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Coming up with the best golf team names usually means examining words associated with golf and developing some wordplay and puns to arrive at a fun solution. Your team name – whether it’s for your local club tournament, company tournament or fantasy golf – is more important than what many folks think.In some cases, depending on the league you join, or platform of play you pick, your team name is pretty much all that other players (and who knows, even spectators) will know of you. When you choose your name, be creative, be clever, be witty and have fun!

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Remember, don’t be a drag – have some fun with it. Here are some ideas to use, or even better, use for inspiration.

It’s a fantasy football tradition like no other: Your league either starts up or restarts and your team is officially live … and you have to come up with that perfect name for your squad to make your league-mates (or yourself) chuckle.

We know it’s not easy and takes more than a few minutes to come up with the right moniker.

So for the fourth year in a row, we’re giving you a chance to pick out some of the best fantasy team names (that we could actually print). Here are some gems we found from around the Internet, with credit to the sites and tweets that came up with them:

1. Conner Air

2. Josh Jacobs JuJu Schuster Smith


3. Hide and Zeke

Newsworthy if Ezekiel Elliott continues his holdout.

4. Kittle Litter

5. DJ Chark doodoodoodoodoodoo

Sorry to get it stuck in your head.

6. N’Kealeesi

Always need to get one for the Game of Thrones fans.

7. N’Keal Before Zod

You kind of knew N’Keal Harry would produce some good team names when he was drafted.

8. Cobra Kyler

9. Murray Christmas

10. I Got a Peaceful, Brees-y Thielen

If you happen to be an fan of the Eagles (the band).

11. Mayfield of Dreams

12. JimmyG Eat World

13. Obi Quon Kenobi

This is one someone used last year but because it’s Star Wars and very good, I had to include it.


14. Fant Hardly Wait

These are all good but I like The Replacements reference (which inspired the movie title).

(Thanks to all the sites we linked to for sharing.)