Divine Divinity Original Sin Guide

This Divinity Original Sin 2 guide is an extensive collection of tips useful at the beginning of the game and when completing storyline quests. Inside, you'll find information useful at any moment of the game, regardless of whether you are a veteran gamer or just beginning your adventure with video games.Our guide has been divided into two major parts. The first one is a Divinity Original Sin 2 guidebook. Among others, you'll find which will help you begin your adventure with the game. Moreover, and much more. Further pages offer insight regarding various mechanics and features found in the game, such as, or conducting conversations with non-player characters.We've also dedicated some pages to the,.

Walkthrough for Divinity: Original Sin II is provided below for players looking for assistance progressing through the game. You can refer to specific Quests or Locations for detailed information of your current objective. Divinity: Original Sin II is one of the best RPGs of all time. It's also one of the most challenging, with a deep and intricate storyline, tons of quests, and tactical combat that demands the most.

Next stop are sections dedicated to character progression system - they offer a lot of information on, and.The FAQ chapter contains answers to most frequently asked questions. Using the information found in that chapter, you can learn,. The guide is further complemented by chapters dedicated to, and that contains information and ways of unlocking them.The second major part of the guide is a detailed walkthrough for Divinity Original Sin 2. The walkthrough lists all major locations that are visited in the course of the game. Among them, you can find:,. Each chapter, dedicated to a location, offers walkthroughs for both the main and side quests.

The quest descriptions contain important information, including their further course, choices and consequences of your decisions, combat, puzzles, and loot.The remaining chapters also contain useful data - our offers high quality maps of all locations appearing in the game, with markers representing NPCs, important locations, or treasure locations. Section dedicated to offer solutions to more challenging puzzles. Solving them can help you get access to new areas or treasures. Section offers help for those whose progress got hindered after encountering a difficult enemy. The guide is concluded with a chapter dedicated to.Divinity Original Sin 2 guide contains:. character creation along with tips for personalization.

explanation for all factors and modifiers influencing the gameplay. explanation of gameplay mechanics and rules of combat.

the locations of all NPCs encountered in the game. information about the equipment.Table of content. Starting tips.

Avoid overloading your backpack - sell unneeded items at merchants or store them in the chest onboard the ship. Try to thoroughly explore your environment.

You can find many interactive items that can be used or taken, as well as encounter many NPCs. Use the highlight combination to display interactive items - This will facilitate exploration and help you avoid having to check each item personally. Check every chest - many of them may contain valuable treasures. However, remember that some chests are locked - in that case, you'll need a lockpick. Talk to animals - this is possible if you've chosen Pet Pal as one of your talents.

Talking to animals can lead to receiving important information e.g. The location of a hidden treasure. Protect the black cat following the party - if you keep him alive for enough time, you'll receive a special reward. Save as often as possible - this will protect you in case you've made a wrong decision or lost a fight.

Console players can also make manual saves. Use the terrain obstacles to your advantage - for example, you can hide weaker party members behind rocks or place archers on elevations to increase their effective range. Find shovel and bedroll as soon as possible. Shovel can be used to dig out treasures or unlock secret pathways, while bedroll allows you to rest wherever you want.More tips for Divinity Original Sin 2 can be found (Starting tips) and (General tips).

Typical mistakes. Don't attack every encountered character. Many NPCs are friendly towards the player and they may be involved in many quests. Moreover, some of the NPCs are very powerful and can defeat the party easily.

Don't let nobody see you when stealing. Consider making a save before each theft. Don't steal from NPCs who are in another NPC's field of view. Don't spend your gold on unnecessary items. Buy only the most important and valuable items.


Many average items and weaker weapons can be found thanks to through exploration. Don't ignore side quests. Completing side quests rewards you with experience points, valuable items, and improves your relations with other NPCs.

