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Episode two of season three was better than episode one, but since the latter was crap, that's not saying much. The direction had improved, and the cast seemed less stilted than the previous episode.

The general atmosphere was more reminiscent of the first two seasons. However, the script was awful-dull, plodding, and without enough material for one hour, let alone a two-parter. It lacked the zany wit and verve I had come to expect from this show. And they can't break up Agatha and James too quickly for me. Another problem was that Agatha herself was a bore. She was too 'in command' of everything. She lacked the vulnerabilities and eccentricities that have made her an interesting and sympathetic character.

Epic Police Convoy Assault is the eleventh episode of the series and is the first episode of the second season. In this episode, the Hellgang are trying to rescue Black Widow from a police convoy in West Coast, USA. The episode takes place one year after the events of the first season.

I hope this series can get back on track. It would be a shame if my favorite show went off the rails after only two seasons.

(Redirected from David Cassidy: Man Under Cover)
David Cassidy: Man Undercover
GenrePolice drama
Created byRichard Fielder
Written bySean Baine
Stephen Downing
Richard Fielder
Rick Kelbaugh
Chester Krumholz
Mark Rodgers
Directed byEdward M. Abroms
Virgil Vogel
StarringDavid Cassidy
Simon Oakland
Wendy Rastatter
Composer(s)Harry Betts
Country of originUnited States
Original language(s)English
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes10
Executive producer(s)David Gerber
Producer(s)Mark Rodgers
Mel Swope
CinematographyAl Francis
John V. LaBarbera
Jack Whitman
Running time45–48 min
Production company(s)Columbia Pictures Television
David Gerber Productions
DistributorSony Pictures Television
Original networkNBC
Audio formatMonaural
Original releaseNovember 2, 1978 –
July 12, 1979

David Cassidy: Man Undercover (the word 'undercover' in the series title appeared at various times written as one word or two) is an American police drama starring David Cassidy, four years after his run starring in The Partridge Family, his first starring role since that series was cancelled. The series was spun off after Cassidy starred in a special two-hour episode of Police Story, titled 'A Chance to Live,' which aired in May 1978; this episode served as the pilot for Man Undercover.

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In A Chance to Live, Cassidy portrayed undercover police officer Dan Shay, a cop who successfully infiltrates a high-school drug ring as a fellow student. Cassidy earned an Emmy Award nomination for Best Dramatic Actor for the role. He reprised the role of Officer Shay for the Man Undercover series, which aired on NBC from November 2, 1978 to July 12, 1979. Only ten episodes of the show aired prior to its cancellation.

The role of Shay's wife, portrayed in 'A Chance to Live' by Dee Wallace, was recast with actress Wendy Rastatter for the actual series.

This show is the last new filmed series from Columbia Pictures Television to display a copyright notice at the beginning under the show's logo.


Set in Los Angeles, the series stars Cassidy as undercover police officer Dan Shay. Each episode featured Shay going undercover in a different case. Simon Oakland starred as the head of Shay's undercover team.


No.TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
1'Running the Hill'Bernard McEveetySean BaineNovember 2, 1978
2'Baby Makes Three'Vince EdwardsDallas L. BarnesNovember 9, 1978
3'Cage of Steel'Sam WanamakerWalter DallenbachNovember 16, 1978
4'Deadly Convoy'Alvin GanzerE. Arthur KeanNovember 23, 1978
5'Flashpoint'Alexander SingerMark RodgersDecember 7, 1978
6'RX for Dying'Don MedfordSean BaineDecember 21, 1978
7'Firestorm'Edward M. AbromsMark RodgersDecember 28, 1978
8'Teammates'Alf KjellinRichard KelbaughJanuary 4, 1979
9'Nightwork'Edward M. AbromsTeleplay by: Chester Krumholz
Story by: Kendelle J. Blaire
July 5, 1979
10'Death is a Close Friend, Too'Virgil W. VogelTeleplay by: Chester Krumholz
Story by: Sy Salkowitz
July 12, 1979

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