Frisbee Forever 2 Crystal Cave

Frisbee Forever 2 Bonus Level 8 Salary Of Ultimate. Frisbee Golf Game Frisbee Forever Go Ice Fishing In The Lake. Frisbee 2 Crystal Cave Frisbeegolf. Worley's Caves is a complete overhaul of the vanilla cave system that features massive, continuous cave systems. The idea behind this mod was to create an underground cave network that feels completely fresh. With so many great mods that provide totally new ways to explore the overworld, biome options, and even new dimensions, it felt like the.

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I found the red flag puzzle piece to be pretty much the most obtuse puzzle piece so far in the game. (I'm to the lower mechanics room now - almost done I think)I only found the solution after watching Azralynn's walkthrough part 2 (found it outside of this post). Sadly the only part of the game where I needed to find an external source to figure out a puzzle.I didn't notice a piece of the red flag in the room, but it's probably there. It might help if it were a little more prominent?It seemed more intuitive to try what AngelKurisu and Innocentive tried, but then that was too obvious to be the right answer now wasn't it?Although this part could use some work I think, I must say that this is the best puzzle game I've played since Myst and Riven. I know there was a discussion about making the items a little bit easier to view or changing the angle of them.I think this would help immensely in this puzzle. I took me forever to realize what the crystal torch holder was, but if I had seen the pattern on the top where the crystal slots in, I would've immediately tried putting the red crystal in all the places where I put the blue and orange crystal.As it was, I only put it in the furnace and the alchemy lab, and only realized what the spike/torch handle did when someone helped me out with this puzzle.

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