When in combat, avoid placing your heroes on oil pools or near explosive barrels. If the oil catches fire or the barrel explodes, your heroes may be seriously hurt.More examples of mistakes and bad decisions can be found. I have a question and I'm looking for an answerThe FAQ section of our guide contains a lot of answers to frequently asked questions. Here are some of them:. How long does it take to complete Divinity Original Sin 2? - The storyline alone lasts about 60 hours.

If you decide to complete side quests and other activities, you can easily spend over 100 hours. These points are needed in order to cast more powerful spells.

You can get them by e.g. Absorbing souls or using Purge ability. You can choose from a variety of solutions - you can escape by the boat, through the sewer, the room of High Judge Orivand, or the gate. the animal will start following the party on its own. Saving the cat is rewarded with a unique and useful ability.

These two items really make the game easier. The shovel can be used to dig out treasures and unlock hidden pathways. The bedroll allows the party to rest and regenerate health points. This talent is only available to elves. Thanks to eating certain body parts, the character can receive new useful skills.

How to win battles?Information and tips regarding combat can be found in a few different chapters of our guide. Here is the list of the most important ones:. This page will help you get acquainted with the turn-based combat system, action points, or how to correctly place the party members on a battlefield. We've listed all positive and negative statuses that can be inflicted on your heroes or enemies. This page has a list of basic effects that can be transformed into combinations. This page contains all possible environmental effects.

This page contains all possible cloud effects. This chapter lists all difficult fights encountered in the game. These may be boss encounters or regular battles against more powerful opponents. I'm having difficulties with a puzzleWhen playing Divinity Original Sin 2, you may encounter a few puzzles which aren't that simple and solving them may cause certain difficulties. Fortunately, our guide is here to help. Developing the main heroDeveloping the main hero in Divinity Original Sin 2 is a complicated and difficult process but fortunately it was described in detail in a few different chapters of our guide. We especially suggest visiting the following chapters:.We've listed all available heroes that can be added to your party.

The section dedicated to each character offers general information about the hero, as well as their special abilities. We've also included our recommendations on choosing their character classes. We've listed all available classes. The descriptions for each class contain information regarding the play style, their influence on attributes, abilities, and talents, and available skills. This chapter contains information regarding the available races, a walkthrough for the character creation system and our recommendations regarding the best team line-up. These two pages contain descriptions of attributes and leveling up rules. A detailed description of the three main groups of talents - normal, advanced, and racial.

You'll learn what talents you can use, their effect and when to choose them. We've listed three main groups of skills - basic, combat, and civilian. Our guide contains information regarding each skill and the amount of action points it requires. This section lists all magic schools and skills. You can view available spells, skills and their effect. What is the difference between Definitive Edition and a standard one?Definitive Edition of Divinity Original Sin 2 offers many additions compared with the standard version of the game. The most important changes/additions are:.

Improved gameplay balance,. New content,. Reworked dialogue system and new voiceovers,. Improved combat system,. New lowest difficulty level - Story Mode,. Expanded tutorial,. New companion - Sir Lor, a squirrelly knight,.

Improved graphical engine.Definitive Edition is available to all users of the game. If you are playing on PC, the game is upgraded through a free patch. For PS4/XONE users, Definitive Edition is the only available one. Divinity: Original Sin II - Definitive Edition Video Game. genre: RPG. developer: Larian Studios.

publisher: Larian Studios. platform: PCA direct sequel to Divinity: Original Sin and another installment in the popular RPG series launched in 2002 by the Belgian developer, Larian Studios. The story takes place once more in the fantasy land of Rivellon and presents events that occur between the first and second game in the franchise. This time around, we assume the role of a sourcerer, who uses the forbidden powers of the Source and is constantly pursued by the Order. We can determine the race and origin of our character, both of which influence the attitude of the encountered NPCs towards him or her to a large extent. The gameplay mechanics do not deviate significantly from the previous game in the series, although the developers did introduce a few novelties, such as a modified combat system, new element combinations as well as Source Powers. Contrary to its predecessor and other titles of the franchise, the production has a clearly darker atmosphere.

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