Galaxy Keeps Moving Apps To Internal Memory

Just like a PC, your tablet has a massive internal storage, and you can easily copy or move these files to different locations with My Files. But if you accumulate too many files in your internal memory, you can save room by moving them to an external storage system, such as a microSD card or a cloud service like Samsung Cloud. Learn how to manage files on your tablet. If you see an ‘insufficient storage available’ error, or find that you’re running low on your phone memory (not to be confused with your SD Card memory), then there are a number of ways to fix this.

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. Some apps may not allow the mobile device user to move the app to a SD card. Samsung does not have permission to tamper with an app to allow it to be moved or not. Installing an app on a microSD card will have a negative impact on the app’s performance. Data transfer is slower on a microSD compare to your phone’s internal memory (for technical reasons).

Because of that, apps run performance test on a regular basis. If an app determines that its performances are too affected by its storage on the microSD, it might move its files (or some of them) back to the phone’s internal memory. If your phone is connected to a Samsung or Google account, your apps are saved in your library, as long as the device is connected to the same account. You don’t need to keep all apps on your device, you can install or uninstall any app freely, and for free. Even if you paid for it. It also applies to an app that was free the day you installed it and that is now a paid app (once an app is obtained, it is yours).


So, uninstall any app you are not using today and install it back the day you need it again! And if that was not enough, you can recover all your apps by connecting your new device to the same Samsung or Google account!