Dash Quest Legendary Items

Share on:In a world filled with magical flying robot suits, the trusty automatic rifle can seem a little pedestrian.How does Anthem get around this? By giving its best weapons radical paint jobs, names like semi-professional wrestler, and alluring rarity levels like Legendary and Masterworks. Here are a few of Anthem’s best weapons so far, as well as how to unlock Legendary and Masterwork guns.There are some weapons that can’t be used by certain Javelins. The Ranger, Interceptor and Storm can use every type of basic weapon, but only the mighty Colossus is beefy enough to use the heaviest weapons like a grenade launcher and autocannon.To balance this, the Colossus can’t fit its giant sausage fingers through the trigger guard of Pistols and SMGs, so they can only be used by the lighter classes. Anthem Masterworks and LegendariesAs you might’ve guessed, Masterworks and Legendaries are the most exclusive and rare loot in Anthem and are dished out as rewards for completing end-game and high difficulty events and missions.These two tiers of guns aren’t just stronger than lower rarity guns; they also have powerful passive perks that elevate them above the competition.


This can be things like having increased damage while hovering, or refreshing your shields faster while it’s equipped.We’ve seen Masterworks rarity items drop while playing on hard, but Grandmaster is what you really need to be playing on to get best loot flowing.You can obtain rare loot from a variety of activities – pretty much everything in Anthem gives you loot – including Strongholds, World Events, Main Missions, and even the chests that you find around the world in Freeplay. How to farm Masterworks and Legendary Weapons in AnthemAnthem’s endgame mainly consists of running the same three Strongholds and picking up Legendary Contracts. The best way to get these activities to drop Masterwork, and Legendary gear is to play them on higher difficulties, more specifically: the Grandmaster variants.Legendary Contracts are challenging and lengthy missions that you can get from each Faction. There are three factions in Anthem, namely the Freelancers, Sentinels and Arcanists. Throughout the story and in Freeplay, you’ll complete challenges that will increase your influence with each Faction.Once you’ve reached Level 30, completed each Faction quest and completed the main story, you’ll unlock the Legendary Contracts. Whilst Masterwork items aren’t guaranteed, completing a Legendary Contract is where you’re most likely to earn some.More contracts will become available soon, as detailed by theThe drop rate of chests in Freeplay has been significantly nerfed, as players discovered that simply going into Freeplay and setting the difficulty to Grandmaster automatically improves all the loot in world chests.

Wonder zoo game online free. In other words, you have a chance of getting the rarest gear, usually reserved for endgame activities, just from chests that spawn in the open world.BioWare has already tackled it in a server-side change. Anthem community manager Jesse Anderson confirmed on Twitter that world chests that aren’t rewarded for taking part in world events now have a much-reduced chance of dropping the rarest items.We've reduced the chance of high rarity items in non-world event chests in free play.

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Mar 31, 2020  Become a Legendary Hero and explore a vast world of fantasy adventure in Dash Quest Heroes! The Kingdom of Solas has fallen prey to the fiendish Zaru and it's up to the Heroes of the world to defeat him. Collect incredible gear and forge new items as.

This applies to all difficulty levels in— Jesse Anderson (@Darokaz)This doesn’t mean that there aren’t still ways to cheese quality drops though. For instance, one farming method players have discovered is to deliberately fail partway through the mission “Convergence” during Anthem’s main story.At the end of the mission, there are three Ash Titans – the first two of which have a large chance of dropping good loot.