Far Cry 4 Map

What appears to be the full map of Far Cry 4 was released online ahead of the game's launch next week, showing off the different areas of the.

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Share on:The full map of Far Cry 4 has been leaked ahead of the game’s release next week. The map shows the different regions in Kyrat, the playable region in Far Cry 4.The map is embedded below (click to enlarge). It shows the six locations in Kyrat: Himalayan, Mountaninous (Coniferous & Larch), Midlands (Mixed Forest & Quercus) and Terai. It might not necessarily be the map as seen in game, and could instead be from a game guide or something like that.Far Cry 4 is out November 18 on PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Getting players to notice my map is none existent on the community map browser ( in game ), if its not in the top rated then no one knows its there, so how do you get a map in the top rated? There are so many maps that are just thrown together with no thought its hard for decent map makers like myself to shine and for me i'm thinking its pointless creating content that no one will play.i have 1 map on the xbox one called Ghosts of Osiris and another 2 in the works, i've posted in facebook groups and here on the ubisoft forums, there has been great feedback so far and i'm pleased we now have this feed promoting creative community maps.