea that he’s completely changed his identity. Considering Baldhead had a giant scalpel as a weapon, Nurse Fanny builds on that by having her wield a giant syringe.Personally, I’d like to see her show up in one of the proper games with more normalized proportions. Subscribe 32. BRIDGET First appearance: Guilty Gear X2On one hand, I was always going to be soured by Bridget because the last thing I ever want is another annoying little boy fighter.

But hey, in a series as weird as Guilty Gear, Bridget succeeds in having an outlandish design. He’s a boy forced to cross-dress in order to sidestep bad luck and tries to make a name for himself as a yoyo-wielding bounty hunter.Unfortunately, Bridget’s never been able to find his place in the series. While everyone’s talking about That Man and Gears, there’s a kid dressed as a nun doing yoyo tricks and nobody pays him any mind. As it is, Bridget is just there.

Guilty Gear 2 Overture Characters

ABA First appearance: Guilty Gear Isuka. She was forgotten about fairly quickly, though her time in the sun did give us some good ol’ disturbing imagery.

KLIFF UNDERSN First appearance: Guilty GearPoor Kliff. He was pretty much one and done in his first appearance. Just as well, really. There’s nothing especially wrong with the man.

The stout, over-the-hill badass with a giant blade that can kill dragons is certainly likeable, but he’s the wise, old guard mentor character who needs to make way for the new heroes, even if it means getting wasted by the biggest threat. Before Sol and Ky become an odd couple, it’s Kliff’s belief in them both that brings them together.When they brought him back in later versions of the Guilty Gear X engine, it felt more out of necessity. They ran out of old characters to reinvent, so might as well toss Kliff in with the rest.

JAM KURADOBERI First appearance: Guilty Gear XWhile Potemkin, Justice, and Kum are built like bulldozers, you also have Jam choosing to face her enemies with no weapons despite being less bulldozer and more unicycle. She never quite hits the highs that many of the other cast members do, but at least she works as an outsider with a gimmicky personality. The story in Revelatormakes it an explicit all vs. Evil threat conflict, but Jam is sort of off to the side.

She ends up giving guidance to the likes of Kum and Jack-O’, but this is all done via her usual schtick.Jam’s just about bounty hunting in order to earn enough money to own a restaurant. Otherwise, she just Forrest Gumps her way through world events. That and constantly hitting on Ky, not realizing that his heart belongs to an actual important character. RAVEN First appearance: Guilty Gear X: Lightning the Argent (novel)First appearance (playable): Guilty Gear Xrd: –REVELATOR–I’ll say that they did a great job building up Raven by making him a non-playable and looming threat for so long. Not as long as That Man, but fifteen years between showing up in a novel and becoming part of the in-game roster is pretty damn impressive. He’s a fun addition to the games by mixing stretch-based attacks with claw swipes, like the unholy hybrid of Vega and Dhalsim.Unfortunately, despite all this build, Raven feels flat. His whole deal is that he’s been immortal and unkillable for so long that he’s apathetic about everything.

There are some snippets of cool stuff in there, like his backstory where he spent years as a benevolent protector until realizing that godhood is a thankless position, but for a guy who can’t die, he certainly doesn’t have much of a pulse. ZAPPA First appearance: Guilty Gear XXMuch like ABA, Zappa’s deal is that he’s ALMOST too weird for Guilty Gear, but still just barely works out. He’s certainly original in the way he flails around unnaturally and fights differently based on which ghost is possessing him.Zappa’s whole story is about dealing with being possessed, which keeps him interesting. His appearance in Revelator’s story mode as that universe’s Ray Stantz is a wonderful use of the character, even if he’s traded his crazy ghost behavior for being a living exposition dump. KUM HAEHYUN First appearance: Guilty Gear Xrd: -REVELATOR-Kum shows up as a novel idea, only to reveal an even more interesting concept underneath.

Looking like Gouken from Street Fighter, Kum’s gimmick is that he’s a mystical being able to tune people’s bodies and souls like instruments to help fight off disease and stuff. Then things get crazier when it’s revealed that, despite appearing like Gouken, Kum is actually a young woman in a very realistic-looking mech suit. BAIKEN First appearance: Guilty GearBaiken’s always felt like Arc’s attempt at their own Akuma, but I never really bought it. Making her the hidden boss in the first game and a centerpiece in one of the Xrdupgrades always struck me as strange. Baiken’s cool, but not cool enough to pull that off.

Considering the series likes to continually introduce increasingly-powerful characters, Baiken’s never stood out as a top tier badass outside of how a couple of Accent Core’s endings centered around Baiken being totally capable of outright murdering I-No.But I dig her regardless. Despite originally being a Kenshin palette swap with boobs, she does have one of the most intricate designs in the series, mixing a “no time for your shit” attitude, a heart of vengeance that would make Frank Castle double take, a missing eye, an amputated arm, a bunch of scars, and a grappling hookfor some reason. She may not be able to stand up to the heaviest hitters, like That Man, but she does damn well for someone fighting one-handed. MAY First appearance: Guilty GearThe first Guilty Gear had a little too much grit to it.

It was a fantastic debut and bloomed into a top-notch franchise, but a lot of that game felt very edgelord in comparison to everything that followed. Just grim swordsmen cutting each other up into bloody explosions before frowning and saying some variation of, “Get out of my face, bitch.”Except for May. May was there to bring the colorful and cartoony soul that would live on in its sequels. Baldhead was obsessed with drowning himself in pools of blood, May was swaying around with a giant anchor in hand and summoning dolphins. At the same time, she had a strong reason to enter the initial tournament, which both showed off her sense of loyalty while building towards Johnny’s debut on the roster.May’s ability to wield an anchor over her shoulder would later be explained in a later game. May is Japanese.

In Guilty Gear, Japanese people are both rare at this point in history and strangely mystical. It’s this big romantic metaphor about World War II that turns them into a nation of superhero survivors and the whole thing just intrigues me. SIN KISKE First appearance: Guilty Gear 2: OvertureFirst appearance (playable): Guilty Gear Xrd –SIGN–At first glance, Sin isn’t really all that necessary because Guilty Gear already has two other protagonists.

Sin isn’t likable enough to steal the story away, even if he’s carrying on in the shadow of the series’ more popular characters. Luckily, he isn’t meant to be the main character. At least, not yet.If anything, Sin’s existence allows Ky and Sol to develop and get over their human flaws.

Ky, being all religious and a stickler for public opinion, has to get over the fact that his love for Dizzy is not something he should feel shame for. Sol, on the other hand, gets to finally leave his loner life behind and become a father figure. Or grandfather figure.Sin is no hybrid protagonist, but he’s a hell of a supporting character. ELPHELT VALENTINE First appearance: Guilty Gear Xrd –SIGN–Not only is Elphelt a blast to play as, but she’s just so freaking adorable Unfortunately, she’s programmed to help bring about extinction of the human race. Like, even if she wasn’t such a major part of Xrd’s overall storyline, she’s already such a fun design that she’d feel right at home in the series.Elphelt is a romantic who is really, REALLY into finding a husband to the extent of fighting in a wedding dress and putting the shotgun in shotgun weddings.

She also plays into the series’ love for musical references. Not only is her gimmick “guns and roses,” but her Instant Kill is a “shot through the heart.” And if you use it on Faust, he refers to her love as “bad medicine, indeed!”.