Fausts Alptraum Walkthrough

Chapter Three teaches you about additional game mechanics. Puzzles become more demanding and they will require more time to solve. Just like the earlier ones, this one is divided into sectors C21 through C30 and it ends with the level called Maintenance.

This page contains Cheats for Fausts Alptraum organized by sections for PC. This game has 'Puzzle' as genre, made by Laboratstudio. If you can't find a hint or secret in our list, then please check this page periodically for the latest updates. Just Ignore Them Game Walkthrough / Solutions and Completion Guide. This guide will give you the good ending. Get into bed. Open Toy box. Get item Toy Robot Try to leave room Don’t Turn off the TV Interact with bear Close closet leave room Pick up screwdriver Take batteries out of remote.

Sector C21

In the first sector, you learn about a new device that teleports a container with a beam into it. Go down and teleport the energy beam to you. Put the container in the way shown in the screenshot above and go through the open door. Take the beam that is powering the electric bridge, go through the next door and open the passage into the next sector.

Sector C22

Keep going straight ahead until you reach the room shown in the screenshot. Move the circular container with the energy beam to the right, as far as you can. Enter the room and take the beam through the window. You can use it now to open the door.

In the next room, use the device to lift the energy beam to the level above. Climb up the ladder and take the beam across the window. Open the door that leads to the next sector.

Sector C23

Take the energy beam on the right side of the room and release it into the container in front of us. Collect the container with the energy beam that is on your left and put into the container, the one in which there is the beam that you have released earlier. Put the beam from the weapon in a such way that it would allow you to unlock the way up. Climb up the stairs and take the moving beam from below. Thanks to this you will open the passage to the very top.

Take the beam from the opened door that are at the very top. Here, your task is to carry the container with the beam from the very bottom to the door at the very top. You have two moving beams and you have to release them both into the containers at the very bottom. Thanks to that you can take the container to the higher level. At the second floor, take the moving beam and open the passage to the very top. Place the container into the closed door.

The only thing you have to do now is to take the moving beams from the first and the second floor. Open the door at the very top and go towards the next sector.

Sector C24

Open the door by using the device. Climb up and lower the platform. Approach the device once again and close the door, which prevents the beam from moving to the other side. Then, go towards the next sector.

Sector C25

In this room, use the pulsating energy beam to drop a container. Approach the spot that from which the energy beam is emitting and pull down the transmitter. Return to the device that controls the magnet and move it right to the position shown in the screenshot above. Go back to the lever and move it up. Thanks to that your magnet will be next to the room's exit door. Collect the moving energy beam next to the lever, pick up the container and open the door to the next sector.

Sector C26

Along your path to sector C26 you will find the third secret room. The walkthrough for that room can be found in Secret rooms chapter.

Here, you find a green beam. First, take it from the container. Then, take the blue beam located at the other side. Monster quest narrator meaning. Stand on the platform and release the beam into the container next to you. Get to the other side and release the beam into the container, the one in which the blue beam was before. Collect the container from the ground and open the door into the next room.

Open the door but don't go through it just yet. Instead, go along the upper path and collect the green beam. Release it into the container in the new room and walk into the next sector.

Sector C27

Collect the beam that comes out from the stairs. Thanks to that the platform will move a little bit closer. Carry the container onto the platform and release the beam back to its initial place. Cross the door and take the beam above the platform. Open the door and move on.

Sector C28

In the next room, there are three control panels. Position the pillar just like in the screenshot. Thanks to that one of the containers is now facing the window. Replace the green beam with the blue one. This opens the door. Release the beam into the empty container on the left pillar. Cross the door and keep your eye on the window. Take the blue beam quickly and open the door to the next sector.

Sector C29

Approach the pillar control panel. By moving the pillar, you open the door at the very bottom. Go down and remove the container with the beam. Return to the control panel and move the pillar to its initial position (shown in the screenshot). This reveals the stairs that lead down. Pick up the container and take it on the upper level.

Position the pillar in a such way that opens the door presented in the screenshot. Place the container with the beam in the empty space. Approach the pillar control panel and release the beam into the fourth, never used before, space on the left (when you are facing the control panel). Go through the newly opened door. Turn around and take the beam from the pillar. Go up and walk to the next sector.


Sector C30

This part of the game will test your reflex and agility. Approach both control panels and lower the platforms to the very bottom. Then, you have to jump quickly onto the lower one and jump over onto the other one.

You will notice three platform control panels. However, you should take the beam first. Position the platforms in the following way (when looking at the stairs).

  1. The first one - to the very bottom
  2. The second one - one level higher
  3. The third one - two levels higher

Using the beam allows you to move the platform one level up. Stand on the first one and move it up. Then, jump on the next one, take the beam from below and perform this action once again. After that you can go the Maintenance.


In this room you can learn a little bit of the story. After you have seen everything here, walk over to chapter four.

About This GameElisabeth Faust was attending her father's funeral.Father had left her sorrow, depression, and an antiquated house.She walked into the building and followed a black cat down to the basement.Darkness suddenly claimed her sight.A purple demon materialized out of nowhere, smiling like they were old friends.The person she’d come to find was nowhere to be found.There was a sweet fragrance in the house.' I’ll show you the way out if you really want to leave.'

Thus the crayon illustrated story began,but she couldn’t tell if this was memory or imaginary.“But if at any moment, you wax nostalgic about your time here,or wish to preserve any instant for eternity, you lose. ”Candlestick in hand, she now has to seize the faintest trail to escape from this nightmare.English Translator: etvolareTranslator: 張毅、悲傷的小魚Music Credit:Alessio Nanni,HankeKimhttp://www.irenekimpianist.com/.

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