Dream Chronicles 2 Walkthrough

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Dream chronicles 2. More Realtek High Definition Audio Driver 6.0.8899.1. REALTEK Semiconductor Corp. 168.6MB - Freeware - Audio chipsets from Realtek are used in motherboards from many different manufacturers. If you have such a motherboard, you can use the drivers provided by Realtek. Oct 03, 2017  Dream Chronicles 2: The Eternal Maze walkthrough part 1.

Dream Chronicles 2 Cheats & TipsTIPS& HINTS:For those people who played the original Dream Chronicles you will find somenew variations and twists in this game. In Dream Chronicles 2: The EternalMaze the objects that you find may be used in a scene other than the one youfound it in.

Objects will stay in inventory until you need to use them.If you're stuck in the game and don't know what to do the game willeventually throw a hint your way by way of a tiny twinkling light. Thoselights will either symbolize an object that needs to be picked up or an areathat you need to be in.

In some rare instances the lights don't meananything but better safe than sorry, always check it out.There are several Dream Jewels that can be found throughout the game. Theseare separate from the Dream Pieces that you must also find. The Dream Piecesare what goes into the Dream Jewels. In order to activate the Dream Jewelsyou must find the Dream Pieces.Each Dream Jewel that you find will also come with a puzzle in which youmust reconstruct a sentence.

When you answer correctly you will be givensome hints that can help you in certain levels of the game. When you arereconstructing a sentence look for the word(s) that begin with capitalletters, they will always go at the beginning of a sentence, unless it's aproper name then it can go either way.You don't have to answer the Dream Jewel puzzles as they come along, you canalways click on the book and answer them at a later time.High Scores will not be awarded until the very end of the game.

When youreplay the game focus on finding things faster and picking up all the DreamPieces to earn a higher score. When you play again under the same name youwill have new Dream puzzles to solve and some of the items will be indifferent locations. There are 15 Dream Jewels to find and over 135 DreamPieces to find.You do not have to pick up Dream Pieces in order to complete the game.However, when you don't it affects your score. You cannot go back and pickup Dream Pieces that you missed once you've completed a level.

You will haveto replay the game in order to do so. If you do want to get all the DreamPieces I suggest that you pick them up before you start solving the puzzles.It can be easy to forget to pick them all up once you're engrossed in thegame.All objects that you are able to pick up will serve a purpose, whether theyare used in that scene or not. A lot of times in this game the pieces youpick up may only be used as you get to the next scene.Some items may not become visible in a scene right away, you must performother tasks first before they become visible. That's why it's important togo back and forth between scenes, you never know what you may have missed.In the puzzles where you have to click on tiles to place them in theircorrect order, look at the color of the tiles. If the tiles are red when youplace them it means that they are in the wrong place.

If the tiles remaincreme then they are correct.If you're having difficulty with a level you can go back and reset thelevel. It will bring you back to the beginning of the level.You can right click an item to send it back to inventory or you can justclick it back in place.SPOILER ALERT - WALKTHROUGH:This part of the guide is a walkthrough for all the levels in the game, soplease stop reading now if you don't want the solutions to the puzzles inthis game. Please realize that some of the objects move around and so theseanswers will not work for everyone but it will work for most. However, wehave provided alternate locations in certain puzzles.We provided answers to all the Dream Jewel puzzles that came along the firsttime we played the game. We placed the solutions in between the levels inthe order that they appeared. When you play the game again, under the samename, you will get some new Jewels to solve.

Here are the alternate Jewelsthat we found, the rest are in between the chapters.DREAM JEWELS THE SECOND TIME AROUNDDREAM JEWEL OF MERYWhat is the Dream Librarian's most urgent task?Answer: 'The Dream Librarian seeks for someone to replace the FairyLord.' DREAM JEWEL OF EBISUQuestion: 'What is the Eternal Maze?' Answer: 'It is an underground labyrinth that separates the ancientfairy world from the mortal world.' DREAM JEWEL OF APOLLOQuestion: 'What do fairies do in the mortal world?'

Answer: 'Fairies control natural forces but they must follow rules setby the Fairy Lord.' DREAM JEWEL OF POSEIDONQuestion: 'How did Aeval know that I needed her help?Answer: 'Aeval has the power to communicate with plants and shereceived a message from them.' DREAM JEWEL OF ILLATQuestion: 'What was the purpose of the print machine.'


Answer: 'Fairies used the machine to print the first volumes of historyonto stone tablets.' Clue: To enter and exit the labyrinth, save the north key for last.DREAM JEWEL OF CHLORISQuestion: 'Who would be able to replace the Fairy Lord?Answer: 'The new Fairy Lord must have a mix of both mortal and fairyblood.'