Darksiders Abyssal Armor

Armor upgrades are done using Oblivion Ore dropped from Shadow enemies in the NG+ tiers (the same enemies which usually dropped Adamantine). There is enough to upgrade all armors and still have enough left for Abyssal Armor from Keepers of the Void. Well, I forgot to make a guide about collecting the most wanted equipment in the game, The Abyssal Armour! This was also requested so I'll.

Weapon enhancements are power-ups that can be applied to War's weapons: Chaoseater (sword,) Scythe, and Tremor Gauntlet. Each weapon has one enhancement slot, and enhancements can be swapped at any time.

Head north and open the two chests. Once Chest (Eden 1/7) contains health, while the other Chest (Eden 2/7) contains Wrath. You'll need plenty of both for the next battle.Enter the arena ahead and Azrael will give you the Mask of Shadows.Item Profile: Mask of ShadowsThis artifact bestows War with the shadow sight, revealing what is hidden.Activate the Mask of Shadows immediately to confront Shadow War.Shadow WarShadow War has many of the same tricks as War up his sleeve - although he's not quite as powerful. Your goal here is twofold: deal damage using the Blade Geyser and Stoneskin Wrath attacks and also build up your Chaos meter.Scythe attacks seem to be best for stunning Shadow War. They can often break his combo attacks. However, using the Scythe precludes you from gaining Chaos so be sure to use your sword periodically.Eventually Shadow War will activate Chaos Form. At this point you'll just have to attack and dash away until you can activate Chaos Form yourself.

The fight is essentially over once you do - just slash away and the demon will be dispatched in due time.Run due south and activate the Shadow Mask to reveal a Chest (Eden 3/7) with 250 souls within.There's more loot to be had in the north. Activate the Shadow Mask and cross the bridge that appears north of Azrael. Hang a right and search the nearby island for the Chest (Eden 4/7) marked on your map to score 250 Souls.Further to the east is another Chest (Eden 5/7) with 250 Souls.

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Nearby this chest is a waterfall. Follow a hidden path behind it for yet another Chest (Eden 6/7) with the final Abyssal Armor Piece (Abyssal Armor Piece 10)! This will grant you the Abyssal Armor!Item Profile: Abyssal ArmorThis legendary, precision crafted armor allows War to sustain much more damage.Now, head up the stairs towards the Tree of Knowledge.

Stop on the landing halfway up and jump off the edge to the left. You can see a bit of map here. Head north on the ground and you'll find a Chest (Eden 7/7) with a Wrath Shard (Wrath Shard 16) inside!Now, approach the tree of Knowledge.

After the lengthy cutscene, grab the Sword of Armageddon. Family tumblr backgrounds. Head back to Azrael.Talk to him and then follow him through the Serpent Tunnel. On the other side you'll be returned to the Ashlands. Equip the Mask of Shadows and Grab the first Armageddon Blade Shard just ahead.

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