Civilization Iii Tips

Civilization 3 Cheats Civilization 3 Hints. PC Submitted by Michael. Pariah film. Helpful Hints For Starting Players. If you are not very good at Civ III or if you want a really easy game, do this: go to the.

In order to either write cheats or use other console commands you first have to enable the debug console by adding the -cheat to GalCiv's executable file.Once done, open the console with the default tilde key, the key can be changed in input options. If the console has opened, type help to see a full list of the commands. For information on specific commands type help.For example:help modcreditsSYNOPSIS modcredits DESCRIPTION The modcredits command will modify the local player's credits by the value provided.

PARAMETERS - numeric value to modify the credits. All commands You can also view this list extracted from EXE file(v1.6.1.3):.

desync error. SYNOPSIS dipstate DESCRIPTION Sets the diplomacy state between two playersThe players must be identified by their index IDThe player indices can be omitted in which case the state will be assigned between all players PARAMETERS - The diplomatic state to set(Friendly, Foreign, Enemy, Trading) - The player index of the first player - The player index of the second playerThis must be given if the first player index is given.

. 100,000 gold and PWStart a new game and enter Leemur as a leader name. Submitted by RobertWolfe. Invading Other CountriesFirst, you build a city nearby an enemy country you think you can defeat. Have workers completely surround the city with fortresses and then put 2 of your best defensive units (pikeman, spearman, musketman etc.) in each fortress, and 3 in the city. Then you declare war.

They will waste all their offense trying to take the city. Unless you are way behind in technology, they won't even be able to wound your guys because of the fortresses.

While defending it, have every other city keep building you best offensive unit (like cavalry, tank, modern armor etc.). I suggest you should make about 15. After their offense is spent, invade their cities like crazy without having to worry about offensive units intercepting you. Submitted by RobertWolfe. More CommerceBuild roads in every square inside the civilization's boundaries. If a citizen works on a square with a road, they produce more gold, causing more production of commerce.

Building so many roads also helps units get around faster. Submitted by RobertWolfe. More FoodIf you find a river next to or within city boundaries, you should irrigate the squares producing no shields in the city. This could keep citizens from starving to death. Also, you should build the Pyramids to put a Granary in all cities, so more food is stored. Submitted by RobertWolfe. Reveal Map & ResourcesSave the game.

Include the word multi in the saved game name. Load the game you just saved. You now can now see the entire map and all resources. Submitted by RobertWolfe.

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