Europa Universalis 4 Review

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It’s almost hard to believe that Europa Universalis IV is over five years old. Its many expansions total over $200 at full price if you’re just looking at the add-ons that alter gameplay, and not the milieu of minor, cosmetic DLC. Whether you’re new to the series and you want to know what’s what, or you're a vet looking to top up your collection and want to know what’s most worth the money, we’ve put together this handy guide to help you.Keep in mind that these are all non-sale prices, and most older Paradox expansions are discounted anywhere from 25% to 75% off during special sales, such as during holidays or when a new DLC is released.

Typically, the longer something has been out, the more it will be discounted. This list is in chronological order, so you can probably get the stuff at the top for a couple bucks if you wait for the right moment. The Best EU4 DLCWe've sorted the expansions into two ranked lists: Essential for Everybody, and Situational (depending on what nation you’re playing), as I think they’re all worth owning eventually - it’s just a matter of what order you prioritize them.

Europa Universalis IV continues the success of the grand strategy series developed by Paradox. As the fourth game in the series it’s one of the best yet with plenty of improvements over the originals. Many of these enhancements focus on bringing the game complexity down to attract new players to the series and not just long-time fans.The game starts in 1444 and will take you all the way up to 1821 (although you can start at a number of points in between). It follows the world’s nations of the era as they evolve, change and conquer each other. Due to the setting you’ll find that religion and colonisation play a very important role throughout the game.

With the option to play nearly every country you have endless replay potential as you try to lead England to world domination or decide to take control of one of the smaller nations instead.Depending on the era and civilization that you choose for a given a game you can experience a range of difficulties so you can constantly challenge yourself by stacking the odds against you if you wish.True to other 4X grand strategy games you’ll have to explore, expand, exploit and exterminate as you advance through the game. With a huge amount of depth in all of these areas you really do feel like you have a lot of strategic options available and that each comes with their own pros and cons. Most of your decisions come down to a war or diplomacy decision with two very distinct paths for you to follow for each of your neighbours. While the single player modes are very fun the game really shines in the multiplayer environment with options to play solely against other players or mix in some AI opponents for good measure. This lets you fight against others or team up co-operatively to take over the world.Europa Universalis IV strikes that good balance of gameplay that will work for both new and old fans of the series while still maintaining everything that makes the series so popular.Summary:. Continues and improved upon a long running grand strategy series. Plenty of strategy depth waiting to be explored.


Easy to create very difficult setups. Great multiplayer experience. Available on PC and Mac.Links.

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