Gratuitous Space Battles 2 Star Wars Mod

Gratuitous Space Battles. Star Wars: Battlefront II is the sequel to the much-beloved Star Wars game that was able to rival the leaders of the online shooter genre. It allowed players to engage in cinematic battles of grand scale and impact, as well as assume roles of characters from the movies. Gta sa pamela anderson mod.

GSB Babylon 5 is a mod for Gratuitous Space Battles, created by.Description:This mod is two in one. It replaces the major races and their ships with Babylon 5 races and ships. The weaponry is not replaced or stats are not altered. This way there is no issue with balancing and you can play all the vanilla engagements or multiplayer in a neat B5 visual setting. But there is more, this way, you can play the Campaign mode, too. The mod has a full campaigns in the Babylon 5 galaxy!

You can play as Centaury, Earth Alliance, Minbari or Narn in a quest to conquere the other major powers. The events unfold in a What-if scenario: After the battle at Coriana VI, the first ones left, but noone made it out alive from the Shadow cloud. The entire fleet was lost with all hands. The Minbari fleet was decimated in this engagement. The Centauri fleet was weakened by the Vorlons. The Narn were eager to strike back with a vengance.

And the Earth Alliance, with its spared and modernized fleet, had an old score to settle.Installaton:To install the graphics swap: Back up your Data forlder under GSB. And then overwrite everything with this.To remove: Copy the backuped Data folder back under GSB. Overwrite everything.To install the campaign:You will need to get the campaign DLC first.

You may back up your entire campaign folder if you want to.Then copy the campaign folder into your GSB folder. Overwrite when prompted.Now locate the saved games folder. It is somewhere on your system drive, the documentsMy GamesGratuitousSpaceBattles folder. Now copy the campaignprogress folder into it. You should not overwrite anything.So after that, if you load up the GSB you will find 4 new saved games under the Campaign mode.

Load the side you want to play. That is all.If you haven't completed the single player part and unlocked all the modules, overwrite the sc.dat and the unl.dat files in the documentsMy GamesGratuitousSpaceBattles folder.Otherwise it the campaign will crash.

About This GameHave you ever wanted to be admiral of a huge, sprawling space battle-fleet of your own design? Ever wanted to design a fleet of battle-cruisers so powerful they can rip all who oppose them into space-dust? Ever wanted to build a battleship with purple rotating radars and 64 engines? Well we have good news for you.Gratuitous Space Battles is back! And it's approximately 50,000 times more gratuitous than before.

A completely new ground-up rebuilding of the custom 'Gratuitous Engine' gives the game a completely new look, with beam-lasers 10x as 'beamy' as explosions 10x more gratuitous.You now have complete control over the appearance of your ships, and can build them from a base hull and a bunch of adjustable visual components so you have control of both the composition AND the looks of your deadly starships. GSB2 retains the core gameplay of the original. This is NOT a standard RTS game, but a management/simulation game about building space fleets and giving them orders.

You aren't the dumb schmuck who actually flies into battle and gets lazered. Leave that to those patriotic and keen young dudes from the outer-colonies. Nope, your job is as supreme commander in chief. Sit back at fleet HQ and watch the fireworks as you reduce the enemy to space-dust.Using it's amazingly asynchronous multiplayer online 'challenge' system, GSB2 lets you put together a whole fleet and upload it, orders, formations and custom ship designs in one, up to a server where fellow GSB2 players can download it and pit their own fleets against it in glorious combat.Some of the new features in GSB2:. Totally re-coded graphics engine for uber-explodiness.

Every ship in the game is built from a wide range of components that mean no challenge will have identical looking enemies. Huge scope for ship design. Super-clever lighting system and mega-parallax system makes for a more 3D, cinematic-looking experience, and more gratuitous effects. Built-in multi-monitor support. Runs fine (and looks lovely) at 5120 res and beyond. New classes of ship, introducing the Dreadnought, the destroyer and the gunship.

Jim McMahon as Jerry Marsden. Reginald King as 'Mulga' Flannigan. Wings of destiny philippines igg. Johnny Williams as Tommy Ryan. Cecil Perry as Arthur Rogers.

Carrier modules now bring fighters into battle, and refuel them mid-battle. Knock out a carrier to upset those pesky fighter pilots. Steam achievements & trading cards at last!. Formations now survive individual members being lost. New support beams allow ships to act as tugs, or mobile target-boost assistance vessels.

Support for new weapons combinations such as radioactive plasma torpedoes. Built in 30 FPS mode for smooth video-capture for all you lets-play fans. unashamedly gratuitous GUI.