Dino Crisis 2 Iso

DESCRIPTION OF DINO CRISIS 2Dino Crisis 2 is an action game (survival horror) released in 2000 by Virgin Interactive. The game was released for PC (Windows) and PlayStation.In the game, you play as Dylan or Regina (in different points of the story). The action of the game takes place on a mysterious island where research on the so-called Third Energy. However, something went wrong and the entire island along with the research center disappeared and went back in time to the age of dinosaurs. A military unit (in which you are also you) has been sent in the past to regain lost research and to return your time.

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Dino Crisis 2 is a well balanced survial game. The point system for weapons and items are welcomed; altough some people seem it takes aways from the survial aspect of the game. THe point system is balanced for the respawning of enimes in most areas.The story is great and simple.The third game for the 'Xbox' was major disapointment.

I could not play the game for more than 2hours for the poor camera angels. I am glad i got that used for $8you see the point system copied to this day in games like 'Dead Space'.Please try this game if you love survial game.1 out of 1 people found this comment useful. Definatly worth the download i think dino crisis 2 is way better than DC1 because of the point system and the fact that its slightly easier than the first one (I like easy games.) I was a little sad to see the ending of the game too. As for the third game that game pissed me off. My main problem was that i had to go to an area full of annoying dinosaurs then flip a switch or something and then go back to another long area the second I died and went back I thought 'fuck this' i guess what im trying to say is that it was confusing.

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